Would you like to try honey highlights? These color inspirations in 2022 suit every skin tone

by Kremy

Clear, cool platinum tones and ashy hair colors will always have their place, but lately more and more people like slightly warmer colors. If you’ve always dreamed of a rich, warm color, then honey highlights might just be the thing for you. This trend can be used in many ways, from subtle sun-kissed highlights to bold copper highlights on dark hair. If you want to try this warm hair trend in 2022, read on to learn how to sport this look.

What Are Honey Highlights?

Honey highlights suit every skin tone

Honey highlights can range from golden yellow to rich amber. This means they are extremely versatile and flattering on many skin tones. If in doubt, you should seek advice from your hairdresser as to which shade and color intensity best suits your hair.

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Cinnamon and Honey

Beautiful combination of cinnamon and honey highlights


This beautiful combination of cinnamon and honey on a rich brown base reminds us of a perfectly blended seasonal latte.

Chocolate Brown with Honey

Chocolate brown with honey highlights a hair color that is delicious

There’s nothing we love more than warm chocolate cake — except maybe a hair color that’s just as rich and delicious as the scrumptious dessert.

Light Brown with Honey Colored Highlights

Honey highlights are the ideal way to lighten your hair slightly

If you’re thinking of lightening your naturally light brown hair, these highlights are the perfect way to go a little lighter without completely neglecting your dark hairline.

Light Copper with Honey Blonde Highlights

This ginger hair color just screams fall

Copper is a color we come back to year after year – and can you blame us? This warm, ginger shade just screams fall. Give your copper-colored hair a special touch with honey-colored highlights. If you have a fair complexion, this look is made for you!

Auburn with Honey

auburn hair color with subtle honey highlights

Take your auburn hue to a new level with subtle highlights.

Honey Caramel Highlights

honey highlights with a caramel hue

Dye your honey-colored strands a little darker into a sweet caramel shade. For a particularly multi-faceted look, have your hairdresser dye baby strands with honey. Just look how rich, warm and gorgeous this color is.

Bronde Hair with Honey Highlights

Blonde with honey colored accents and ombre effect

Bronde is the perfect mix of blonde and brown, hence the name! We love the added ombre effect that really shows off the honey-toned highlights in the bottom half.

Honey-colored Highlights on Black Hair

Even the darkest hair tones look beautiful with honey highlights

Even the darkest hair color looks gorgeous with strategically placed highlights.

Neutral Blonde with Honey

A neutral blonde mixed with warm and cool tones

A neutral blonde blends cool and warm tones for a natural look. This look has the perfect amount of highlights to create a balanced, beautiful color.

Dark Honey Brown Balayage

honey brown balayage

Stay true to your darker roots with a honey brown balayage coloring. For extra warm look, have your stylist apply a warm toner over it. It also gives you a gorgeous shine.

Copper Honey Highlights

opt for these copper honey streaks

If you don’t like it too light but still want to add warmth to your tresses, opt for highlights instead of the lighter blonde version.

Honey Blonde Babylights

Ask your hairdresser for baby highlights

Ask your stylist for baby-fine highlights for a finished look that adds depth and makes your complexion glow.

Caramel Highlights on Chocolate Brown

How about these delicate Honey Caramel Highlights

How about this subtle caramel brunette? You can see that the colorist focused on increasing the warmth at the ends while also adding fine strands of highlights from the top.

Dirty Blonde with Honey

Dirty blonde hair with honey highlights

Dirty blonde hair with a mix of honey, faint highlights and cold accents is a great way to achieve maximum dimension.

Maroon with Fiery Honey Accents

Warm up your brunette hair with fiery shades of honey blonde

Warm up your brunette hair with fiery shades of honey blonde. For even more dimension and a focal point on the face, ask your stylist to add golden hues.

Mahogany and Honey Ombre

Mahogany roots with a warm honey blonde undertone

Mahogany roots pair beautifully with a warm, honey-blonde base tone. To blend the two tones together, ask your stylist to do a little balayage.



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