Artificial grass for balcony: how to choose and lay it? Find out our maintenance tips!

by Kremy

To be able to enjoy the sun and relax outdoors, nothing is better than enjoying a summer evening on a balcony. Do you want a more beautiful green setting? Today, even in the city, it is quite possible to realize this dream by opting for a fake balcony lawn. Indeed, to make your outdoor area more beautiful, all you have to do is choose the right artificial grass for balcony, find out how to lay it and finally maintain it as best as possible. We shall tell you how to do that, so find out our advice here!

How to Choose Artificial Grass for Balcony?

how to choose artificial grass for balcony 2022

There are multiple models of synthetic grass, for all tastes and with different price tags. Some people would tell you not to spend too much and go for the highest price, but that would be lying to you. As your goal is to create a mini garden that will last over time, we advise you to take a few precautions. For small balconies, there are rolls 4 meters long by 1 meter wide, which are easier to install on small surfaces. If you want to lay artificial grass on a small balcony or to build a roof balcony, you can opt for a model without padding.

Finally, the quality of the synthetic grass will depend on the material. Be aware that if the latex weft is the most common, a polyurethane weft will better resist temperature variations and humidity. As for the fiber, if it is made of polyurethane, it will have good abrasion resistance, but will be more sensitive to wear. In addition, it is also much more economical. The other option is polyethylene fiber. The latter is a soft and supple material. In addition, it is resistant to oxidants, cold and wear.

How to Install Fake Grass on a Terrace?

how to lay artificial grass for balcony 2022


First, consider the nature and condition of your balcony. Clean and dust your surface thoroughly, using a classic broom, then a jet of water, for example. Then, check the porosity of the concrete, hoping that it is not too high. If your balcony is tiled, check that each tile is intact and properly sealed before attaching the fake grass. Also, make sure that water is properly drained from your balcony.

Also consider the slope of your floor. Indeed, if it is regular, the water will naturally flow towards the drainage points of your balcony. In this case, zero worries before starting the laying of a fake lawn. If, after washing, you see a large puddle in the middle of your balcony, you will unfortunately have to amend the slope to improve the flow of water.

Now let’s move on to laying: first, roll out your artificial grass as follows: arrange the strands upwards and the latex backing on the ground, avoiding creases. Take the time, the sun and the heat will help you in this work. For cutting, align the grass at the base of a wall, then come up against your obstacles before making your cuts and adjusting your covering. Then, finish your cutouts and join your lawn strips to the pre-glued strip if you have any joints to make. Finally, whether it is tiling or concrete, you will fix the assembly over its entire periphery with polyurethane glue. On wood, opt for simple screws.

For tenants, we advise you not to use glue. In this way, it will not be necessary to notify your landlord before installing your artificial balcony grass. To do this, fix the corners with flower pots and the center, with your trendy furniture. Thus, you can roll up your piece of grass like a carpet, and remove it, when you change accommodation. Not bad, is it?

How to Maintain Artificial Grass on the Balcony?

how to maintain an artificial grass on the balcony

First, as you may have guessed, you don’t need to water your synthetic grass. It is very heat resistant. In addition, no need to mow, because an artificial lawn has the advantage of not growing. To clean your fake grass, a stiff brush or broom should do the trick. Avoid metal which could damage the frame. If you plan to have a dining area on the balcony, you will need to maintain your lawn more regularly. Finally, if you spill a staining product on it, you can easily clean it with a jet of water. If your fake grass turns out to be a little dirty, use some soapy water to clean it. Rinse it thoroughly and you should be fine.




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