Outdoor Relaxation Area Design: 12 Ingenious Tips for Creating Your Own Oasis + 30 Inspiring Images

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Do you want to enjoy your garden or patio more? In this case, the outdoor relaxation area design seems like a good idea! But how to create a beautiful and relaxing space? What do you need to consider to create a cocooning, practical and modern decor?

Designing an Outdoor Relaxation Area: What Do You Need to Consider?

how to design a relaxing outdoor space small garden ideas

You really don’t need a large garden to enjoy a great time outdoors! Whether you have a garden, a patio or even a deck, transforming them into an outdoor oasis where you can relax after long, tiring days at work is entirely possible! And you don’t even have to spend a fortune to create an outdoor relaxation area! These ingenious ideas shared below can guide you and become a real inspiration for creating an outdoor cocooning zone!

Designing an Outdoor Relaxation Area Starts with De-cluttering the Space

how do i make my outdoor space feel cozy and more inviting


It doesn’t matter if you have big projects in mind or just a few minor alterations to your exterior, you should always start with cleaning! Even if you invest a lot of time and money, the final result will never be satisfactory if you don’t make the effort to de-clutter the space before starting the makeover. But what exactly does that mean?

  • Get rid of anything that has no place in the garden or on the deck: this is the first condition for a successful outdoor relaxation area! This also includes your children’s toys, for example swings or slides that have been sitting there for years without anyone using them.
  • Make sure you have room to store all the things you want to have at hand when you’re outdoors. Benches with storage are a very good option.
  • Prune and care for the surrounding vegetation to create the perfect setting for your relaxing corner.
  • Throw away or donate all the old furniture you have stored outside or recycle it and include it in your decor, it’s even better!

Think About Landscaping to Make Your Garden Relaxation Area a Success

garden privacy plants backyard retreat ideas

It’s a fact that nature, with its beautiful green plants, helps us to rest and relax! So why not take advantage of this to create an outdoor relaxation area in your garden? With the right combination of green plants, trees and flowers, you will already have the perfect setting for your relaxation zone. Choose the species you want to plant according to the climate and the location of your backyard, but also according to the time you could devote to maintaining them. There are plenty of plants that are easy to grow and maintain even if you don’t really have a green thumb!

Aromatic plants are a great choice to plant around your relaxation area too. Choose sweet-smelling species, such as flowering shrubs or climbing plants like star jasmine, whose scents are especially strong in the evening and perfect for helping you relax outdoors.

Gardener’s tip: In case your garden is with a concrete floor or if it is a relaxation area on a deck, potted plants are the best solution for you. Opt for tall species for a nature-inspired decor or ones you can easily bring indoors in the winter.

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What Surface to Choose for Your Outdoor Rest Area?

relaxing outdoor living space ideas

The surface on which you will build your outdoor oasis is extremely important. If it is a deck a hard surface, you may want to consider artificial grass to create a softer feel for your feet. There are plenty of contemporary models that give the impression of real grass. And in the case of a garden with grass, you can add gravel to outline the space.

How to Design a Relaxation Area in Your Garden? Think About Shade!

small outdoor relaxation area design

Summers are getting hotter and hotter! Providing some shade for the hottest moments of the day may not be a bad idea for your outdoor relaxation area. For example, a pergola decorated with climbing plants or transparent curtains to create a romantic atmosphere.

An outdoor umbrella is another very good idea to hide from the sun. In addition, umbrellas are often associated with holidays by the sea, which is perfect for your relaxation area! Bohemian-style umbrellas are easy to find and look great on patios, decks and urban gardens.

A Water Feature in the Garden: Always a Good Idea!

garden pond water feature outdoor relaxing space designs

Is your outdoor space too noisy? In this case, opting for a water feature can help you mask the noise coming from the outside while providing a more intimate and quiet environment. In addition, the sound of water is proven to be very relaxing and contributes to well-being.

Depending on the available space you have, you can opt for a fountain, waterfall, pond or even an artificial stream with a bridge over it! You can even add goldfish if you like! There’s really nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of water on a quiet afternoon in your garden!

If You Have the Space, Add a Swimming Pool to Your Relaxation Area

outdoor relaxation area design garden with modern swimming pool

Speaking of water, how about a swimming pool in your garden? But it doesn’t have to be a very big pool: even the smallest one will be enough to make you feel like you’re on vacation without leaving home! Combine with lots of greenery and plants to further enhance the relaxing feel of your green oasis in the heart of the city!

Have You Chosen Comfortable Seating Furniture?

relaxing garden design ideas wooden deck rooftop garden

It could never be a real outdoor relaxation area without one or more comfortable pieces of seating furniture! And we are not talking about ordinary chairs of course! Think of lounge chairs, garden swings, hanging egg chairs, etc. – something that will allow you to sit comfortably, read, listen to music and enjoy your beautiful space!

The hammock is a great example of a relaxing outdoor accessory that you can even hang between two trees. There are also free-standing hammocks, which on the other hand are perfect for a deck or balcony in town where it is difficult to hang it otherwise. Accent chairs, stools or poufs can be added if you want to share your relaxation area with other people.

A Fireplace to Enjoy the Outdoors in Cool Weather

outdoor relaxation area design backyard retreat firepit seating area

What if you wanted to enjoy your outdoor relaxation area even in seasons other than summer? Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces immediately warm up the atmosphere and can be used even on chilly summer evenings! There are plenty of different models to choose from, including smaller ones or portable ones that you can move around whenever you feel like or need to! And, frankly, what can beat a fireplace for relaxation?

What Lighting Fixtures for Your Outdoor Relaxation Area to Choose?

garden lighting ideas string lights

Lighting fixtures, when well-chosen and placed in the right place, can greatly enhance the appearance of your outdoor space and create a beautiful, cocooning decor. What’s more, they’ll let you enjoy your relaxing corner in the evening too. But what lights to choose? For a relaxing atmosphere, try playing with different types of light. String lights, wall sconces, lanterns, and even candles can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. Choose them in warm colors to contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.

Relax in a Hot Tub

hot tub garden design ideas

The first thing that often comes to mind when we need to relax and rest is often the hot tub. It is the perfect element to add to your relaxation area because the warm and pleasant temperature of the water will help your body rest even better. If you have the space and the money, the hot tub is undoubtedly an addition that will make your space even more welcoming and inviting!

Add Color and Texture to Your Relaxation Area

garden lighting outdoor relaxation area design ideas

Various textiles can help you add texture and color to your outdoor relaxation area design. Think of the decorative scheme and incorporate water-resistant, easy-to-clean textiles in the form of upholstered furniture, a floor rug or decorative cushions.

Protect Your Privacy

design an outdoor space for relaxation with hammock

You certainly don’t want to be disturbed by curious looks from neighbors when you’re relaxing in your garden or on your patio, do you? That’s why creating a private corner is so important! Use screens, a privacy screen or tall, fast-growing plants to give your corner an intimate, private feel where you can spend some quiet time.

Gallery of Images to Inspire You

perfect relaxation area design garden pool wooden deck

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outdoor relaxation area design ideas

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