Wedding Guest Outfits for Women Over 70: Boost Your Style for a Special Event

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Ladies, the wedding season is still here! It is essential to plan our outfits beforehand so we are prepared! For the mature women out there, we think that their look should be sophisticated, but chic at the same time! So, what are the best wedding guest outfits for women over 70? How to style them?

Wedding Guest Outfits for Women Over 70: Boost Your Style for a Special Event

wedding guest outfit for women over 70 2023

Are you invited to the wedding of your granddaughter, or a close friend or daughter this year and don’t know what to wear? That’s exactly why we’re here today with the Deavita team to give you some of the hottest ideas and help you let your imagination run wild.

When it comes to a wedding, you know that this is the most important event for the person getting married, and for that everything has to be perfect. Most weddings have a theme, and some even have a dress code that you absolutely must adhere to. Also, the location of the wedding itself and the weather conditions play an important role. With that being said, you have to keep in mind all of these details when you are going to choose your outfit as a guest for a wedding. Of course, we should not skip on mentioning that if you are a closer relative to the bride or groom, your outfit should be more elegant and chic. Now, let’s check out some of the best suggestions for women over 70!

Summer Wedding Guest Outfits for Mature Women

summer wedding guest outfits for women over 70 2023 dress fashion


It’s Summer, it’s hot, so what do you wear to a wedding? The answer is pretty simple – an elegant dress with closed toe pumps for an elegant look! Yes, dresses are always what we opt for when going to a wedding. Especially, if the theme is something sophisticated and cocktail-like, wearing a midi dress is essential. For women over 70, the length should always be long or medium, since you want to look chic and cover up some of the body imperfections. Depending on your body type, you have to choose a dress that doesn’t highlight your belly or wide shoulders. You can accessorize with a purse and trendy heels. This season the pearls are what everyone is wearing. But if you wear a chunky necklace, your look will be edgier and more fashionable. For more inspiration, you can check the Summer fashion for women over 70 in 2023!

Black and White Wedding Guest Outfits for Women Over 70

black and white wedding guest outfit ideas for women over 70 summer 2023

Very often the theme of the wedding is a black and white party, and the guests are obliged to implement these two colors in their attire. If this is the case with the wedding you are invited to, you cannot miss a dress with black and white decorations. Especially if the wedding is in Summer somewhere on the beach, sandals would also contribute to that beachy yet chic style.

Stylish Grandmother Outfit for a Wedding

grandmother wedding outfit ideas women over 70 stylish fashion

Did you know that they have fashion influencers who are over 70 years old and still doing fashion and inspiring all women their age and not only? Yes, there are women for whom fashion is their whole world and they love to express themselves with clothing. If you too are deep into the world of fashion and want to look like you are from a magazine cover, then the monochrome pink suit with the big golden brooch will inspire you. Are you still wondering what to wear to a wedding? Show off your edge and style with one of these looks and you won’t regret it!

How to Wear a Sleeveless Dress to a Wedding for Women Over 70?

how to wear a sleevless dress to a wedding for women over 70 mature ladies fashion

What do old ladies wear to a wedding? The answer is not something boring and regular, because of their age! Ladies, age is honestly just a number and if you want to rock a sleeveless dress to a wedding, you can! It is completely normal for our skin to not look the same and to loosen a bit when we reach a certain age. However, that doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself from clothes that you love. If you want to wear a dress with no sleeves and still feel comfortable, just match it with a sheer scarf or a simple cover-up that you can wear on your shoulders.

Casual Wedding Guest Outfits for Women Over 70

casual wedding guest outfits for women over 70 summer fashion suit

If you are invited to a wedding where your style has to be couture, then go for something that will suit you. If you want there to be some elegant element though, then stripes can make any outfit look sophisticated. Let’s also not forget that this pattern elongates your figure and will make you look slimmer. Monochrome outfits are always a good idea, since you won’t have to think how to match your pants to your top, or the other way around.

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2023 Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas for Women Over 70

what do old women wear to a wedding over 70 fashion

Maxi Dress for Women Over 70 to Wear to a Wedding

summer fashion women over 70 wedding guest outfit ideas

Bridesmaids Outfit for Women Over 70

bridesmaids outfit for women over 70 2023

How to Look Chic to a Wedding for Old Women?

elegant outfit women over 70 wedding guest fashion dress with flowers

Simple Wedding Guest Outfit for Mature Women Over 70

simple wedding guest outfit for mature women

Elegant Wedding Guest Outfit for Women Over 70

grandmother elegant wedding guest outfits 2023

Floral Dress for Women Over 70

floral dress for women over 70 wedding guest outfits

Classy Wedding Guest Outfits for Mature Ladies

classy wedding guest outfit for women over 70

Grandmother Wedding Outfit Ideas 2023

classy wedding outfit ideas for grandmas 2023


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