How to Create a Yoga Corner at Home? The Must-Haves to for Your Sacred Zone!

by Kremy

Do you want to create a yoga corner at home where you can feel an overwhelming sense of calm? It can be even better than going to the yoga studio. Need inspiration? From accessories with different aromas, to furniture and plants, here is everything you need to forget the stress of everyday life.

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Stress is continually building up in everyday life, as we move rapidly from one task to another in just 8 hours. After that, we try to find a way to relax and get as much sleep as possible, which becomes increasingly difficult. Stop! It’s time to learn how to manage stress and reduce anxiety. All this is possible thanks to yoga exercises which also help you to develop your creativity and free your emotions. You do not know where to start from? Here’s how to create the perfect zen corner at home!

How to Create a Yoga Corner at Home?

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If you create your own yoga corner, you can train your mind to feel relaxed every time you step into your sacred zone. It can improve your overall health and well-being. And today is the best day to start because we’ll be lucky enough to see the August 2023 supermoon. Its influence will help us get rid of bad habits and useless objects, and even toxic people, so we can live in peace and harmony. Here are the most important elements that will help you achieve this.

How to Choose the Zen Place?

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When you enter your home after a hard day, where do you go first? Where do you feel safe and protected? There are two types of people, so choose the place that suits you best:

  • If you are a morning person, choose a place near the window where you’ll be filled with the energy of the rising sun.
  • If you’re a night owl, dedicate a corner in your bedroom.

Either way, you need to clear the place of all unnecessary items. An open space creates a relaxing atmosphere for your mind. It’s no coincidence that minimalist design is so popular in big cities.

If you live in a house, you can find a corner in your garden. The best place would be under a tree. It’s a great way to prepare for meditation, as you connect more quickly with nature. It’s is an excellent teacher that can help you with your practice.

How to Decorate a Yoga Room?

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The decoration should resonate with your personality. This means using items that make you happy. Here are the most popular accessories to create a yoga corner, from which you can choose:

  • Motivational quotes: Place posters or cards on the walls in front of you.
  • Carpet: It creates a cozy atmosphere and brings a feeling of well-being.
  • Decorative pillows: You need comfort to relax and free your mind.
  • Tarot: If you are interested in tarot cards or astrology, place your daily affirmation cards around you.
  • Yoga props: Do you have singing bowls or a gong? Use them to concentrate more easily.
  • Music: You can listen to it from your phone or laptop to stay focused during your yoga session.
  • Sculpture or souvenirs: place any object that makes you happy, such as a souvenir from a trip, a photo of your family or a sculpture of Buddha. Remember to keep it simple.
  • Plants: Being surrounded by plants will make it easier for you to connect to the rhythm of nature. This is very important. So choose varieties that match your interior and ambient conditions. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for cacti or succulents.

What Lighting Is Suitable for the Yoga Corner?

how to create a yoga corner at home

When you think how to create a yoga corner, one of the most important elements is light. If you practice in the morning, the sun is all you need. But if you practice in the evening, light soy candles or a yellow light lamp. Avoid distracting white LED lights.

Which Essential Oil Will Help You to Relax?

what essential oils and aromas are suitable to create a yoga corner at home

Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Cedar wood essential oils are best for yoga and meditation. You can apply a drop to your hand, mist the room (the carpet or cushions), use an incense stick or a diffuser.

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Which Crystals to Choose?

what herbs and crystals for a yoga corner at home

Besides their beauty, crystals are considered magical stones that can power your yoga and meditation practice. It’s said that the stone that attracts you most visually is the one you need at that moment. When you choose it, read about its super-power. Does it resonate with your feelings at the moment? It always works for me! However, if you want to bet on the experience of others, here’s a list of the most popular gemstones for yoga exercises:

  • Fluorite to focus
  • Moonstone for intuition
  • Black tourmaline for protection
  • Quartz for successful deep meditation
  • Amethyst to find inner peace
  • Citrine to stimulate success
  • Rose quartz to open the heart chakra
  • Hematite for grounding
  • Tiger’s eye for strength and courage

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