How do you set up a coffee corner? Create a cozy coffee nook at home!

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You wake up in the morning and the only thing you need to get your day started right is an invigorating cup of coffee, isn’t it? For true coffee lovers, making and consuming the drink is a ritual that makes them happy and cheerful! And you are one of them, right? Do you dream of having at least a small coffee corner in your home with everything you need to prepare the aromatic drink? You’ve come to the right place, then! In today’s article, you will find answers to many questions like: How do you set up a coffee corner? How to choose the right place for it? How do you decorate to create a really nice atmosphere? We have prepared some interesting solutions for creating a cozy coffee corner, keep reading!

How do you set up a coffee corner?

How do you set up a coffee corner ideas for decorating and storing

With a little ingenuity and inspiration, you can create an amazing coffee corner in your home where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, have breakfast or have a nice chat with your friends. You don’t need a large space, because even in a small nook you can create a wonderful cozy atmosphere, similar to the one in your favorite coffee shop! We’ll give you some great ideas on how to make a coffee corner and how to decorate it afterwards!

How to choose the right place?

how to set up a coffee corner at home countertop idea


As already mentioned, you don’t need to dedicate a whole room. Even in a small kitchen, you can find space for a coffee corner. You can use one of the corners, hanging suitable open shelves to hold your favorite jars and cups. Or you can simply give an old cupboard a new lease of life and make it a lovely place to prepare your favorite beverage, store home accessories, cutlery and pretty things! Just paint it the color you want, add light and arrange shelves above it.

Rolling cart

coffee cart amazing budget-friendly idea cozy atmosphere

We offer you a great idea for organizing the space where you will store all the necessary items for coffee preparation. Use a rolling cart, especially if you don’t have counter space in your kitchen or don’t want to use it for such purposes! It’s a budget-friendly option worth considering. You’ll manage to collect a lot of stuff, and best of all, you can move it anywhere you want! It will be most convenient if you put your coffee machine on top, along with the canisters of coffee, sugar or other products you use most often. Arrange your favorite cups underneath – improvise and put them in a pretty tray. Find room for a plant or other decoration of your choice, too! That’s it! It’s easy, isn’t it?

Countertop coffee station

countertop used as a coffee station coffee machine canisters mugs

One of the easiest ways to create a coffee nook is to use the countertop in your kitchen. Many people do just that! Since it’s often a matter of limited space, this is a good idea for minimalism lovers. All you need is a coffee maker and a cute little place to keep cups, canisters, jars or other container for coffee capsules if you prefer. Finish with a very small decoration like a succulent pot or a dry flower in a vase. Pay attention to the colors, it will be nice to choose only ones that will suit the kitchen to keep its style!

Old furniture

retro cupboard wicker baskets prepare coffee mugs chalkboard

If you’ve recently got a brand-new kitchen, don’t be in a hurry to get rid of the old one! Use one of the cabinets for your coffee station. A little paint in the right color can do wonders! You can also change the handles, remove some of the doors and arrange beautiful wicker baskets on the shelves inside to put coffee packets, tea boxes, etc. Of course, besides an old kitchen cabinet, you can also use a buffet table, sideboard, dresser, sofa or console table. As you can see, you have many options, you only need a little inspiration!

How do I decorate my coffee corner?

bohemian style coffee corner macrame flowers wooden cabinets

Once you have found a suitable place for your coffee corner, the most enjoyable part remains – arranging and decorating. First, it’s important to get clear on what style you want to achieve (vintage, modern, bohemian, farmhouse, etc). Next, find suitable canisters for coffee and sugar. It is best to keep them close to your coffee machine so that it’s easy and convenient when you’re making coffee. Think about how you will group items and where you will place them. You could use wood trays, cake stands or cute baskets. Decide if you also need shelves (if you have the wall space), because as well as being very practical, they can be an outstanding decorative element that appeals a lot! When you have everything in place, it’s time to decorate! Flowers undoubtedly bring the most comfort, so make sure you put some pots here and there. Decorate with lights of your choice. You could also add a chalkboard to write down your favorite hot drink recipes or leave a message for your loved ones! Another idea is to use framed pictures of coffee or motivational quotes! Put some creativity and thought into all of it, and you can’t go wrong!

Coffee corner ideas – Photo Gallery

DIY coffee cart copper and wood bohemian vibes

Vintage style, wallpaper and retro coffee machine

wallpaper vintage coffee machine beige colors

Cozy white nook

cozy coffee nook white colors predominant large coffee sign

Modern coffee corner

modern coffee corner trendy colors on wall shelf trays

Rolling cart coffee station

rolling cart coffee station idea budget-friendly

Retro vibes and lots of frames

 set up a coffee corner cozy little nook coffee station for coffee lovers retro vibes tiles cupboard

Chalkboard coffee station

 set up a coffee corner chalkboard coffee bar modern kitchen

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