Wedding dresses 2023: How to be sure that your dress is “the one”?

by Gabby

What is the event that every girl dreams of all her life? Some of you may have thought of prom, but today we will talk about weddings. Don’t tell me you haven’t looked at dresses and thought about how you would look some day. I personally have done it many times because wedding dresses have a special magic to them. I know it’s winter and very few are choosing this season for their wedding, but that’s far from saying we’ll skip talking about wedding dresses 2023. What are the trends this year? How should we dress on our most special day? I am not going to waste more time, so let’s dive right in!

Wedding dresses 2023: Let’s dive into the bridal fashion world!

wedding dress trends 2023 white with a cape princess royal vibe most special day

Are you getting married this year and want to look stunning on the most important day of your life? Of course, you want to choose THE dress and fall in love with it like you have fallen in love with your future husband. However, what exactly do you want to wear and how to know that your dress is “the one”? When it comes to wedding dresses, the options really are endless. There are so many different things you can opt for. You can even ware something different from white, as it became very trendy in the last few years. Let me show you what are the trends for wedding dresses in 2023!

Georgia Miller wedding dress

georgia miller wedding dress ines di santo cinderella vibes netflix tv show fashion


As you probably already know, Netflix came up with Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia. One of the most talked about thing on the show was Georgia Miller wedding dress. It was inspired by the Cinderella movie and it was created by the Canadian designer Ines Di Santo. I have said it and I will say it again, I have watched the scene where she walks into the wedding hall probably more than 10 times. The dress has a blue shade and it is certainly not your traditional wedding gown. However, if you opt for something special, this kind of dress could be the one.

Miley Cyrus wedding dress

miley cyrus wedding dress viviane westwood flowers song lyrics liam hemsworth

Why are we talking about Miley Cyrus wedding dress if she wore it in 2018? Well, because it is iconic first of all, and it was not something that we expected from Miley. She also recently came up with the song “Flowers”, which became a huge trend just in a few moments after the release. People started immediately speculating and doing videos on it. Allegedly, she released it on the birthday of her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The Miley Cyrus song “Flowers” is apparently the flipped version of the Bruno Mars song “When I was your man”. In her song Miley is expressing that no one can love her like she can love herself. If this isn’t a queen moment, I don’t know what is. So, this is why many women are on the search for Miley’s wedding dress. It was created by Vivianne Westwood and it was not custom-made. However, it is very simple and chic at the same time!

It is everything about the sleeves in 2023!

puff sleeve wedding dress egg shell white color trends 2023 bridal fashion gown long

In 2023, it is going to be all about the sleeves! It is certainly unexpected, however I just fell in love with this princess vibe! If you are planning on having your wedding in the summer, a gown with sleeves might not be the right choice, since it is going to be super hot. But I have to tell you, that the biggest trend in bridal fashion will be the sleeves. I am not talking only about the puff sleeve like on the picture, but actually any kind. It gives you a little bit of a royal, Belle from Beauty and the Beast vibes.

Wedding dresses 2023: Feathers theme

bridal gown wedding dress bride fashion feathers white long princess ruffels lace

If you really want to be trendy on your wedding day, you cannot skip on the feathers. In the fashion world, the predictions for the trends in 2023 are that a lot of the 80’s fashion is coming back in style and we will see a lot of similar looks on the catwalks. When it comes to your wedding day, you can choose what you like best and still have some of the trendiest style. The feathers are going to give you that extra feminine vibe. They don’t have to be on a princess gown if you don’t like the style. They go with every type of wedding dress.

Short wedding dress

short wedding dress feminine bridal look fashion sleeves puff elegant style 2023

The year 2023 is all about experimenting and thinking outside the box. You want something different from the typical wedding gowns, mermaid and long dresses? Why not try to wear a short wedding dress? We are in the 21st century and if that was absolutely forbidden before in time, now you can wear whatever you like best. Wearing a short wedding dress will mean that you will feel a lot more comfortable if you want to dance a lot on your wedding.

Other ideas for wedding dresses 2023

sparkle ball gown bridal look wedding dress 2023 trends glitter femenine elegant

Wedding dress with feathers 

short wedding dress with featers flowers gown bridal look 2023

Old Hollywood wedding dress 

old hollywood wedding dress elegant chic style 2023

Ellie Saab Wedding gown 

elie saab wedding gown dress 2023 bridal fashion look elegant chic

Mermaid wedding dress

mermaid wedding dress white color bridal look style elegant chic lace v neck

Beautiful white wedding dress with sleeves

wedding gown with pearls on the sleeves chic trendy 2023 bride dress

Ines Di Santo wedding dress 2023 collection

ines di santo princess gown wedding dress puff sleeves 2023 bridal collection

Sparkle wedding dress with a lot of glitter 

glitter sparkle wedding gown pricness dress trendy style 2023

Dusty rose wedding gown 

nude wedding dress dusty rose color bridal look and style fashion trends

Wedding dress with removable skirt

wedding dress with removable skirt chic elegant bridal style

Elegant and simple wedding dress 

simple wedding fress femme fatale elegant stylish bridal look 2023

Elegant bridal look 

elegant bridal dress with a lot of lace details wedding simple 2023 trends old hollywood

Enchanted style wedding dress 

princess puff sleeves wedding dress white color bridal look design trends 2023

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