Ginny and Georgia outfits: Find fashion inspiration from our favorite duo!

by Gabby

This year is expected to be interesting in the Netflix world after the brilliant start they made in January. One of the most anticipated shows for me finally returned with a second season and smashed all the charts. If it’s not already clear, I’ll tell you I am talking about Ginny and Georgia, of course! The awesome series about the relationship between a teen mother and daughter became an even bigger hit this year. Not only because of the good acting, but also because of the outfits. The character of Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey, gives a lot of inspiration on how to dress this year. Let’s take a look at Ginny and Georgia outfits that we can copy!

Ginny and Georgia outfits: Find fashion inspiration from our favorite duo!

ginny and georgia netflix series outfit inspiration trends 2023 how to adapt their style fashion

We were kept on the edge of our seats by the drama, but we couldn’t help but notice how up to date the mother-daughter team and their friends and family were on fashion. Consequently, we were making notes on what to add to our wardrobe at the same time as we were debating if Marcus and Ginny would get back together. Even though as I already mention, Netflix exceeded my expectations with good TV Shows this January, today we are not going to discuss any drama. We are simply going to check out our favorite looks of Ginny and Georgia.

Georgia Miller’s wedding dress: Cinderella edition

georgia miller brianne howey wedding dress cinderella vibes netflix tv show fashion


When I learned that Georgia Miller was getting married, I knew that the wedding dress will be epic! There wasn’t a single doubt about that. But this magical gown exceeded my expectations. Let me tell you, I watched the scene where she walks in, probably ten times or even more. Debra J. Fisher, the show’s executive producer and creator, and Lampert determined that Georgia’s bridal attire should be inspired by none other but Cinderella, which is kind of poetic if you think about it. It took 150 hours to make this dress, by the Canadian designer Ines Di Santo. It was worth it though, because it instantly became iconic!

Georgia Miller blazer collection

georgia miller blazer collection outfit ideas winter 2023 netflix tv show ginny

She’s not just a mom, she is a cool mom! I will not stop saying this about Georgia Miller, she sure knows how to wear a blazer. This quickly became a trend on the internet, since we see her wearing a lot of blazers on the show, especially this season. If you don’t have the budget as the Netflix team, you can still opt for the same look. You can find similar blazers at Zara, ASOS, Mango and others. How to match your blazer? I would say, a pair of jeans is always a good idea, if you want something casual. However, if you want something a little bit more chic, a mini skirt is the way to go!

Ginny Miller: Iconic moments with a striped shirt

ginny miller outgit stripes shirt how to wear it is it in style fashion advice

If Ginny had a signifier it would be a striped shirt. We see her wearing them constantly in both season 1 and season 2 of the show. She cleverly combines them and I like that she doesn’t go for the plain black and white combination that was a super hit in 2022. Many girls even wore these tops by throwing them over their trench coats. The people in charge of the wardrobes at Netflix must have known what they were doing since they chose such colorful items for her. They accentuated her youthfulness and made Ginny even cuter.

ginny striped shirt birthday moment season 1 netflix outfit inspiration

Ginny and Georgia outfits: Georgia’s coat collection

georgia miller white coat season 2 outfit inspiration fashion netflix

Aside from making her blazers an absolute hit, Georgia’s coats were the other most talked about thing among the outfits of the show’s characters. This season is filmed mainly in the winter time, so we saw different types of coats, but every single one was absolutely stunning. The one that you see in the picture was my personal favorite.

Georgia Miller’s white coat 

georgia miller white coat wearing on the christmas episode netflix outfits

Speaking of trends, the white coat that Georgia was wearing in the Christmas episode, was very chic. Pairing it with a scarf and gloves gave it this cozy vibe, but somehow it remained elegant.

Georgia Miller’s green coat 

georgia miller outfits green coat how to copy their fashion look this season

The green coat was the fen’s favorite. Even in the show we hear one of the characters mentions to Ginny that her mom has great coats. And I mean, she does!

Other Ginny and Georgia outfits

ginny and georgia wedding outfits season 2 fashion white coat inspiration 2023 how to dress like them

Ginny’s military green bomber jacket 

ginny millitary green bomber jacket outfit inspo 2023

Georgia Miller’s iconic outfit inspiration 

georgia miller season 2 ginny netflix outfits white shirt

Georgia Miller: A t-shirt and jeans 

ginny and georgia outfits netflix season 2 jeans and a tshirt

Max from Ginny and Georgia outfit inspiration

ginnys friends outfit inspiration max netflix series how to dress like them

Georgia Miller’s most ICONIC look on season 1 

georgia miller most iconic look on season 1 black hat white suit


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