What to watch on Netflix January 2023? Download the full list of new movies and TV Shows FOR FREE!

by Gabby

There’s nothing cozier than coming in on the weekend and sitting on the couch with your loved ones to watch Netflix. Even when I’m spending time alone, Netflix is a staple in my daily routine. There are definitely a lot of movies and shows that grab my attention. I watch them literally in a day, as happened with Wednesday Addams. The problem is that sometimes there are so many interesting things that it takes a long time to choose what to watch. Well, that’s what I’m here for today! Let’s make January the month of Netflix fun! What’s coming out on Netflix in January 2023? What are the newest movies and series you need to see? Let’s waste no more time and dive into the world of cinema!

What’s new on Netflix January 2023: Discover the full MUST-WATCH list now!

netflix january 2023 whats coming up what to whatch this month movies and tv shows new

With Netflix, it’s never boring as there’s always something to watch. Today, however, we’re going to talk all about the new movies and series coming out in 2023, as well as the highly anticipated new seasons of our favorite Netflix original. Plan your free time because you have to be ready, believe me! With all these amazing things coming out in January, there will be something for every taste. I personally can’t wait for a few of them, but you’ll find out in a little bit! Let’s start with the series first!

What TV shows are coming to Netflix in January 2023?

ginny and georgia season 2 release date 5th of january netflix original series tv show to watch in january 2023


Now this is what I was waiting for! Ginny and Georgia season 2 release date was yesterday, on 5th of January and let me tell you I could not be more excited. If you want the modern version of the Gilmore girls and that bond between a teenage mother and a daughter, that is the show for you! It has everything from teenage drama, a little bit of criminal mystery and drama, to mother and daughter love. The big question is “How do you live knowing that your mother is a murderer?”. It is very adventurous, the least to say, and will keep you on your toes the whole time! I am not going to spoil what is going to happen in season 2, watch it to find out!

The Walking Dead Season 11

the walking dead season 11 on netflix final january 2023 whats new and what to watch

Another fan favorite TV Show is finally here with its final season 11. The Walking Dead is certainly among the most watched series on Netflix. This 11th season contains 8 episodes of the horror drama and fans are wondering what to expect. Well, I am not going to risk spoiling anything so I am just going to tell you, expect the unexpected and watch it to know how your favorite TV Show ends.


Kaleidoscope netflix series january 1st when to watch it interesting tv shows recommendations

We all know Netflix loves to surprise us and try to come up with something innovative and new. Remember the TV Show Black Mirror, where using your remote the series gives you an option and depending on what you choose, the ending is different every time? The Netflix original series Kaleidoscope is somehow similar because there are many different ways to watch it. How you may ask? Kaleidoscope is a one of a kind drama series where the first seven episodes, which are the names of different colors, appear in a different random order to every user on Netflix. The last episode with the name “White” appears at the end and it is recommended to watch it as the last episode. Sounds exciting enough, right?

What’s coming to Netflix January 2023? New TV Shows’ list in chronological order!

whats coming to netflix january 2023 what tv shows to watch next list free download

There are many more TV Shows coming January 2023. Some are new and others are coming up with new season that will absolutely amaze us. This is a list that goes chronologically for the series and their season with the release date. You can download Netflix list of TV Shows for free and have it on your phone or laptop. This will help you not to miss the release date of your favorites and also will help you decide on what to watch every time.

From 20th to January 31st

tv shows to watch on netflix in january whats new interesting recommendations

Download the second part of the list that goes from 20th January to 31st. You want to save time wondering what TV Show to watch next? Have this list at all times!

Netflix series 2023 trailer

Need more inspiration for the upcoming Netflix series in 2023? Check out the trailer that shows what’s coming this month and see what you would want to watch first!

What’s coming to Netflix January 2023? Movie time!

jung e netflix korean sci fi movie 2023 whats new what to watch ideas

One of the most interesting choices for January 2023 is definitely Jung_E, a Korean sci-fi movie. It is set in the 22nd century, in post apocalyptic scenery, where climate has changed, and the planet became almost uninhabitable. Humans live in a man-made shelter. The main character becomes a subject of clonning experiment. If you love robots, and movies where the Apocalypse has already happened, then you are going to love this one!

You People

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy starring in the same movie? This is got to be a total hit! The movie is coming up on 27th of January and I already can’t wait to see it. The trailer looks very promising, and the laughs are guaranteed. There are many more Netflix original movies that are coming up in January 2023. Check out the full list!

New Netflix Original Movies coming on January 2023 (chronologically)

what movies to watch on netflix january 2023 original new

If you want some new movies to watch this month, Netflix will take care of this. This is a list with all the Netflix originals that are coming up in January. You can download it for free and have it with you so you don’t miss on the good movies. You can check out the release dates so you know when they will be available for you to watch! Have fun and enjoy the month of January! Make yourself a delicious snack like the butter board that was a huge trend on TikTok and let’s watch some movies!

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