Full Moon 2023: Check out the California calendar and the rituals you don’t want to miss!

by Anjelina

The universe holds many secrets that are not yet known to us. However, the phases of the Moon affect our emotional state. The gravitational pull of the Moon is the cause of the tides of the oceans and seas on Earth. And our bodies, composed mostly of water, cannot help but be affected as well. During a full moon, we usually have a lot of energy, feel more inspired and productive. It would be great if we could use all this in a positive way. In today’s article, we will give you a list of the exact dates and times of the full moon 2023, according to the Pacific time zone. Check the California calendar to find out exactly when the full moon will be this year. Also, take a look at some nice rituals to perform to feel in harmony with nature and connect with yourself on a deeper level!

Full moon 2023: California calendar

full moon 2023 dates times native american names of full moon california calendar

The table below shows the exact dates and times of the full moon in 2023 for the Pacific time zone. If you want, you can download and save it to look at whenever you need! We’ve also included the names of the full moons that were given by Native North Americans. Thanks to full moons, ancient tribes kept track of the seasons. In the names they gave them, it is easy to spot certain themes such as winter time, harvest time, etc. The names were also associated with many legends and oral traditions, and thus knowledge and customs were passed down.

Full Moon 2023 – California calendar

full moon 2023 california calendar table pacific time zone


4 full moon rituals that will restore your connection with nature

restore connection with nature during full moon rituals

The Moon has long been considered the magical patron of humans, and its energy peak is during the full moon. According to old beliefs, the full moon is a time that is suitable for various changes. Our ancestors used it to understand their feelings better and further develop their intuition. It was also believed that certain customs could even attract love and happiness. One thing is for sure – the rituals we are going to give you will help you get away from the busyness and stress in your life. You will regain harmony with nature and yourself. Your mind and body will work as one amazing whole! Thank us later!

Direct your energy to pleasant and useful things

charity work volunteers helping other people positive deeds

During a full moon, one usually feels full of energy, as we have already mentioned. It is good to use it for positive deeds. Spend more time with loved ones, talk to them, do things together – have dinner, watch a movie, play a family game. Couples can plan a lovely romantic dinner. You can also do charity work – help people in need or homeless animals. Remember the most important thing: anything done with good intentions will surely make you feel great!

Get in touch with your emotions

girl sitting on the windowsill thinking and drinking coffee

Since we are much more sensitive during a full moon, it is good to look at ourselves. There is no better time to ask ourselves some basic questions that we often otherwise overlook. How am I feeling right now? Is everything okay with my physical and mental state? How are my relationships with my loved ones? What can I do to improve them? What can I do for myself in my daily life to feel better? This is a small sample of the questions you might ask yourself, but make sure you answer honestly! This is a big step towards better understanding your inner emotions and discovering what you need to change to live life to the fullest!

Deep breathing and meditation

meditation deep breathing relaxing technique to calm down

Speaking of helpful rituals you can perform during the full moon, we can’t help but mention meditation and deep breathing. We could talk about them a lot, but the most important thing in general is that meditation focused on breathing has been proven to positively influence various cognitive processes, increase attention, reduce emotional lability and promote positive thoughts. Did you know that along with food, sleep and positive emotions, breathing is the fourth main source of energy? Only if we are able to use all four sources properly will we feel healthy and strong. Why then do many people underestimate breathing and seem to take it for granted? This needs to change! The easiest way is to find a guided meditation with a main focus of breathing online and relax for an amazing experience you’d want to repeat!

Take a relaxing shower or bath

relaxing bath candles book smartphone cozy vibes

Water is undoubtedly a healer, and knowing that it is also influenced by the Moon, we can’t help but recommend taking a relaxing shower or bath. Try to forget about everything unpleasant that has happened to you lately. Focus on the positive things in your life, give thanks for them. Let the water wash away the negatives and problems that don’t give you peace of mind. Play your favorite song, and why not sing along? Do what will make you feel calm and happy!

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