Morning motivation quotes: 20 quotes to start your day with a positive mind and happy thoughts!

by Gabby

How do you start your day in the morning? We all know coffee is our best friend, and the day starts with a smile with the first sip. Sometimes, I admit that I feel lazy and not ready to start with my day. Everybody have these mornings when we need a little bit more motivation to start with our tasks and to go to work, university, or simply do our chores. How to keep our mood high during the day? Try reading morning motivation quotes! Today, our Deavita team gathered some of the best quotes that will motivate you and prepare you for the day!

Morning motivation quotes: Start your day with a smile!

how to start our day with a smile healthy mind motivation quotes good morning

Every day is a different small journey for us and how you start it is really important. You probably know that having a good breakfast is really important. This is because it is the first meal that you are going to have, and from that it depends on how your day will go. It is the same with your morning thoughts. If you wake up and have negative feelings and bad thoughts rushing through your mind, your day will most probably continue to be gray. That is why I find reading motivation morning quotes so important for staying positive and have a healthy mind. Let’s find out some of the best good morning quotes! You can download them for free and enjoy them trough out the month!

Set your mind to achieve goals with these quotes

how to achieve goals with the right mindset healthy mind morning quotes motivation talent


Having the right mindset is really important to start achieving your goals. The recipe is simple, and you need only 3 ingredients: talent, motivation and the right attitude. Keep on repeating this to yourself and prepare for the greatest achievements.

how to motivate ourselves in the morning better day quotes healthy mindset goals achievements

How you get up in the morning is essential when it comes to achieving goals. If you want the satisfaction when you go to bed, that you had a productive and amazing day, get up motivated and stay with a positive mindset.

start your day with a positive mindset keep smiling quotes morning positivity healthy mind

There will be obstacles every day, but remind yourself that they are not permanent. If you walk through life with a brave heart, anything is possible!

morning quotes start your day with positive mind achive goals dreams gratitude

Make today a beautiful day, filled with a lot of colors and smiles. You are the only person that can achieve that, and no one else will do it for you. Make today your masterpiece!

morning motivation quotes start each day on a positive note healthy mindset achieve goals

How your day will start and end, depends only on yourself. Imagine what you want today to be, set your mind and start acting. However, if the day ends well for you, then you know you were bold enough and be proud and grateful!

no excuses quotes morning motivation stay positive smile healthy lifestyle journey

This isn’t the time for being lazy and procrastinate. Someday is not a day of the week! Start the week with doing something that you wanted for a very long time. Go for a walk by yourself, start working out, read a book or obtain a new skill that you have always wanted.

set your goals quotes positive motivation morning how to start your day healthy mind

Each day is very important. A bad day is a day filled with missed opportunities. Don’t let yourself have a bad day! Check out 15 mote inspirational successes goals to motivate you.

steve jobs quotes morning motivation set goals achieve great things business

This Steve Jobs quote is one of my favorite. You absolutely have to love what you do, so you can be happy in life and to achieve great things.

quotes take chances morning motivation how to start your day achieve goals gratitude right mindset

Don’t think of today as just another day to pass your time. Again, take it as a given chance to improve yourself and your life.

confucius quotes morning motivation how to start your day set and achieve goals dreams come true

If yesterday was not your day, and you feel like you failed, get up today and think that this will be your day! However, the truth is you will sometimes fall, but to be strong means that you will get up every time!

start your morning with motivation quotes set your mind achieve goals and dreams healthy mindset

If you want to get ahead in life, get started today! Start doing what you love and what makes your heart happy.

Morning motivation and self love quotes

how to begin each day with a quote motivation morning sunshine coffee heart healthy mind

Forgiveness is really important to let go of any bad energy in your life. Besides, holding grudges is terrible for your mind and heart. Remember to keep your heart happy.

daily reminder quotes morning motivation healthy mind lifestyle goals

Get up in the morning and check out the sunrise. The sun is there to remind you that light comes back after darkness.

how to love yourself quotes mind positivity healthy and right mindset keep smiling life

Learning how to love yourself is a long journey sometimes. However, if you stand in front of the mirror, and you enjoy the person you see, then this is your greatest improvement.

everyday quotes for yourself love stay positive and true to who you are make your dreams come true

Remember that not every day will be good, however learn how to enjoy the small things that life offers you daily.

courage quotes morning motivation stay positive achieve your goals and keep the right mindset

Finding courage can be difficult, especially in the toughest moments. If you are able to find it within you, you found grace.

tomorrow quotes start your morning with positive mind lifestyle health how to achieve goals

Better future starts now, not tomorrow. If you want your tomorrows to be better, get up from your cozy bed and start acting towards your goals.

how to start each day on a positive note and be happy right mindset grateful gratitude

Being grateful for everything you have in your life is essential. People that lack gratitude, sometimes tend to lose everything.

morning motivation quotes buddha how to get up easy healthy mind release stress

This quote is so inspiring and giving hope. Think of each day as a new chapter, new beginning and a new journey. Make it different and make it count. Check more uplifting and inspirational quotes that will bring up your positive mood.

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