How to make an Advent wreath with candles? Easy DIY tutorial plus 17 great design ideas!

by Kristiyana

Halloween has long passed, Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can feel how the most beloved holiday of the year keeps getting closer and closer… I am talking about Christmas, of course! Home-baked gingerbread biscuits, presents under a marvellous pine tree, bright festive lights everywhere, and many more other things that we all enjoy about this great celebration. But before Christmas, there are a lot of important traditions that each of us perform for raising our spirits before the wondrous holiday. One such tradition is Advent season. In order to get ready for Advent, let’s see how we can make an Advent wreath with candles and explore 17 great designs to try on now!

What is the meaning behind Advent season? how to get ready for advent season_diy advent wreath with candles

Advent season is the celebration that occurs until the coming of Christmas day. This year 2022, it begins on the 27th of November (Sunday). By tradition, people celebrate Advent by lighting a special symbolic candle for each Sunday of each week leading up to Christmas. There are four candles, and they are all displayed on the same Advent wreath. Each candle has a specific meaning. Sometimes people place a fifth white candle at the centre to light at the begging of Christmas.

What do the 4 candles of Advent represent in order?

There are three purple candles, and one pink, and each week leading up to Christmas day we light one in a specific order. The first purple candle we lit represents hope, and the second purple one stands for faith. The third candle to be lit is pink and symbolizes joy, whereas the final fourth purple candle is a symbol of peace.

How to make an Advent wreath with candles?

advent wreath with candles_diy advent wreath with candles


Now that we have discussed the meaning behind the special Advent celebration, and its symbolic candles, why not make an Advent wreath with candles for ourselves? It is a super easy decoration to get you ready for Christmas 2022, and it would be a great activity to enjoy with your family or friends!

What you will need:

  • small pre-made wreath/ evergreen branches and pine cones
  • green wire
  • brass candle ring
  • 3 purple candles
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 white (optional)
  • glue (optional)


advent wreath symbolism_diy christmas decorations

Let’s start by attaching the wreath to the candleholder. I wanted to use a pre-made wreath, as I was looking for an easier option. However, if you want to make one yourself, you can get some evergreen branches and pine cones and attach them to the brass ring holder by using the green wire. Once you have attached your wreath, cut the wire so that it is not visible from behind.

how to make and advent wreath_how to make an advent wreath with candles

Now it is time to insert the candles, one for each week of the Advent season. If you want to be sure that they won’t fall, you can use the glue to hold them tightly. Per your preference, place a white pillar candle in the middle of the Advent wreath to light on Christmas day. You are done with your DIY Advent wreath with candles. Great job!

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Where can you display your Advent wreath?

where to put advent wreath_diy christmas decorations

Usually, the Advent wreath is displayed either on your kitchen/dining table or on the back of your front door. If you display it on the dining table, it will be a great addition to your family diner, as it will feel you and your family members with a festive spirit as you dine together during the holiday! Whereas, if you go with placing it on your door, every time someone comes in they will be able to marvel at your beautiful handmade Advent wreath with candles!  Each of the options is great, so you choose!

Do you feel happy with your beautiful DIY Advent wreath? By now, you have probably thought of the perfect place to display the wreath, so everyone can admire it as soon as they lay their eyes on it! Advent is such a great way to appreciate the upcoming Christmas holiday and everything that it gives us. And who doesn’t love redecorating their lovely home with creations done by themselves, and with the help of family and friends? If you happen to be interested in more DIY Christmas decor involving candles, why not check out our other easy craft ideas as well? Have fun!

Advent wreaths with candles—Photo Gallery

how to make an advent wreath with candles_advent season meaning

Here is a great idea with light pink candles

christmas candles_christmas wreath

Classy and tasteful Advent wreath with candles

diy wreaths_diy wreaths ideas

Getting ready for the Christmas holidays!

advent wreath ides_advent wreath with flowers

Personal favourite of mine, so elegant!

how to celebrate advent_advent season

White candles also go great here, don’t you think?

christmas centerpieces_ advent wreath for the table

So festive and cheerful, love it!

diy wreath_chistmas decor

What a marvellous and traditional wreath!

christmas wreath ideas_diy christmas wreath

This would be the perfect table centrepiece!

christmas decorations 2022_decorations for christmas

Talk about style and chic!

advent wreath ideas_diy wreath

Simple, elegant and lovely by all means!

advent wreath with candles_advent wreath candleholder

Never seen a wreath like this one! 

christmas decor for the table_christmas centerpieces

I just love sparkly candles, don’t you?

centerpieces with candles_christmas centerpieces

Another favourite of mine, I just love the pink and purple!

Interesting take on the Advent wreath, wouldn’t you say? 

 christmas decorations_decorations with candles

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