DIY Christmas candle holders and easy craft ideas

by Kremy

DIY pine cone wreath candle holder Christmas decor with natural materials

Find below some of the most original DIY Christmas candle holders and ideas for homemade festive decorations. Candles give a special atmosphere to any room. They make it more warm, romantic and cozy. Choosing an interesting type of candle holders adds to their beauty and in practical terms, it prevents wax dripping on your tablecloth or furniture.

gingerbread cookie candle holder ideas


You can buy candle holders from any store as they come in numerous designs or you can craft your own unique models. Not only that you will have beautiful Christmas decoration, but you will save some money. We will talk about some interesting ways of making candle holders from different materials, so everyone will find something for themselves and their interior. Candles are a complement to any interior in any style so look at the images in the gallery to see which one is suitable for your home.

DIY Christmas candle holders from wooden logs

rustic Christmas decor ideas DIY wood log candle holders

Wooden logs look like a finished design, perfect for DIY Christmas candle holders. Wood is a charming material, so you can use it for any holiday, any time of the year, with any style and anywhere. Wood is universal material and you can find small wooden log cuts in decoration stores. The advantage is that they are correctly processed, so there are no cracks or chips that can ruin their appearance. You can use log cuts from different types of wood and different sizes. Such design will be a great table centerpiece, for example and the best choice for Scandinavian or eco-style interior designs. If you haven’t got the tools to make a hole for the candle, you can simply place it on top of the log cut. The disadvantage of such design is that it looks unstable, especially if you use long candles.

DIY Christmas candle holders from pine cones

DIY Christmas decoration ideas pinecone candle holders

Fir or pine cones are one of the most popular symbols of winter and winter holidays and, of course, they can also be adapted for decorations, or rather, for candle holders.

To make such a candle holder, you will need, of course, cones and candles, preferably tall, as well as needle-nose pliers. In fact, this is all that is needed. Crafting pine cone candle holders is not very difficult.

how to make candle holder from pine cone

Using the pliers, you need to align and remove the upper part from the cone, so that there is a place for a candle. Use a hot glue gun to fix the candle and to add more Christmas glamor, sprinkle some glitter. Another option is to make a small container into the cone after removing the upper part and insert a tea candle. The main plus is that the candle can be changed and replaced with a new one. As an additional protection, add some aluminum foil as a barrier between the candle and the cone. Before lighting a candle on a finished pinecone candle holder, check its stability. Make sure it does not sway. If it is not stable, you can cut off the lower part for better stability.

Of course, pinecones can be used to make a small Christmas wreath and place a candle in the center or in various festive Christmas compositions.

DIY Orange candle holder ideas

how to make candle holders from oranges

Many people think that orange peel is highly flammable and not very safe, but this is not entirely true. In fact, orange candle holders are quite safe. They are an excellent choice for Christmas decoration as their aroma is very pleasant. You can craft an orange candle holder in different ways. Here are some ideas:

how to make candle holders from oranges step by step

Remove all the flesh and leave only the peel, which can be decorated with carved patterns and put a candle inside. You need to do the carving carefully so as not to damage the base.

quick and easy DIY orange candle holders Christmas decor ideas

Another option is to use just half of the peel again. Again, begin by removing the. Inside the half, you can pour wax and insert a wick. Let the wax set and you will have a homemade candle.

quick and easy DIY Christmas candle holders ideas table centerpiece

There are numerous ideas for DIY Christmas candle holders. You can make a real edible candle holder from gingerbread cookies, which fir perfectly into the concept of the holiday and will decorate your interior and holiday table. You can use dried fruits, spices like cinnamon and star anise and make unique designs not only as home decoration but as handmade gifts for friends and family.


DIY Christmas candle holders and easy craft ideas dried fruit wreath

DIY dried fruit cinnamon sticks candle holder

wine glass candle holders Christmas table decorating ideas

DIY wood log candle holders festive Christmas decor ideas

DIY glitter candle holders festive Christmas decorating ideas

 festive home decor ideas DIY flower pot Christmas candle holder

DIY Christmas table-centerpiece ideas evergreen branches and red candles

DIY Christmas decoration ideas table centerpiece candles walnuts in bowl



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