Super cool Christmas gifts for coworkers – fun ideas and tips

by Kremy

How to choose Christmas gifts for coworkers

We selected some super cool ideas for Christmas gifts for coworkers. Of course, a friendly atmosphere in the team is absolutely necessary and it doesn’t matter whether you work in a big or small company. We spend a lot of our time at work, and the people we work with every day, side by side all year round, are practically our second family. Secret Santa gift exchange is very popular in corporate offices and many people gladly join this activity. However, if you plan to make some special gifts to colleagues that you work with on a daily basis, it is a good idea to start thinking of something suitable that will make them happy.

How to choose Christmas gifts for coworkers?

Super cool Christmas gifts for coworkers fun ideas and tips


Sometimes your work team is quite friendly, sometimes it is not and there are many arguments, but the magical Christmas time is the best time to forget all the differences. It seems like a difficult task to choose Christmas gifts for coworkers but, really, this is not impossible to find something nice and at the same time inexpensive. If you recently joined the team you need to ask your colleagues about what is the tradition in the office. Remember that people differ and there are companies where it is not acceptable to exchange gifts while there are other places where the exchange of small gifts is enjoyed by everyone. There are some simple rules that you need to observe when choosing gifts for colleagues.

Holiday tea set with mug gift

The first rule – gifts should not be expensive. To give expensive things is considered unethical and there is a good chance that people may feel uncomfortable. Gifts for friends and colleagues can be selected with a sense of humor, and it is better if you keep the gifts in the same price category. However, it is impossible to give outright cheap stuff, since this is disrespect for the gift recipient.

Gifts for friends and colleagues secret Santa gift exchange ideas

The second rule – gifts must be equivalent. It will be strange if one of the coworkers receives a chocolate as a gift, and the second – a bottle of expensive cognac.

The third rule – you need to take into account the daily life of the team. When there is a good atmosphere and informal communication, you can opt for something funny that will add to the good mood. However, if the atmosphere is strict and formal, it will be better to choose strict official gifts.

Cookie and candy sack homemade Christmas gift ideas

For example, if young specialists work in the department who are used to communicating informally, then comic gifts for the New Year will be appropriate. If at work it is customary to communicate only in business, then it is better to pick up. It is easier to choose if the team is same-sex and all employees are about the same age. If, in the same department, both boys and girls and people who will soon have to retire work, then you will have to choose gifts taking into account the individual characteristics of colleagues.

Cool Christmas gifts for coworkers – fun ideas that will please everyone

Christmas holiday sweet treats gift for coworkers ideas

As we all know, people are very different and in one office you may find a variety of personalities – from super organized workers to fashionistas, from sports fans to proud parents. It is understandable that all of us have to work, take care of children, do house work, shopping and finding time to look for individual gifts for each colleague is not very likely. That is why we shall give you some simple, cool and universal ideas for Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Christmas tree ornaments in traditional red and green

Christmas tree ornaments cannot be called an original gift, but these are fully consistent with the spirit of the holiday. And if in the team is accustomed to symbolic gifts, then this option is fine. You can buy the same toys or you can come up with a more interesting option – buy different Christmas decorations, wrap them individually and then let your colleagues pull one out from a hat or from a cardboard box.

Christmas candles are a beautiful gift

Decorative Christmas candles – you can buy them or craft them. This is a cute gift as in many families candles are lighted during the festive Christmas dinner, so even such a small gift will be useful.

USB powered cup warmer cool Christmas gifts for coworkers

USB powered cup warmer. This is a really cool gift for an office worker. Indeed, in the process of work it is not always possible to calmly drink the prepared beverage. Having a special heating pad will keep tea or coffee hot for a long time.

Christmas mug decorated with festive symbols

A Christmas mug decorated with festive symbols is a great festive gift which will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Add a pack of coffee, tea or homemade hot chocolate mixture and this will be the perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers.

blooming holiday Poinsettia gift ideas

A blooming poinsettia is one of the most popular symbols of the winter holidays and surely, a beautiful gift which can decorate the office or the home of your colleagues.

Small symbol of the coming year figurines 2020 year of the rat

Small symbol of the coming year figurines are another great idea for cool Christmas gifts for coworkers. This is a universal present which is suitable for both male and female colleagues. Usually there are many different figurines on the market and you can try finding something cute and funny.

Christmas cards with greetings and wishes for the coming year

Christmas cards with greetings and wishes for the coming year are a good tradition. You can buy unique cards for each colleague or make them by yourself and everyone will be happy to receive a handmade greeting card.

secret Santa gift exchange ideas vanilla bean honey jars

We are sure that these ideas will help you find something suitable for all your colleagues and add to their festive and joyful mood!



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