DIY Christmas gift basket ideas – how to arrange and present them

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Here are some fantastic DIY Christmas gift basket ideas which will help you make wonderful gifts to friends, family or coworkers.

Gift baskets not only look very nice but also create a lot of pleasant emotions. They can be filled with fruits, flowers, toys, depending on who it is addressed to. There is a huge number of options for assembling gift baskets – from corporate style to cute or romantic designs. Christmas is the best time to please your family and loved ones with a wonderful surprise.

DIY Christmas gift basket ideas – how to choose and arrange a great surprise

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Baskets can be bought from a craft store or a florist shop. They can be made from willow branches or other materials. You can even improvise and depending on the idea, you can use a large mixing bowl to place all the items. DIY Christmas gift basket ideas are so charming and there is nothing complicated in making one. It is believed that the prototype of gift baskets is the cornucopia filled with fruits. That is why if you want to keep to the traditional style, choose a variety of fruits. Of course, you need to keep in mind the age, sex, personal interests and hobbies of the receiver.

Collecting and arranging a basket is just half the work. You also need to know how to hand it. A gift basket is very convenient and does not require additional packaging but you can decorate it accordingly with the theme – add colorful paper, ribbons, artificial flowers, berries and other elements. A basket decorated with ribbons is a romantic option suitable for a woman. The natural look is ideal for baskets with high-quality alcohol, fruits, cheese, etc.

You can place your Christmas gift basket under the Christmas tree so that the receiver can find it in the morning or hand it personally. This will depend on whether you made it for a member of the family, for a friend, for your boss or a colleague.

DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for men, women, and children

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As we mentioned,  Christmas gift basket ideas will differ depending on whether they are meant for a man, woman or child. We shall give you some useful tips on what to give and how to choose them.

A tea or coffee set is a great gift for both women and men. You can complement it with gourmet pastries or confectionery. Another universal choice is a gastronomic basket which may contain a bottle of good wine, a jar of olives, caviar, rare cheese varieties, etc. Beer lovers will appreciate a set of several cans of their favorite beer and something salty for a snack. Barbeque supplies and sauces are also a good idea. Of course, something for the office – a luxurious pen or a notebook, is a great option too.

DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for women are also widely diverse. Fruits, flowers, confectionery are the most popular options. A bottle of champagne or expensive wine and high-quality chocolate will be always welcome and appreciated. If your gift basket is meant for a business woman, it should be designed very stylishly and it is best if you select some good champagne. Avoid personal items, perfumes or cosmetic products unless you know the woman very well. If the woman likes to bake or cook, a cookbook and ingredients or herbs will make a lovely gift!

Children’s baskets can be filled with almost anything – candy, fruit, toys, etc. Children love variety, so for them, the basket will turn into a box full of surprises. It is very simple to make children happy, therefore everything depends on the budget and imagination.

DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for bosses must reflect the fact that you have formed a relationship. If you are not sure what to put in the basket, keep on the safe side and choose a coffee or tea set, good wine, a Christmas candle, etc.

As you know, the best gift is the one in which a person puts his soul. Try to choose for your friends, family, loved ones or colleagues something that will make them happy. The right gift is not necessarily expensive. It should bring joy to you and the recipient and show your love, respect, care, and attention. Get inspired by the ideas in the gallery below and make someone very happy!

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