Super cool and original Christmas gift ideas for friends and family

by Kremy

How to choose the perfect Christmas gift for our friends and family? The best gift is one that is special and memorable. Such personal gifts may not have material value but they fully reflect the connection between people, care and love.

original christmas gift ideas for friends family and colleagues

Among the many different options it is difficult to decide and choose a really good gift that will pleasantly surprise the receiver. On the eve of the holiday we have prepared some original Christmas gift ideas for you to help you bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Original Christmas gift ideas for friends and family – most popular ideas for the season

DIY original christmas gift ideas candy canes and sweets


It is not only children who eagerly wait for Christmas and the gifts under the tree. Many adults also wait for the holidays. It is important that the present bring joy and be useful, rather than gathering dust on the far shelf in the closet. Original Christmas gift ideas vary significantly but when selecting presents for your friends and family you need to think in advance and make a list taking into account the personal taste, interests or hobby of your loved ones. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ideas for the season!

For colleagues it is better to choose a gift that has practical use. It is based if you can choose based on the habits or character of each of the colleagues.

For parents a present that personifies home comfort is a good idea.

A gift for husband should symbolize your love, attention and care. Of course, you can ask what he wants, but it is better to observe his interests in advance – and choose the gift yourself.

Be sure that your wife will not appreciate a gift for the kitchen, so stay away from pots and pans! Gold jewelry, a perfume, a stylish scarf or a trip for two – these are among the best options for your beloved wife.

When choosing a Christmas gift for children, it is important to focus on the age and sex of the child: for example, superheroes, board games, radio-controlled cars are suitable for a boy under 10 years old. A teenage boy will appreciate a gift that matches his hobby, and for an already quite adult son, select a new phone, camera, or other equipment he needs.

Little girls love to play with dolls, so you can give them a new toy for their collection or toy furniture. Also, girls will like any bright soft toys: you can pick them up in accordance with the Christmas theme.

DIY original Christmas gift ideas for friends and family

DIY original christmas gift ideas mulled wine set

DIY Christmas gifts are always appreciated. There are thousands of ideas and craft projects which can help you create a soul warming gift. Yes, it may take more time and it is not necessary to give such a gift to all the people in your list. You can do that for the people that are closest to your heart and they will really appreciate the gesture.

With a little imagination, you can transform ordinary items into extraordinary gifts. Everything that is personally made with love and good mood has a special energy. For example, candy and confectionery or other delicious treats can be presented as an unusual sweet gift for Christmas. Here are some more ideas:

  • Decorative pillow with the symbol of the coming year,
  • A handmade festive tablecloth,
  • Organizer for small things,
  • Christmas tree made of gingerbread cookies,
  • Scrapbooking style photo album,
  • Homemade candles,

If you want to make your own edible gifts for Christmas, find beautiful glass jars as they will add to the visual impression. You can assemble kits for making cocoa or hot chocolate – this is an excellent reason to get together and enjoy a delicious drink! The glass container should be filled to one-third with cocoa powder or hot chocolate. Remember to add marshmallow and a label which can be a greeting card. The same idea can be used to make a mulled wine set. You need a bottle of high-quality red wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, a couple of small apples, an orange and glasses. Wrap all these beautifully and you will have a fantastic Christmas gift!

An original Christmas tree from tea bags is the perfect gift for friends and you can make it in half an hour. You will need a cardboard or plastic cone, a round box that will serve as a base, tea packs of your favorite brand, beads and bows for decoration and a glue gun. Simply glue the tea packs on the cone starting from the bottom and moving up. Add the finishing touches with small decorations to give the tree a festive look. Look at the gallery for more ideas!

DIY christmas gift ideas tea pack tree

super cool christmas gift ideas festive mood

gifts for christmas for men organizer

Original Christmas gifts hot chocolate snowman

original christmas gift ideas funny bedding set with snowmen

gifts for christmas decorative doughnut pillows

funny and cute Christmas wine wrapping dwarfs

DIY gifts for christmas ideas custom tableware

DIY christmas gifts for children ideas

DIY candles creative ideas for christmas gifts

cute and cool Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas gift wrapping tips

Christmas gift ideas for friends sweater wine wrapping

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