How to Store Glass Baubles After Christmas to Prevent Breakage?

by Kristiyana

How to store glass baubles after Christmas has passed? Which are the most efficient ways to preserve their delicate beauty?

Christmas might have ended, but most of us still haven’t got to putting away and storing all of our cherished festive decorations, have we? Hopefully, you spent the holidays in the pleasant company of your loved ones and managed to relax a bit before the start of the new year, but it’s high time you took down that Christmas tree and brought your living room back to its former state! While taking down your Christmas tree ornaments, you know you should be extra careful, especially with the glass ones. But how to store them so that they don’t break?

How to Store Glass Baubles to Enjoy Them for Years to Come?

how to store glass baubles to prevent breakage

Most of us probably have at least one or two beloved Christmas tree ornaments that have been passed down in our families from generation to generation. One of my first Christmas memories as a kid was when my mother first showed me a beautiful red glass Christmas bauble that was intended to be mine, and there was a blue one for my brother as well. Unfortunately, after years of usage, they both broke, but I still remember their magical shiny spheres and how much I enjoyed looking at them on the tree. Let’s not let this unfortunate incident occur in your household too! Here is how to store glass baubles to prevent breakage!

Wrapping Method for Baubles Before Storage

wrapping glass baubles before storing

The key to preserving glass Christmas baubles lies in the wrapping method! After carefully removing them from the tree, use bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper to individually wrap each bauble. If you’ve recently had a purchase or online order you might have stored bauble wrap lying around somewhere, I always save mine for later usage. Start to wrap the bauble’s surface and then provide additional padding around it. This will help to protect your glass ornaments from scratches and breakage during the storage period.

How to Store Glass Baubles in Storage Containers?

how to store glass christmas baubles

One of the most common mistakes that many people make when storing their Christmas tree ornaments is putting everything together in a big box. No wonder you find some decorations damaged by the next year! Consider investing in a storage container with dividers for each glass bauble, or you can even easily make one yourself using cardboard! For small glass Christmas baubles, you can use empty egg boxes. Place each wrapped bauble in a separate compartment. This will minimize the risk of collision with one another, and hence prevent breakage.

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Label and Organizer Your Glass Christmas Baubles

label and organize christmas ornaments

Want to be able to easily find each of your glass ornaments by next Christmas? If you are like me and have zero patience for everything, I bet you often break things because you are more concerned about finding what you are looking for as soon as possible rather than about the mess you are making in the process. To make it easier on yourself and minimize damage, simply label and organize each box of your Christmas tree ornaments. Mark them with categories such as color and size for easier finding. A simple way to limit the unnecessary handling of delicate glass baubles!

Find a Temperature-Controlled Storage Space

find a temperature controlled storage place

Proper wrapping, storing and labeling might be very vital for preserving the beauty of your glass ornaments, but it’s all in vain if you don’t put the boxes in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. Extremely high or low temperatures, as well as a rise in humidity, can adversely affect your glass baubles. Find a location for them that is cool and dry to prevent condensation, which can lead to mold and deterioration. Don’t store your glass baubles in attics, basements or any other room prone to rapid-changing temperatures.

Handle with Care When Using Your Glass Baubles Again

how to care for glass baubles

The after-care of your glass baubles is just as important as the storage process. When the time comes when you have to use your lovely glass Christmas ornaments again, be sure to handle them with care. Start by removing each ornament from its storage container individually and patiently unwrapping it. Check each bauble for signs of damage before decorating the tree with it. Such precautions will ensure that you get to enjoy your wonderful glass baubles for years to come!

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You can also watch this helpful YouTube video provided by Real Simple on how to store other Christmas decorations safely as well!


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