Christmas Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls: Simple Ideas for Children and Adults

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you looking for some creative ideas for the Advent season? Today we’ll be making Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls – a fantastic material that costs next to nothing!

making colorful christmas trees with toilet paper rolls

The run-up to Christmas is the most wonderful time to gather your family and spend quality time making something creative. When I was a kid, we spent every Advent Sunday like this – craft papers, scissors, lots of glue, and Christmas music. Now, I do the same with my family. Since we decided to start recycling our toilet paper rolls, I decided to put them to good use and make some fun crafts for the festive season. They are super easy and fun to make for both children and adults, and they look great, too!

Making Christmas Trees from Toilet Rolls

christmas tree made of rolls of toilet paper

How about we start with these adorable little Christmas trees? You really don’t need much apart from toilet rolls and a pair of scissors. However, I do recommend you buy some paint to decorate the trees for a more elevated and aesthetic appearance. Here’s how to make it:

  • If you want to make colored Christmas trees, start by painting the toilet rolls and let them dry before you proceed.
  • Flatten the toilet roll and cut it into thin strips.
  • Fold the strips in half and stack them on top of each other.
  • Take one piece, fold it, and glue the ends. This will be the tree trunk.
  • You can add punched-out paper circles to resemble snowflakes.

DIY Spiral Fir Trees

making spiral fir trees from toilet rolls with children for christmas

These spiral trees are really fun to make with your kids! Even if they aren’t experienced with scissors yet, you can do the cutting and leave the decorating to them! Follow the instructions below:

  • Use acrylic paint or a marker to paint the toilet roll green. Leave it to dry before you cut it to size.
  • Cut the roll into a spiral.
  • Wrap the spiral tightly around a pencil or a marker to create this standing shape.
  • Use gems, glitter, sequins, and pom poms to decorate the tree and, of course, don’t forget to add the star!

Create a 3D Picture

picture of christmas tree made with toilet rolls

Toilet paper rolls can also be used to create an effective art project on a sheet of paper. Take one roll and cut it into smaller rings, then arrange them in a pyramid pattern on a piece of paper and glue them in place. Color the inside of the circles in green, cut out a star and the tree trunk from pieces of colorful print paper, and glue them onto the sheet. Your 3D Christmas tree is ready!

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Simple Christmas Craft Ideas with Toilet Paper Rolls

simple fir trees made from toilet paper

There are many different Christmas tree designs you can make from toilet rolls. You can cut a small ring from the roll, use it as a base, and make the crown of the tree from a piece of cardboard or craft paper.

standing fir tree made from toilet roll

Another super easy idea you can try out is to use the whole paper roll to create a more intricate shape. First, flatten the roll and map out the shape of the tree using a pencil or a marker. Leave some space on the bottom of the roll for the base. Following the lines you drew, cut out the shape and color it with acrylic paint.

Make Cute Tree Ornaments

quick tree ornament crafts reindeer and christmas tree from toilet rolls

Did you know that you can easily make Christmas tree decorations with only a toilet paper roll, a stapler, and some paint? It’s really quick and super effective! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pinch the top of the cardboard roll inwards to create a triangular shape, and staple the edges.
  • Do the same at the bottom in as opposite direction.
  • Paint the shape in green to make a Christmas tree and brown to make a reindeer.
  • Cut out a small rectangular piece of cardboard and attach it to the green shape to make the tree trunk.
  • You can use black and white circles or stickers to make the eyes of the reindeer. Use a red button for the nose of the reindeer, or if you don’t have one, draw it with paint or a marker.
  • Decorate the tree with small buttons or hand-drawn ornaments.

Making Santa Claus out of Toilet Paper Rolls

painted santa claus craft with paper roll

What are Christmas crafts without making at least one Santa ornament? Toilet rolls are a great alternative to cardboard if you want to make something small. Here’s how to make those adorable Santas yourself:

  • Start by flattening the roll.
  • Outline the hat and the mustaches on a piece of paper, as shown in the image above.
  • Cut them out and glue them to the toilet roll.
  • Cut the flattened shape to make it resemble the one from the picture. Paint and decorate.

Cute Snowmen

snowmen made of toilet paper christmas crafts kids

We’re moving on to two more super easy ideas that your toddlers will love! These are, of course, the well-known snowmen and reindeer, which you can make without using any scissors! When it comes to adding more character to these ornaments, everything is in the details, and here is where you, the adults, come into play!

For the snowmen, you’re going to need white toilet paper rolls. If you don’t have any, simply color them using white acrylic paint. For the scarf, you can use any spare piece of fabric or some red print paper. For the ear warmers, use pipe cleaners and mini pom poms. And for the face – unleash your creative vision!

Rudolph with the Red Nose

making rudolph from toilet paper roll

For this super cute Rudolph reindeer, you’re going to need half a toilet paper roll, a red mini pom pom, two beige pipe cleaners, super tiny googly eyes, and a piece of brown print paper, from which you’re going to cut out the antlers. Glue everything in its place as shown above and you’re done!

Easy Snowflakes

making a simple snowflake with toilet paper rolls

Snowflakes are incredibly simple to make! All you need to do is cut the toilet rolls into little rings and arrange them in a pattern that resembles a snowflake. Once you’re happy with it, simply glue the rings together and your ornament is done!

creating festive christmas decoration with toilet rolls snowflake crafts

To create more complicated shapes, you can try folding and stacking the rings. This will make them appear even more realistic! If you want to paint them a different color, the easiest way to do that is with spray paint.

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