Rustic Wooden Christmas Crafts: Bring a Warm Festive Atmosphere Into Your Home!

by Stephanie Yankova

Right after we say goodbye to our Halloween costumes and Jack-o’-lanterns, the preparations for Christmas officially begin. If the recent festivities have gotten your creative juices flowing, and you want to create original DIY decorations for your home, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m going to share with you a few magical rustic wooden Christmas crafts that you can easily do alone or with your family! They’re simple, quick, cheap, and best of all – we’re using a nature-derived material! 

Rustic Wooden Christmas Crafts: 8 Decorative Pieces for a Warm Seasonal Interior

diy rustic wooden christmas decorations

December may still be a few weeks, away, but the stores are already flooded with trendy Christmas decorations! If you want to add a personal element to your festive interior this year, give one of our DIY projects a try!

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree: 3 Ideas to Try Right Away!

diy christmas tree made of twigs

If you feel like putting the traditions aside, a great alternative to the fir tree is this wooden one made of twigs. In fact, they have become so popular over the last few years that you can buy a pre-made one at most stores. But why spend a ridiculous amount of money on something you can easily make on your own? Bonus points – you get to decorate it however you want! You’re going to need different sizes of twigs, a jute thread, and whatever you choose to add as a decorative element (ornaments, ribbons, etc.).

Firstly, you have to arrange the twigs on a flat surface starting with the shortest one at the top and the largest one at the bottom. Once you have them all laid out, take the jute thread and bind them together. Finally, add the ornaments and hang the twig tree on your wall or door.

diy christmas tree toys rustic wooden aesthetic pine cones dried oranges cookies star anise

Here we have the same concept, however, we’re going to get a little more creative with the ornaments. To embody the festive spirit as best as we can, we’ll make decorations using things that are typical for the spirit of winter and Christmas – dried oranges, pine cones, star anise, and homemade gingerbread cookies!

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diy minimalist christmass tree fairy lights twigs

Our final idea for a rustic Christmas tree decoration is this minimalist piece that’s going to brighten up your home (literally)! Using the same steps, instead of tying the twigs together with twine, use fairy lights! If your twigs are too thick, and you’re scared that the lights may not be able to bear the load, use a white twine instead, and simply wrap the fairy lights around it afterward.

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Christmas Crafts with Wood Slices

diy christmas decoration idea tree ornament cut out small wooden logs

These small wooden slices are super affordable and accessible. You can buy 30–50 pieces from Etsy or Amazon for a fraction of what they sell them in the stores and create beautiful hand-painted Christmas decorations with your friends and family! Opt for ones that are pre-drilled, as it would be easier for you to turn them into ornaments. Using a pencil outline the shape of whatever you choose to paint on them. The easiest way to do that is to print and cut out stencils that will help you draw cleaner lines. Then, using white acrylic paint over the outline and fill the shape, let it air dry, and voilà! The only thing that’s left to do is to push a string through the hole and use it to tie the wooden ornament to your tree!

diy personalized wooden christmas tree ornaments

If you choose to, you can personalize the ornaments by writing your family members’ first names on them with a Sharpie. Add minimalist Christmas-themed illustrations using colorful felt-tip pens and one of your gifts is done!

diy christmas decor tree ornament crafting wood engraving

If you want to take things a step further and try out a new technique, you can give pyrography a go! This is a fascinating way of creating images on wood through burn marks done by a heated metal tool resembling a pen.

DIY Christmas Star

wooden christmas decoration large twig star fairy lights

The last craft idea for today is this beautiful Christmas star that you can use to decorate your wall, door, or even your tree! Once you’ve collected and arranged your twigs in a star shape, use twine to secure them in place. Wrap a small string of battery-powered fairy lights around them, and you’re done!

making twigs start diy christams wooden decoration ideas

Depending on where you want to place this decoration, you can use smaller or bigger twigs to create stars in various sizes!

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