How to Make Crafts with Pine Cones for Christmas? 9 Easy Ideas

by Kristiyana

Halloween has now passed, and it’s finally time for Christmas decorations! According to experts, those who decorate early for the holidays are happier, so roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started! Today we are making crafts with pine cones for Christmas. Make note of the following ideas.

How to Make Crafts with Pine Cones for Christmas?

decoration crafts with pine cones for christmas

Pine cones are a wonderful material for crafting in the cold season. You can collect them directly in the forest or park, but you can also buy them if the area where you live doesn’t offer enough of them. Then, with a little imagination, the fruits of the conifers can be transformed into beautiful creations! Both children and adults can enjoy this craft. Today, it’s all about creating wonderful Christmas decorations! If you’re ready to add some holiday cheer to your home, try one of the following craft projects.

Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments

christmas tree decoration making with pine cones simple idea

Are you tired of the plastic Christmas tree ball ornaments? These natural tree decorations are a great alternative that are more environmentally friendly and still look super elegant! You can turn the collected pine cones into pretty tree pendants. Whether with color, glitter or plain natural – match them to the rest of the decorative interior. Glue a hanger to the bottom of the pine cone and embellish with a colored bow if desired. Make several pine cone pendants at once and prepare some to give as gifts to friends and family.

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Make Garland Crafts with Pine Cones for Christmas

pine cone garland for indoors and outdoors

Garlands are a popular decoration at any time of year, but they are a real classic at Christmas. They look good not only on the Christmas tree, but also on the windows, on the mantel or even in the garden. And what’s even better – you can make them yourself without much effort! If you have several pine cones available, you can use them to create a cool Christmas garland with a natural rustic look. To do this, measure a suitable piece of thick jute twine and decorate the pine cones as desired, for example with paint or glitter powder. Then use hot glue to attach them to the twine by holding briefly. You can vary the direction and density of the pine cones on the garland as you wish.

DIY Glowing Decoration in a Glass

christmas decoration in a glass with fairy lights and pine cones

A Christmas decoration in a glass is modern, elegant and super easy to arrange. But what makes them even more interesting is adding a string of lights. Get a thin wire string of lights with LED drops and glue small pine cones between the lights. Arrange the glowing garland in or around a glass filled with fresh pine branches and other natural materials of your choice. Et voilà, you have an original Christmas decoration for your home!

Make Decorations with Snow-Covered Pine Cones

crafts with pine cones for christmas with snowy effect

Snow at Christmas sounds wonderful, but unfortunately this is rarely seen in many living areas. But if you dream of white winter holidays, you can opt for decorations with snow motifs! Snowy pine cones are very easy to make and will immediately put your home in a winter mood. Here we have shown 3 methods on how to imitate the snow effect. But it also works well with simple white acrylic paint.

mini christmas tree crafts with pine cones as decorations

You can use white pine cones to make an interesting festive decoration yourself. Personally, I like these pretty mini Christmas trees the most. They are perfect for different areas of the home and can also be part of an entire Christmas village.

decorate christmas wreath with snow covered pine cones

What would Christmas be without festive wreaths? If you have chosen a classic idea made from natural materials this year, the pine cones are a must. Snowy pine cones add an interesting touch, but you can of course also use pine cones painted differently or left natural.

advent wreath in a scandinavian style with pine cones fabric and elves

Whether a door wreath or an Advent wreath with candles, you decide for yourself. Both can be decorated with this popular natural material.

star craft with pine cones for christmas decorations

Stars are also one of the symbols of Christmas. Make some from pine cones of the same size by gluing them together. This Christmas decoration is also suitable for outside and can brighten up your garden and house entrance in winter.

gift wrapping idea with pine cones for christmas

If you like to wrap your own holiday gifts, you can also use some natural materials. This makes even the simplest gift packaging more interesting and original. Don’t you agree?

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How to Decorate a Tray for Christmas?

scandinavian decoration for christmas tray with pine cones and decorations

A stylish table decoration is always well received at Christmas. In recent years, decorating trays has become a trend once again. This offers so many possibilities: For example, you can combine some lanterns with pine cones, Christmas tree ball ornaments and decorative figures such as reindeer and gnomes and conjure up a wonderful arrangement. Use decorations with white and silver accents and natural materials to give it a touch of a Scandinavian style.

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