DIY Decorating Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

by Kristiyana

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your home, you should try various DIY Christmas decorations. Salt dough ornaments at Christmas are a lovely addition to any Christmas tree and are perfect for crafting with children.

The most beautiful homemade projects have a dual purpose. When you put in the effort to create something wonderful from scratch, you deserve to enjoy it (and your hard work) for as long as possible. That’s why now is the time to decorate your home with DIY decorations – Christmas is coming soon, get ready!

Decorating Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

decoration ideas with salt dough for christmas

All you need to make salt dough is salt, flour, and water, all of which you probably already have on hand. Traditional salt dough is already beautiful on its own, but you can also give tree ornaments and other Christmas decorations a unique look (or in some cases a special scent) by adding food coloring, spices, and essential oils.

How to Decorate Salt Dough Ornaments with Paint?

how to decorate salt dough ornaments with paint

If you have already prepared the salt dough, the exciting part – decorating – is finally here. You can leave the salt dough figures as they are if you want to opt for a simple decoration. But don’t forget: half of the Christmas spirit comes from the glittering chaos that inevitably arises when making salt dough ornaments. Children (and adults too!) will feel very joyful while they decorate these DIY holiday creations.

Helpful tip: Once the salt dough ornaments have cooled, it’s best to spray them with white paint before you start decorating them. This smooths out the imperfections in the decorations (for example, if some figures have become too dark from baking). A thin layer dries in minutes, so you can continue decorating. The white color is not a must, but it helps.

How to Seal & Store Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments Properly?

how to store salt dough ornaments for christmas properly

If you seal the salt dough ornaments after decorating, you can keep them for years. Sealing the Christmas figurines can help keep them looking fantastic for years to come, even if the salt holds the salt dough amazingly well. You can apply a coat of clear acrylic sealer if the tree ornament has already been decorated. Allow your decorative figures to dry thoroughly.

So now let’s start making beautiful decorations with the children!

Make Your Own Cool Salt Dough Garland

make your own cool salt dough garland

Create a beautiful garland with your salt dough! Make a garland for the mantel or window by cutting out different figures from salt dough and lining them up in a row. This garland is also a good option when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree. Make several colorful garlands for all rooms at home!

Decorating Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments: Handprint

decoration ideas with salt dough ornaments for christmas handprint

Turn your child’s handprint into a work of art with this creative activity! Simply press into the dough, cut out the shape and paint as desired. You can create Santa’s face with different colors. The fingers of the print are then the familiar white beard.

Modern DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

modern diy christmas tree ornaments

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Christmas tree if you’re lacking inspiration. Be a little creative and try other cool Christmas tree ornaments ideas as well. A heart, a rooster and a star – such Christmas tree decorations will surely surprise your family. These little ornaments are great because you can customize their appearance however you want! You can decorate them with a bow, in bright colors or with glitter.

Decoration and Gift Ideas for Friends

decoration and gift ideas for friends

Salt dough Christmas tree ornaments are a great holiday project for kids to create together. The children can participate in every step of the process, from making the dough to decorating the tree ornaments with paint. Children will have fun creating personalized Christmas figures using salt dough and photos. Stars also make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments to capture special memories. They can also serve as a wonderful Christmas gift for your family and friends.

Cute Salt Dough Stars with Bells

cute salt dough stars with bells

You can breathe new life into your cookie cutters with this art project. Each cookie cutter makes two ornaments – a large star and a small, cute star. You then only need small bows and bells to decorate.

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Christmas Tree Ornament with Paw Print

christmas tree ornaments with paw print

Include your furry friends in your Christmas celebrations! Press your pet’s paw into the salt dough after rolling it out and cutting it out with a snowflake cutter.

Christmas Decorations in the Shape of a Gingerbread

christmas salt dough ornaments in the shape of gingerbread cookies idea

These Christmas ornaments in the shape of your favorite gingerbread cookies are a perfect addition to the tree ornaments.

Salt Dough Snowman Decoration Idea

salt dough snowman decoration for christmas idea

Your Christmas decorations at home will look complete if you make a snowman yourself from salt dough. It can stand under the Christmas tree and delight your guests.

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