9 Easy & Creative Christmas Crafts for Children Age 3 to 5

by Kristiyana

Would you like to keep children between 3 and 5 years old creatively occupied? Christmas crafts are fun and develop fine motor skills. Find several suitable DIY projects for the run-up to Christmas!

Christmas Crafts for Children Aged 3 to 5: Greeting Card Made from Cardboard

craft ideas with toddlers for christmas greeting card

Even toddlers love to create something by themselves. At the age of three, the little ones can work with child-friendly tools and decorate greeting cards. The DIY ideas in this article are super easy and can be realized with a little help from the parents.

Beginners can start with a simple DIY greeting card. You need:

  • Cardboard in green and brown
  • Blank double card from the craft shop
  • Adhesive
  • One bigger pompom
  • Small pompoms (4 mm diameter)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors

Instructions: Cut three equal-sized triangles from the green cardboard and a small square from the brown cardboard. Use the glue to put together the Christmas tree and attach it to the center of the greeting card. Decorate the tree with big and small pompoms. These can be attached quickly and easily using the double-sided adhesive tape.

Christmas Decorations with Egg Cartons: DIY Idea for Children Between 3 & 5 Years Old

egg carton crafting with toddlers at kindergarten age snowman and santa


There are numerous ideas for easy crafts with egg cartons. Below, we will explain how you can put together cute Christmas figures. First, cut the egg carton to size. Then you can start crafting:

  • Santa Claus: First cut out the top of the egg carton, then paint it red. Let it dry and attach the beard made of cotton wool with glue.
  • Rudolf: Paint the tip of the egg carton brown and draw out the mouth with black fine liner. Glue on antlers made from pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a nose made from pompoms.
  • Snowman: Cut out three bottom hollows from the egg carton, paint them white and stack them on top of each other. Cut out the nose from colored paper and glue it on. Paint the mouth and buttons with black fine liner. Attach googly eyes.
  • Christmas tree: Paint three tips green and stack them on top of each other. Cut out a star from yellow colored paper, cut pipe cleaners and put together the Christmas tree.

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Christmas Tree Craft Made from Toilet Paper Rolls

make your own christmas tree from toilet paper rolls

Making a Christmas tree out of toilet rolls is really easy. However, you can first cut the roll into rings and then glue them to the sheet of paper with the children. Cut out a tree trunk from brown cardboard, and then a star from yellow cardboard, and glue it in place. Now the children can paint the inside of the rings.

Christmas Crafts for Children: Handprint Santa

painting and crafts with fingerprints children 3 years old

The next Christmas DIY idea is not only super decorative, but can also remain as a beautiful memory. Simply place the children’s hands on white cardboard, draw the outlines, and then cut them out. The fingers should point downwards. Then paint the upper part of the hand and the thumb red. Draw out the mouth and cheeks with a pink pencil and add googly eyes. Apply cotton wool to all other fingers as a beard. Glue white pompoms onto the Santa hat and you’re done!

DIY Craft with Popsicle Sticks and Finger Paints

christmas tree from popsicle sticks with children crafts

You can make a colorful and super beautiful window decoration out of popsicle sticks! Simply paint three wooden popsicle sticks green, put them together into a triangle, and then stamp or create circles of different sizes on them with paint. Complete the craft by cutting out a star from red colored paper and attaching it.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar for Daycare

advent calendar do it yourself instructions

Do you quickly need an Advent calendar for kindergarten? Then you just require a shoebox and several toilet paper rolls for this easy craft! You can paint the lids by hand and attach them with pins so that you can fill the calendar with delicious surprises again next year.

Option Made from Toilet Rolls and Wrapping Paper

advent calendars made from toilet rolls with children 5 years old diy

Another charming option is the “Advent tree” – paint 24 toilet rolls green, let them dry, and then form a tree out of them. Then glue the rolls together. Cut out a back panel from green cardboard and attach it. Fill the toilet rolls with little surprises. Then wrap the whole thing with a green bag or green wrapping paper. Cut out circles from cardboard, paint and decorate them with stickers and write a number on them to finish your calendar.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments with Stickers

christmas crafts with children age 3 to 5 christmas tree out of paper

At the age of three, children can already practice using scissors and glue. The best way to do this is with the next craft instructions. Simply cut out a Christmas tree from green glitter paper, then stick it with stars and rhinestones.

Making Decorations for the Windowsill with 5-Year-Olds

christmas decoration craft with children instructions

At the age of 5 you can cut out a Christmas tree from toilet paper rolls and then paint it any way you like. You can even cut out different silhouettes and arrange them on the windowsill.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are just discovering crafts. Choose a quick and easy DIY project. This way, the little ones learn how to use scissors and glue in a playful way, without being overwhelmed by stressful tasks. This is a cool way for parents to spend more time with their children and have fun together. Happy holidays!

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