Hedgehog Craft Ideas for Preschoolers with Fall Leaves, Modeling Clay or Paper

by Kremy

The weather at the beginning of November is often cool and rainy. Fortunately, although the weather is not suitable for long walks, the season offers free natural materials and therefore ways to entertain children even at home. If your kids are 3 to 6 years old, they will be delighted to discover fall leaf crafts. We take a look at the best hedgehog craft ideas, suitable for preschoolers!

Top Hedgehog Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers with fall leaves

A sheet of paper, glue, a few seeds, nuts or fruits, a small ball of modeling clay, a pretty bouquet of fall leaves… Yes, the supplies suitable for creative hobbies in fall are inexpensive, even completely free, and there are dozens of ways to put them to good use from an early age! One of the most artistic? Hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers, of course!

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Hedgehog Craft Ideas for Preschoolers with Fall Leaves

top easy hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers

The hedgehog is a useful forest creature that children find adorable and which goes into hibernation in October or November. This is why the idea of making it themselves, using fall leaves, is very timely and they will undoubtedly like it. If the kids are only 3 or 4 years old, they will probably need to ask for a little help with the initial stage, but then they will be able to do everything on their own.

easy hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers with fall leaves

Just trace the outline of the hedgehog’s body on a sheet of A4 paper. Make it as simple as possible – an oval with a pointed snout. Then cut it out and give the little ones enough brightly colored leaves to let their imaginations run wild. And don’t forget the glue stick and googly eyes, of course!

hedgehog craft for preschoolers with fall leaves

The only tip to share with the little ones is that it is better to overlap the leaves, as illustrated in the images above, to get a really cool result. Alternating shades of yellow, red, brown and green is another great strategy that we can explain to them.

How to Make A Hedgehog from Modeling Clay?

hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers with modeling clay

A successful hedgehog craft for preschoolers cannot do without the modeling clay adored by all little creators. Modeling clay animals are very easy to make, even for toddlers, and there are many good ways to decorate them, especially in the middle of fall. Our favorite idea? Imitate hedgehog quills with sunflower seeds! It’s natural, it’s cheap, it’s simple to do and it poses fewer risks than the toothpicks we usually use, right? Three allspice berries for the nose and eyes, and that’s it!

hedgehog craft ideas for preschoolers modeling clay seeds

Not even to mention that homemade playdough is just as fun to make and 5-6 year olds can make it themselves, with a little help from mom or dad and step-by-step instructions. Here’s a good recipe to follow to concoct your own malleable substance for next to nothing:

Make a Paper Hedgehog

paper crafts for preschoolers paper hedgehog

Finally, cutting and folding paper is another activity duo that preschoolers love, and which they can do with little or no adult help. You will probably have to explain the steps to them one by one, but they are clearly visible in the collage above. We trace the snout, cut it out, fold the rest of the sheet like an accordion, pinch it in the center to fold it upwards and that’s it! Of course, these 3 projects don’t cover all the great possibilities for fall hedgehog crafts. You can make this cute animal from toilet paper rolls or pine cones and felt, among other things.

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