Crafts with Chestnuts, Acorns and Other Natural Materials: 5 Cute Animals and Figures!

by Kremy

Fall is the right season for all craft enthusiasts who like to be creative with natural materials. Crafts with chestnuts, acorns and other natural materials are a lot of fun! These ideas for cute animals and characters will surely please adults and children.

Crafts with Chestnuts: Figures Made from Natural Materials

crafts with chestnuts ideas and instructions

Fall time is craft time! A walk in the forest is enough to collect numerous natural materials. If you have modeling clay, pompoms or pipe cleaners at home, you can make various cool figures and cute animals yourself – with or without drilling.

For the figures you need the following materials:

  • Chestnuts for the body and head
  • rose hips for the hands
  • Acorn hut for use as a hat (chestnut shell optional)
  • Fall leaves
  • Pipe cleaners
  • toothpick
  • Chestnut hand drill
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Fineliner Pen

Let your imagination run wild when making chestnut men. First assemble the figure by drilling 5 holes in a large chestnut. Also drill a hole in a smaller chestnut that will be the head. Dab some glue on both ends of a toothpick and insert one into the large chestnut and the other into the small chestnut.

You can also use natural materials such as rose hips for the arms. Use a fineliner pen to paint the mouth and add the googly eyes.

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Mushrooms Made From Natural Materials and Modeling Clay: Craft Idea without Drilling

fall crafts for kids mushrooms made of chestnuts acorns and modeling clay


You do not have a chestnut drill? Then the next DIY idea is just for you! It is ideal for small children of daycare age. Make mushrooms from chestnuts and acorns. You can gradually add new figures to this fall decoration until a great forest landscape is created. The decoration is perfect for the children’s room.

For a mushroom you need:

  • modeling clay
  • 1 acorn
  • 1 chestnut
  • Pine or spruce needles

how to make mushrooms from chestnuts acorns and modeling clay

Make coasters out of modeling clay – it’s best to combine several colors. Put the “mushrooms” together – the modeling clay serves as a special glue and holds the natural materials together. Decorate as you like with spruce needles.

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Crafts with Chestnuts and Acorns: Cute Monkeys

crafts with chestnuts and acorns cute monkeys

The next craft idea for monkeys from chestnuts and acorns can also be realized without drilling. All you need is acorn caps from the craft store – these should be cleaned thoroughly first – and medium-sized chestnuts. With the fun fall decorations you can spice up the children’s room. On the desk, on the book shelf or in the kitchen on the windowsill – the monkeys look good anywhere in the house and create a happy atmosphere.

You need the following materials:

  • 1 chestnut
  • Fine pen, black and white
  • 2 acorn caps
  • hot glue
  • 1 piece of twine (white) – 2 inches/5 cm long

Instructions: First attach the acorn caps, then draw the mouth, eyes, nose and hands. Then attach the twine as a tail.

Spider for Halloween Made from Chestnuts, Acorns and Straws

how to make a spider from acorns chestnuts and straw

Decorate the children’s room for Halloween with the next colorful spider. You need the following materials for the craft project, which is suitable for elementary school children:

  • Cylinder beads in different colors
  • a chestnut
  • floral wire
  • Googly eyes
  • Acorn cap

Instructions: First assemble the body. To do this, glue the cap in place and attach the googly eyes. Cut a total of six 3 inch/8 cm long pieces of floral wire for the legs. Thread the cylinder beads and shape the legs into the desired shape. Then glue the legs to the body.

DIY Owls from Acorns and Felt

crafts with acorns diy owls

These cute owls can be made even by inexperienced craft enthusiasts. All you need is acorns (without acorn caps) and felt material to assemble the cute bird figures. Cut two large circles from white felt and two large circles from black felt fabric and glue them together. Cut out wings from purple felt and a yellow beak. You can also cut branches and flowers from felt fabric and arrange the birds.

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Additional Craft Idea for Halloween: Bat and Hedgehog Made of Chestnuts

easy chestnut crafts for kids hedgehog and bat

The next craft idea is super simple. You can simply paint chestnuts and “transform” them into different animals. Animals such as hedgehogs or bats are quick and easy to make. For bats, you also need to cut out wings from black cardboard and paint them with white fineliner.

Fall crafts are fun for adults and children. It’s the perfect pastime for cold and rainy weekends. Collect chestnuts, acorns and other natural materials in the forest and make cute chestnut men, animals or other figures. Most of the time you only need glue and only in rare cases – chestnut drills. For small children, modeling clay comes to the rescue – it can successfully replace glue.

The instructions are also ideal for small children of daycare age because they develop fine motor skills. Even seniors or complete beginners can easily master the task. Some figures are also suitable for patients with dementia.

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