Chestnuts Halloween Decorations: 12 DIY Designs for the Upcoming Festivities

by Kristiyana

Did you just spend way too much on the perfect Halloween costume? Are you now sitting at home and wondering how will you be able to afford any spooky decorations at all? Don’t fear, I am here and will introduce you to the latest DIY trend: Chestnuts Halloween decorations!

How to make Chestnuts Halloween Decorations?

chestnut eyes halloween decorations, halloween eyes decorations

Easy to compose and good for your wallet, most of the supplies needed for these decorations you already have at home! Not only will you be able to save money, but your creations will be absolutely yours and original, and you will have loads of fun making them.

Firstly, you will need to equip yourself with a bag or basket, whatever you feel comfortable with, and go out and gather as many chestnuts as you see fit. I personally had some free time last weekend, the weather was nice, and I felt like spending the day at the park with a friend.  At the beginning of each autumn season, my friend loves to collect chestnuts, as she believes they bring good luck and make you sleep better if you put them under your bed pillow. That’s why I am currently overstocked with chestnuts for this autumn season.  So take a friend, your dog, or even if you can convince your spouse to go to the nearest park or forest and get to work!

After you have gathered all the chestnuts you need, grab some glue, look for those primary school paints hidden away in some drawer, and call upon a dose of imagination. Here are some great ideas for homemade chestnuts Halloween decorations!

Easy-to-make chestnut snakes

diy halloween decorations, diy snake decorations


Just look at those little snakes! They both look kind of creepy but also cute at the same time, don’t they? For this quirky arts and crafts idea, you will need glue, and you can use a couple of sticks or even straws, leaves, small pine cones and whatever else you think would be a great idea for your design. Most of the components can be completely natural, which really adds that autumn essence to your home. You can finish the chestnut snakes with a pair of little plastic eyes to make your snakes look lifelike and sinister-looking.

Lifelike chestnut eyes

autumn crafts, halloween crafts

Speaking of lifelike, yikes! Doesn’t this design just give you the chills? And it’s so quite easy to make! Just use white paint to colour your chestnuts, or you can even add some red as well to make them look even more creepy. Again, finish off your piece with a pair of plastic eyes and place them near the doorway to give your guest the creeps and feeling that they are being watched!

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Cute but eerie chestnut spiders

diy spider decorations, chestnut spider decorations

Even though it’s a spider, it does look kind of look cute, doesn’t it? Of course, it doesn’t need to be if you prefer something more-evil-looking. You can glue two chestnuts together and for the legs, you can again use recycled straws, sticks, and whatever comes in handy.

 How to create chestnut bats decor?

halloween bat decorations


Close your eyes and hold your heads between your knees because here come the evil bats! Hopefully, they won’t turn into a pale tall man with a long black cape and weird accent, right? Nah, they are just chestnuts, I hope so … Open that white paint, cut out some wings and pointy ears from a piece of black cardboard or paper, and don’t forget those staring eyes!

Sweet and adorable chestnut animals

halloween decorations homemade

Looking for something fun to do with your children, but don’t want to frighten them in any way? You can go with this adorable idea and create animals from chestnuts! My niece just turned three, and she can never stop talking, even though no one understands her beside her mom, but she has told everyone that she is afraid of spiders. According to her, the spider is hiding in the trees, and in the bushes and is just waiting to bite her. But I don’t think she would mind baby elephants or little sheep, so making these cute designs with her for the coming Halloween holiday would be a nice way to spend some time with her and teach her something new.

Designing an uncanny or elegant chestnut wreath

halloween wreath, chestnut halloween wreath

You know how traditionally Halloween is a festivity when people wear masks in order to scare away evil eyes? What can better protect your home from ghosts and demons than the sinister-looking eyes themselves hanging upon your door?! A unique idea if you ask me. I am definitely making this one! You will again just need some paint, the chestnuts themselves, glue, leaves, and a ribbon. I have a stash of ribbons lying around somewhere in my flat that I have kept from presents, so if you are like me, you wouldn’t need to run to the shop to get one. If, however, this design is too freaky for you, you can always go with the simpler and more elegant chestnut wreath and just style it however you prefer.

I hope you folks had fun with this one, as I really loved the idea of making something with natural supplies and completely original. Surely, these Halloween decorations will get your neighbours’ attention, and they will think to themselves: Why didn’t I think of that?

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Chestnuts Halloween Decorations – photo gallery

chestnuts pumpkin halloween decorations

Use toothpicks and to create a chestnut hedgehog. 

autumn decorations uk, Chestnuts Halloween Decorations

A few matchsticks and acorns will aid you in making this Chestnut Sheep! 

cheap halloween decorations, cheap autumn decorations

If you are crazy for chestnuts, you can style a pumpkin as a chestnut Jack-o’-lantern! Reverse magic or what?

pumpkin halloween decorations, chestnut pumpkin halloween decorations


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