Decorate Your Home with the IKEA Halloween 2023 Collection!

by Kristiyana

Evil-looking carved pumpkins, vampire teeth, bats, and other spooky decorations are waiting to be placed inside and outside your home this fall! With October just a few days away and Halloween approaching, many of us are excited about transforming our homes into a place from another dimension! Here are our Halloween decor ideas, inspired by the new IKEA Halloween 2023 collection!

IKEA Halloween 2023 Collection for a Spooky… and Adorable Interior!

halloween decoration ideas ikea 2023

The warm, sunny days of summer are finally over, and now it’s time to embrace the chilly fall. Although it may seem gloomy, fall is a very pleasant season! The crowns of the trees change colour from green to vibrant bronze, orange, red, and all shades of yellow, and the exterior looks like a painting by the most talented artist! But with all the colours, pumpkins, and decorations of fall also comes Halloween. Many people are excited to dress up in weird and scary outfits and decorate their homes in the Halloween spirit! And with the new IKEA Halloween 2023 collection, it’s made possible! If you’re shuddering with anticipation, you should definitely have a look at what’s on offer!

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Halloween Decoration to Hang + for the Wall

halloween decoration to hang ikea


A lantern is essential for the month of October! Get this one from the affordable KUSTFYR collection that looks like a silly carved pumpkin.

halloween decorations ikea 2023

To adorn your walls with the Halloween spirit, get this amazing and affordable KUSTFYR hanging decoration!

wreath halloween 2023

What are the holidays without a beautiful wreath? You can make a wreath with pine cones or pumpkins, but if you want something more aesthetically pleasing, we suggest the LED wreath!

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IKEA Halloween Cushion Cover

cushion halloween ghost ikea 2023

Personally, I love decorating my sofa with all kinds of decorative cushions! And the ghost pillow is the perfect addition to a beautiful Halloween decoration that’s also practical!

cushion halloween skeletons

How about scary dancing skeletons? The Halloween designs offered by IKEA this year are simple, but so cute! Bring a little mystery into your home and move on to macabre decoration without delay!

Halloween Candles, Lamps and Lanterns

halloween decorations 2023 garland

What is a party without twinkling lights, candles and lamps? A wonderful Halloween decoration idea is to get a tree trunk (yes!) and surround it with fairy lights. This LED garland will do the trick and create a spooky and magical atmosphere!

ikea halloween 2023 pumpkin lantern

How about a pumpkin that glows in the dark? Scary! You can place it in front of an empty wall and add paper decorations such as bats or spiders!

led lamp ikea halloween collection 2023

IKEA’s new Halloween collection also offers neon lamps in different shapes, such as pumpkins and ghosts.

decoration for halloween lamp ikea collection 2023

What else can make you shudder? A bare tree with long branches that glows in the dark! This magnificent table lamp is the ideal addition to your bedroom or living room!

halloween ghost candle decoration

How about this awesome ghost candle? You can spread a lot of them around the room! An easy and affordable decoration to make your home even more atmospheric and warm!

Other IKEA Halloween 2023 Decor Ideas

pumpkin glass decoration halloween 2023

If you don’t like carving large pumpkins and don’t think they match your interior design, you can always opt for a very elegant glass pumpkin decoration. Place it next to a lamp and see how it spreads its beautiful orange colours on the walls!

rug for halloween from ikea collection 2023

Boo! The rug that says “Hello” or “Welcome” is outdated! Let your visitors know that they will be scared before they enter your home and to expect anything and everything!

welcome halloween doormat

Another interesting alternative is the doormat with ghost faces! It’s cute, and it perfectly embodies the spirit of horror!

ikea halloween 2023 blanket

What better way to stay warm during the colder days than with a soft blanket in the spirit of Halloween with ghosts and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in hand? Put on movies like “Practical Magic” or “The Witches” and you will have a perfect fall afternoon!


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