IKEA New Products October 2023 + Hacks to Redesign Your Home

by Kristiyana

Want to know what’s new at IKEA in October 2023, as well as discover some creative furniture hacks? Find out more about the new collections here!

If you’re curious about what IKEA’s October 2023 innovations have in store for fall interior design, be sure that there’s plenty of inspiration to go on. The Swedish furniture brand’s current items allow anyone to add meaningful furnishings and decorations to their home. This makes living spaces even more inviting and celebrates the season of get-togethers in a stylish way. You can also get creative with IKEA’s versatile products to personalize your outdoor and indoor areas. Below you can find interesting ideas to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

IKEA New Products October 2023: Go Modern or Rustic?

ikea new products october 2023 with children's chairs and dining chairs in lush coloured tones suitable for many living areas

You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive products to create modern interiors, with IKEA offering plenty of affordable items. Additionally, you can go sustainable by repurposing existing furniture pieces from IKEA and adapting them to different living areas. Regardless of whether you like colourful or simple designs, you can use October as an inspiring month with the brand’s new arrivals. The current collection once again offers many options for practical storage, as well as home textiles and furniture for a warm and energetic home interior.

table decoration and high quality crockery from the new collection of ikeal suitable for dining rooms


The latest decorative elements and furniture from the Swedish giant are about two styles. Both radiate cosiness and calm with natural materials and earthy colours, as well as dynamism with rich colour nuances and patterns that are easy on the eyes. This means you can redesign a living space in a rustic way and meet your personal needs without making it look old-fashioned. Some handcrafted details are inspired by Swedish folklore and are reminiscent of traditional farmhouses with their warm earthly tones. So you can see October as a new interpretation of rustic with IKEA new products October 2023. However, the main thing is to be able to create a comfortable and inviting ambience.

BILLY Shelves & Baskets for a Minimalist-Rustic Design

rustic fall decoration with basket wicker from ikea new products october 2023

The classic pieces of furniture can be perfectly combined with new decorative elements such as woven baskets. Give your rooms a special rustic yet modern touch by using quality items and natural textures. The mix of minimalist white, calming earthly colours and neutral nuances is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms and makes them more inviting.

billy shelving with white glazing with bow legs as modern combination in rustic style

Create chic BILLY shelves with glass doors by placing baskets from the new VÄXTHUS line on top to spice them up. This allows you to display decorative elements and store slightly unsightly items inside.

IKEA New Products October 2023: Which Cushions & Textiles to Choose?

ikea best new products 2023 ikea new collection 2023

Some of the highlights of the fall collection are the chequered wool throws MYRULL and the folkloric embroidered KUSTGRAN pillowcases. In combination with the VÄXTHUS baskets described above, these decorative elements create a cosy ambience that invites you to cuddle up in the fall season. Additionally, you can add a touch of warm colours to the living space with folk art-inspired throw pillows.

sustainable and natural interior design with ikea new products october 2023 for living rooms

A clever and original hack is to convert existing IKEA furniture such as dressers or other units into seating. Then you can open October for guests and welcome your friends or relatives with the latest IKEA products. A sofa cover in soft colour nuances from the new HYLTARP line would also make a living room appear more inviting. This means your home can certainly radiate more elegance in a modern furnishing style.

Inspiring Decoration for Fall in Matching Warm Colours

from the kopparbjork collection ikea new products october in mustard yellow with vases and plates decorate

Mustard-coloured furniture and decorative elements will be very popular in 2023, especially in the fall season, which of course has not gone unnoticed by the Swedish manufacturer. An example of this are the vase and decorative plates from the KOPPARBJÖRK collection. With a touch of mustard yellow, you can ensure that your rooms are designed in trendy colours and yet look classic. You can deal with it differently and use a trick by decorating unexpected areas like hallways or even walls with these items.

Fall-Coloured Furniture & Tableware for the Dining Room

colourful and practical design of the dining room with current furniture and decoration from ikea 2023 october collection

What would this time of year be without a beautifully decorated dining table with matching dining chairs in warm and inviting fall colours? The furniture brand has also thought of this and is presenting its new PINNTORP collection of wooden furniture for the dining room. The red-coloured dining chairs and rustic wooden tables seduce the eye, while the AGAM children’s chairs are intended for the little ones. Repurpose these by using them to furnish not only your dining space but also your children’s room.

from scandinavian craftsmanship inspired tableware for ikea new products october 2023

When it comes to the right tableware for the kitchen and dining room, you can decorate the eating area in style with SANDSKÄDDA plates, cups and bowls, as well as SLÄTTIKA table runners. These are inspired by traditional craftsmanship and feel both comfortable and high quality. A creative hack is to spruce up the wall surface with them instead of hanging pictures. By displaying everything on the wall within easy reach, you also optimize your use of space and create more for celebrations. Simply arrange your tableware in a practical and artistic way to impress your guests and yourself as well.

Design Sustainably with Floor Lamps Made from Recycled Materials

from reused ash wood made standing lamps from ikea seer classic and stylish october collection

Some equally impressive items make October a suitable month for environmentally friendly interior design, thanks to IKEA new products October 2023. This involves lampshades and light bodies made from reused materials in a typically Scandinavian, minimalist design. Again inspired by Swedish craftsmanship, with the KINNAHULT floor lamps made of solid ash wood looking very classic and elegant.

from renewable sources materials for ikea new products october discover and buy stand lamps cheap

This means you can give any living space a timeless look, which can also be achieved easily and inexpensively with the more modern versions of floor lamps from the ÖKENSAND collection. Its wooden legs are made from beech wood, which comes from renewable sources, while the lampshade is made from 90 percent recycled polyester. Use it to provide soft mood lighting on cloudy fall days or cosy movie nights to create the perfect atmosphere indoors. In this case too, you can use a hack by decorating the neutral lampshades with coloured patterns or stickers, depending on your preference. This way you can add an additional seasonal decorative element with a little creativity.

Find Even More Inspiration in IKEA New Products October 2023

modern colour splashes with furniture and decorations in red for living rooms with minimalist design

There are numerous ways to make October the most wonderful time of the year with IKEA new products October 2023. Be inspired by other current items from the manufacturer if you are planning a new or redesigned home. You’re sure to find something that suits your needs and tastes without being too intrusive or old-fashioned.


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