October Nail Colors 2023: The New Trends for The Cozy Season

by Gabby

Welcome to October, ladies! The spooky season is starting with a full force and we are ready to jump ahead with the trendy colors! Every month we are eager to try out the new manicure designs, but what shades are fitting for this month? What are the October nail colors 2023 that will be popular? How to make sure our nail design looks fashionable?

October Nail Colors 2023: The New Trends for The Cozy Season

october nail colors 2023 glazed wine red almond shaped

Girls, this season is full of surprises already! We are used to seeing trends coming back from the past, and others that are classic and timeless. But for this October, when it comes to nail colors, there will be a lot of new ones that you can try out. If you are in love with the minimalistic aesthetics, this will be your favorite month! Of course, there will be bold choices as well.

Starting with this glazed wine red color that will transform your manicure! Your almond shaped nails will never look more luxurious and expensive! The wine red color has been around for ages now, but have you tried it with a glazed finish?

Gold and Black Fall Nails

gold and black almond shaped fall october nail colors 2023


I know that we tried wearing silver more this year, but the gold will never go out of style! This October try adapting the gold and black color combo, and you won’t regret it! If you are not a fan of the patterns and decorations, you can do it in a subtle way that will only highlight the shape of your nail plate. You can do your hands in a different style, which is also going to be a big trend!

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Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

chocolate glazed donut nails october colors 2023

The glazed donut nail trend doesn’t seem to be over yet! To be in sync with the Fall season, nail experts have come up with chocolate glazed donut nails, which look delicious and chic! This dark brown is the definition of Quiet Luxury and we highly recommend it for October. This particular shade goes well with dark and pale skin tones.

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Emerald Green Nail Color with Milky White

emerald green nails with milky white french tip manicure fall october 2023

Green is going to be one of the main colors in October 2023. Emerald green have become a staple in the fashion world and it slowly transferred in the nail art as well. If you are not ready to adapt it fully, you can mix and match with milky white nail color so you can tone it down a bit. This French tip nail design is perfect to welcome October. The golden decoration is a must, if you want to add a bit of va va voom!

Bright Red Nail Color: October Manicure Trends 2023

bright red nail color october 2023 fall trends manicure almond shaped

According to fashion designers, red will be the color for Fall 2023. That’s why we can’t skip mentioning this bright red nail polish that will bring you lots and lots of compliments. It suits every skin tone, but it looks best on people with darker skin. If you want a chic manicure, definitely adapt it on almond shaped or stiletto nails. If you wear golden jewelry, this is the nail color for you!

Latte Nail Colors

cappuccino latte nails october manicure colors 2023

Latte makeup has gone viral on TikTok and manicurists were inspire to create latte nails. That’s why the coffee colors will be a hit in October. If you are still wondering what to choose for your next manicure appointment, you can’t go wrong with these soft shades. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can put a light orange and you will have pumpkin spice latte nails! We should also mentioned that in general spicy cinnamon nail shades will be a top choice for this season!

Earthy Green Nail Polish Shades

earthy green nail polish colors october 2023 fall manicure trends

This month everything inspired by nature will be trending. The same goes for the nail polish colors! Earthy greens, yellow, brown, nude, orange, etc. will be all over the Internet, not only because of the trend, but also because they are easy to match with our Fall outfits. Fashionistas everywhere will be wearing these colors, so make sure you pick the right one for you! Now, go ahead and check the rest of the trendy colors in our gallery.

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October Nail Colors 2023

almond shaped nude nails glazed donut fall 2023

Mauve Nail Design for Fall 2023

mauve nail polish colors for fall 2023 october

Icy White Glazed Donut Nail Color

icy white glazed donut nails with rhinestones fall trends 2023

Emerald Green Nails 2023

short emerald green nails 2023

Rich Brown Nail Polish Color for Autumnal Manicure

chocolate brown nails 2023 fall october color trends

Pink and White Halloween Ombre Nails

halloween ombre nails 2023 fall manicure

Black Nails with Glass Manicure Design

black fall nails 2023

Earthy Grey Manicure Shade: Fall Nail Color Trends 2023

earthy grey almond shaped long nails fall trends 2023

Milky White and Pink Ombre Nails

milky white and strawberry milk nails october 2023

Light Blue Nail Polish Color for Fall Season 2023

light blue almond shaped nail color 2023 fall

Almond Shaped Pink Chrome Nails

almond shaped pink chrome nails 2023 october

Matcha Green Nails for a Cozy October 2023

matcha green nails 2023 october colors fall

Milky Dark Chocolate Nails

milk chocolate brown nails 2023 fall color trends

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