20 Trendy Vacation Nails 2024 to Kick off the Holiday Season!

by Kristiyana

What nails are best for going on vacation? Which nail design to get if you are visiting an exotic location in 2024?

beach vacation nails 2024

An essential part of getting ready for your holiday vacation is refreshing your hairstyle with a new hair dye or cut, buying a brand-new bikini or cute crop top, and getting a fresh and trendy manicure, of course! Nothing will set you more in that holiday mood than vibrant hues and tropical flowers dancing upon your fingers! Weather for a beach vacation, exotic island, or even a late winter season ski trip, we have for you 20 trendy vacation nails 2024 to kick off the holiday season!

Trendy Vacation Nails 2024 to Kick off the Holiday Season

short vacation nails ideas 2024

We’re so used to getting manis that are simply trendy at the moment, or such that are convenient for our office days, but when does a girl have the opportunity to go wild with a multi-colorful and funky nail design just for the fun of it?! A planned vacation is the perfect excuse to get bright pastels and vibrant florals that would look amazing against an ocean-blue or tropical island background! Whether something a bit more subtle and classy, or a manicure design for your “girls gone wild” adventure, Deavita.net’s team has it all right here!

Elegant Tropical Vacation Nails 2024

elegant tropical vacation nails

Looking for the perfect vacation nail design for your exotic journey that is trendy and thematic, yet still classy? You’ve found your match made in heaved with these pastel pink nails with tropical flowers and a French tip! Just picture how perfect they would look with your new two-piece!

The Perfect Manicure for Your Beach Days


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Get ready for your long-awaited beach vacation in 2024 with this beautiful shimmery sea and sand mani! The sparky blue, orange-gold and white accents will look amazing in the photos taken by the beach or poolside.

Ocean Blue Mermaidcore Holiday Trip Nails

blue vacation nails 2024

Hellooo sailor! Turn into a serene mermaid during your planned holiday trip with this mesmerizing ocean blue manicure! Can you just see yourself jumping from cliffs in Greece and swimming in underwater caves? Because I sure can.

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More Trendy Vacation Nails Ideas for Your Dream Escape in 2024

long vacation nails ideas

Cute florals for a springtime vacation in 2024

spring vacation nails idea 2024

Winter vacation nails 2024 for a late ski trip

winter vacation nails 2024

The perfect mani for your poolside moments

summer vacation nails 2024

Classy vacation nails design with florals

classy vacation nails 2024

Visit Mexico with this themed, festive manicure!

mexico vacation nails idea

Long tropical vacation nails for wild parties

vacation nails 2024 coffin

Simple vacation nails design for spring

simple vacation nails 2024 spring

Beach vacation nails 2024 coffin shape design

amazing vacation nails 2024 coffin

Short funky nails for a warm-weather trip

short vacation nails idea

Classy mermaidcore beach holiday manicure

beach vacation nails mermaidcore

Go wild on your girls’ trip with this nail design! 

long tropical vacation nails

Beautiful pastel green tropical vacation nails

tropical vacation nails designs 2024

A funky party nail design for your trip to Ibiza

best trendy vacation nails 2024 ideas

Subtle florals & white accents holiday mani

subtle pretty vacation nails spring summer 2024

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