Mermaid Nails Are Here to Transform You Into a Real Life Ariel!

by Gabby

Have you already watched the new live-action Disney Movie – The Little Mermaid, which cause a big furore on the Internet? Even though some might describe it as controversial, we can’t deny that everyone is talking about it. Not only that, but it became the reason for many trends to appear on the horizon, such as the mermaid nails. Let me take you down to the memory line of our childhood, when we imagined being mermaids with beautiful tails and long mesmerizing hair flowing under the sea. I am going to introduce to the newest hit in the manicure art world. What are mermaid nails? What are the best colors to adapt in Summer 2023?

Mermaid Nails Will Make You Believe That You Live Under The Sea…

mermaid nails shell purple color square short

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, go ahead! All of the new trends will make sense afterward. There are a lot of makeup artists that are adapting the mermaid style. You can even see that the movie has influenced the fashion world as well. But the most interesting for me currently is the mermaid manicure. There are many different designs that you can try which are perfect for this Summer 2023. Let’s dive in…

What Are Mermaid Nails?

Mermaid nails are influenced by the new movie The Little Mermaid. They represent everything that you imagine a mermaid to be like. Most of the designs are in a blue or purple and they look mesmerizing and magical. The best shape to adapt the mermaid nails would be almond or coffin. Some of the designs imitate the wave of the ocean, a mermaid’s tale, seashells, water bubbles, etc. Most of the mermaid nail art that you are about to see will be in chrome shades, which is very trendy currently. As you may know, the chrome changes its colors. Sounds like a real magic, right?

blue mermaid nail designs 2023


Mermaid Chrome Nails

almond chrome nails blue and purple mermaid

Chrome nails have been in style since 2022 and they are continuing to make an appearance. If you want to give yourself a bold and trendy manicure for the Summer, try these chrome mermaid nails and you won’t regret it. The way they change color is so incredible and they gather different shades that you can find under the ocean, which reminds us of the stunning creatures – the mermaids!

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Chrome French Tip Nails Inspired by The Little Mermaid

chrome french tip nails mermaid manicure with blue and perals

Not everyone is a fan of the full on mermaid nails that draw a lot of attention to your hands. If you want something more minimalistic, our nail experts advise trying out the chrome French tips nails. The color that is a MUST for Summer 2023 is blue, of course. Ask your nail artist to put tiny pearls for decoration, which will turn your chrome French nails into a mermaid manicure.

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Summer Nails 2023: The Little Mermaid Manicure

mermaid nails acrylic almond shape inspo manicure 2023

Marble nails were long forgotten, but they made their way back. Here, they look like the ocean and in combination with the silver iridescent, we can call them mermaid nails. Do you think that a real mermaid would wear these? I think so! You can adapt them in different shapes, but the best one will be round or almond. This nail design looks amazing on a longer manicure.

Mermaid Nail Designs 2023

mermaid nails color purple

The Little Mermaid Nails: Chrome Manicure Design 2023

little mermaid nails chrome manicure ideas 2023

Mermaid Nails Coffin Shape: Long Manicure Indigo Color

what are mermaid nails coffin acrylic gel manicure ideas

Long Almond Indigo Nails: Mermaid Style

almond shape mermaid nails purple manicure trends 2023

Mermaid French Tip Nails with Blue Glitter

french chrope nails mermaid manicure almond shape

Long Blue Mermaid Nails: Shiny Finish and Almond Shape

blue mermaid nails

Long Silver Chrome Nails: Mermaid Manicure Trends 2023

chrome nails inspired by little mermaid movie

Chrome French Nail Designs 2023

chrome french nails 2023 mermaid inspired manicure

Simple Mermaid Nails in Silver Chrome

mermaid almond nails silver chrome manicure

Green Chrome Nails with Yellow and Blue Colors: Short Almond Manicure

mermaid nail designs 2023 ideas chrome short almond

What Are the Best Colors for Mermaid Nails? Try Purple and Blue!

what are the best mermaid nail designs 2023

Mermaid Scales Acrylic Nails with Glitter

little mermaid acrylic nails

Pink Mermaid Nails with Shiny Finish

mermaid tail nails almond shape purple and pink

Long Mermaid Nails

mermaid nail art designs

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