20 Stunning Chrome French Tip Nails Designs to Try in Summer 2023

by Kristiyana

Chrome nails have been all the rage during the last year, and I can’t say I’m surprised. With celebrities like Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner wearing the look, this futuristic manicure seems to have taken over social media completely. The reflective nail polish is favoured by many, but do you know what’s even better than chrome nails? Chrome French tips! That’s right, this summer you will be spotting many girls wearing a fabulous dual manicure, consisting of the classic French tip look with some shimmers. Want to get it yourself? Find 20 stunning chrome French tip nails designs perfect for summer 2023!

Chrome French Tip Nails Designs to Try in 2023

silver chrome french tip nails

Up first, we have dazzling silver chrome French tip nails in a stunning coffin/ballerina shape. If your nails are strong enough to hold this extravagant nail shape, a silver chrome French manicure would make them even more eye-catching. You can follow this easy tutorial on how to file ballerina/coffin nails the right way.

What Is the Best Color for Chrome Nails?

Well, this mostly depends on what kind of look you are going for. Do you want something subtle, or flashy? If you are looking for a simpler chrome nails design, try with sheer base colours like nudes, cream and pale pink. For a bolder chrome manicure, give a go at darker tones, like black or dark silver.

Pink Chrome French Tip Nails Design

pink chrome french tip nails


Are you just as excited about the Barbie movie premiere in July this year as I am? I have already thought of my full-on pink outfit that I am going to wear when attending the movie theatre. Have you? And you can’t complete your Barbie outfit without this glamorous pink chrome French tip nails design now, can you? I am definitely going for it this summer.

Pearly White Chrome French Manicure

chrome french tip nails almond

Looking for a more elegant chrome French tip nails design? Try this pearly white one and be ready for summer 2023. This take on the chrome French tips is absolutely unique and effortlessly chic. By adding a graphic line to this stunning pearly white mani, you get a cool twist on the timeless French manicure.

Classic White Chrome French Tip Nails

classic chrome french tip nails

Who doesn’t love the classics? If you have always preferred the timeless white French tips manicure, then I am sure that you will be head over heels for this glazy white chrome French manicure. To get the look, all you need to do is add a shimmering finish to your French manicure with the help of a chrome powder or eyeshadow. Easy, right?

Sea Green Short Chrome French Tips

blue chrome french tip nails

I’ve always enjoyed to experiment with the mermaid look during summer. Seashell swimsuit top, colourful highlights in my hair, and of course, mermaid-inspired nails! To transform into a serene mermaid in summer 2023, try these alluring sea green chrome French tip nails. The design will also look great on a shorter nail shape, be it that square or oval.

More Chrome French Tip Nails Designs to Try in 2023

gold chrome french tip nails

Mermaid-inspired rainbow chrome French tip nails

rainbow chrome french tips

Baby chrome French mani with golden dots

chrome french tip nails short

Sparkly classic white chrome French tip nails

white chrome french tip nails

Green chrome French tip nails idea 2023

green chrome french tip nails

Beautiful white chrome French tips with bows

chrome french tips bow nails

Black chrome French tip nails design

black chrome french tip nails

Hot pink Barbie chrome French manicure

chrome french tip nails pink

Glitter & rhinestones for silver chrome French nails

are chrome nails trendy

Glazed white chrome French tip nails design

chrome french tip nails white

Classic white French tips with silver chrome base

silver base chrome french tips

Shiny white chrome French manicure with stars

chrome french tips

Silver flames abstract chrome French mani

silver flame chrome french tips

Mesmerizing silver shimmer chrome French tips

glitter chrome french tip nails

Almond-shaped silver chrome French tip nails

chrome french tip nails silver

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