How to Customize a Bike? 10 Tips to Make Your Bike Unique!

by Kristiyana

[web_stories title=”false” excerpt=”false” author=”false” date=”false” archive_link=”true” archive_link_label=”” circle_size=”150″ sharp_corners=”false” image_alignment=”left” number_of_columns=”1″ number_of_stories=”5″ order=”DESC” orderby=”post_title” view=”circles” /]Are you getting fed up with looking at your old bike? Think maybe it’s high time it received a well-deserved makeover? Then you my friend have come just to the right place! If you own a bike, it’s essential that you take proper care of it, and this goes for how it looks as well. But with time and often usage, your bike can start to look a little worn down. How to change that? Just follow these 10 tips on how to customize a bike and make it look unique and brand new! Up for it?

How to customize a bike?

customize a bike tips ideas

When it comes to customizing a bike, there are some points you must take into consideration before you start the process. First being, how much money are you willing to invest in your bike’s upgrade? Some changes like picking out a cool sticker or new stem won’t cost that much. But still, outline a plan and then see if you can follow it through. Second, think of how much time and energy are you willing to give for customizing your bike, And third, think about creativity! Look for inspiration on ideas how to make this bike completely yours and outstanding. Are you good to go?

Customize a bike with colourful components

How to make your bike unique? Opt for colourful components! Depending on what type of style you picture for your bike, either a more coordinated or a flashy one, a great way to customize it per your personal preferences, is to include colourful components like pedals, cranks, stems, etc.

Upgrade your bike’s look with custom decals

custom bike decals


Or maybe you want to upgrade your bike’s look with some custom decals? You can order custom coloured bike decals for its wheels, forks, and frames.

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Slap on cool and personalized stickers

Another super easy way to make your bike look anew, is to add some cool stickers. This tip doesn’t require any hard work or big investment. A lot of bike stores sell all kinds of stickers, so you can get some from there. Or even again, if you are feeling creative, create your own! Slap on personal motivational messages on your bike that will give it a completely original look.

Opt for bright colourful spokes

how to customize a bike

Why not change your bike’s spokes to give it a unique look? If you are bored with the standard black or silver spokes, just change them with bright colourful ones. If you want to change the spokes on a mountain bike, there are ones available in titanium that will look particular good on a stealth black bike. The titanium spokes will add just the subtle splash of colour your bike needs.

Change the colour of your bike’s frame

One of the easiest ways you can customize a bike is by spray-painting its frame. Personally, whenever I get bored with the colour of my old bike’s frame, I just buy some spray paint and go crazy with it in the garage. To do this by yourself, first you will need to prepare the frame. Choose to either strip off its original paint, or clean and sand it. Then remove all the parts before you start spraying. Use a masking tape to cover any areas that you don’t want painted.

Paint the frame with your own design

paint bike frame

This is my favourite part when it comes to customizing a bike! If you love to create things from your own imagination like I do, why not decorate your bike freehand by painting onto its frame? Best to always first sketch out the design you have in mind, and then compare how will it look on the frame. Work with a fine paint brush or pen. Don’t forget to add a top coat of lacquer to keep your design in place!

Get colourful grips, hood covers, and bar tape

Tired of looking at your plain old black handlebars? Just change the colour! Yes, black is a practical choice, but if you want to customize a bike to make it look out of this world, would it not be better to go for a more bright and flashy colour? Right now you can get any colour you want for your bike’s grips, hood covers and bar tape. You can even go for a patterned bar tape if you are feeling adventurous.

Try bar tape wrap patterns

bike bar tape patterns

Okay, so you’ve now got your cool and colourful bar tape, but why not take it even further? I am talking bar tape patterns! Create some unique patterns for your bike to give it a distinctive look. You can make it a half-and-half or have a different colour for each side. Go wild! Make it your own!

Personalize your bike by designing vinyl decals

Thought about designing your own vinyl decals? If you are an artistic person, you can design your own custom printed vinyl bike decals. A lot of companies can do that for you as well, but if you want to add a personal touch to your bike and have some fun, why not create them yourself? Just print them out and carefully stick them on your bike.

Customize a bike with unique stem caps

unique bike stem designs

You might not think of this, but why not change your bike’s step cap with a unique patterned one? It’s something small, that can add just a touch of edge to your bike. Choose a stem cap with a picture of a mountain or a sugar skull, or something with a motivational meaning. There are even ones with a clock in it if you need to know the time when biking.

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