Brassy Hair – 5 Effective and Simple Ways to Fix It in 2023

by Radost P.

If you are aware of trends, you probably know that in the last couple of years, light hair colors like blonde and platinum gained popularity. If you have a dark base color, you would need to bleach your hair first in order to get a different shade. This is why it is important to trust only professional hairstylists that know how to do bleaching the right way. Otherwise, a common side effect could be brassy tones. They could be a problem for you if you prefer to have a clean color that looks perfect. In case you have encountered the issue of having brassy hair, keep on reading. We will give you simple tricks to fix it!

Effective and Simple Ways to Fix Brassy Hair

the best and most effective methods for removing brassy tones from blonde hair professional hairstylist tips

You may notice brassiness even weeks after you have gone to the salon for hair coloring. It looks like yellow or red tones that affect both blondes and brunettes. Typically, a brassy hair is the result of a low-quality bleach. What does this mean? The underlying pigments of your natural hair color start to show up on the surface. You may not like the look if you planned to get a specific color and not a mix of colors. Fortunately, there are effective ways to remove brassy tones from blonde or ombre hair that actually work! Check them out below.

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Buy a Blue or Purple Hair Toner

So, one of the best ways to remove the brassy tones from your blonde hair is to apply a hair toner. The reason for using a blue or purple toner is that these colors neutralize orange spots. The effect can be almost instant, in case you have bought a high-quality hair toner.

How to Fix Brassy Hair – Use a White Vinegar

If you are the kind of person who prefers natural methods, you could apply a white vinegar. It works so well because its nature is acidic, which helps to remove warm tones, like yellow or red ones. Mix it with water and leave the solution for about 10 mins. Another option is the apple cider vinegar, which is good for a thin hair.

Consider Applying a Green Shampoo

should i try a bleach bath what are the side effects of bleaching my hair how to deal with brassy hair how to fix hair brassiness


In case your goal was to get an ombre, and now you are noticing red pigments, you could apply a green shampoo. This color can effectively neutralize red spots related to brassy hair. We recommend mixing a small amount of a green shampoo with high-quality conditioner. If you put too much, your hair color may turn into green.

Lighten Your Hair Even More

how to fix brassy hair how to fix hair brassiness how to remove brassy tones from blonde hair

Since bleaching your hair again in order to remove the remaining tones might damage your hair, we recommend trying a bleach bath. It is done by adding a shampoo to the bleach agent before applying the solution to your hair. In the meantime, check this trendy cocoa blonde hair color. Try out the bleach bath approach only if the others don’t work, or you don’t prefer them for some reason.

How to Remove Brassy Tones from Blonde Hair? Try a Blue or Purple Shampoo

Since a hair toner has stronger ingredients compared to a shampoo, many women decide to go with this method. Similarly to toners, these also have blue or purple pigments that can neutralize the brassiness. Fortunately, there are also sulfate-free options.

Use the Help of a Professional

which blue hair toner to use in order to eliminate hair brassiness which is the best green shampooCredits: hairbynedelchojelezchev

Lastly, if you aren’t sure how to implement the above tricks or just want someone to help you, consult with your hairstylist. They have the right skills and expertise, which allows them to handle almost any hair-related problem.

To summarize, light-colored hair has become popular among women since the last couple of years. Although bleaching is generally considered to be safe, there is one side effect that you may have to deal with – brassy tones. To prevent this from happening, you have several options – carefully choose the right color for your hair or trust only professionals. Some women even go as far as to buy a shower filter in order to protect their hair color from mineral deposits. If you already got brassy hair, we got you! To save you time from searching for the best tips and tricks, we collected the most effective ones that’ll remove these annoying yellow tones!

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