5 Chic and Trendy Highlights for Blonde Hair You Should Try This Summer

by Radost P.

Although blonde hair takes more time to maintain than other colors, it is attractive and chick. According to some studies, it is more likely for women with blonde hair to earn more than brunettes. Also, sun is great for your hair, if you happen to be a blonde. It can make your color look even brighter and glamorous. With the new season coming, you might be looking for ideas how to change your hairstyle a bit. If so, keep on reading this article because we will give you top suggestions for highlights for blonde hair.

How to Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy?

highlights for dark blonde hair best highlights for blonde hair

Firstly, let us give you some tips that will help you keep your hair growing and nourished. Our favorite one is to apply a coconut oil on a regular basis – this is one of the most effective oils that stops hair protein loss. When it comes to shampoos and conditioner, it is of utmost importance to choose the right ones. If you use those with bad chemicals, you risk damaging your hair. So, always read the ingredients or talk with a professional hairstylist for advice. The last tip from us is to invest in silk pillowcases. They are best for blonde hairs.

What are the Advantages of Having a Blonde Hair?

highlights for blonde hair types of highlights for blonde hair


In addition to being extremely attractive, having a blonde hair also provides you with some practical benefits. For example, you can have fewer eyebrows appointments, compared to a brunette. When it comes to darker eyebrows, they are a lot more visible. You can also go longer between hairstylist appointments. Signs of hair growth are a lot more evident for people with dark colors. Another great positive thing of being a blonde, is that your highlights look more natural. As a result, people may ask you whether that is your hair. Now, let’s move on to the best highlights for blonde hair.

Top 5 Sweet Highlights for Blonde Hair This Summer

highlight for blonde hair brown highlights for blonde hair

The truth is that no matter your hair color, highlights can add a certain style to your hair. There are several advantages that professional highlights provide for you. For example, they can enhance the tone of your skin, which will give you a natural glow. Also, if you aim to be bold with the haircut you have chosen, highlights can improve your style. What we consider the best benefit of all, is that only small parts of your hair will be dyed, which decreases the damage. If you want to know which are the types of highlights for blonde hair that are popular in 2023, keep on reading this post.

Highlights for Blonde Hair 2023 – Chick Chopped Bob with Highlights

choppy bob with highlights chopped bob blonde hair highlight

Generally, a choppy bob is a modern and attractive hairstyle option for many women. The effect that it creates becomes even more glamorous when your hair is blonde, and you add some professional highlights. This kind of color emphasizes your facial features and femininity. The great thing about this style is that it is suitable both for casual and special occasions.

Brown Highlights for Blonde Hair

blonde hair with brown highlights perfect idea for highlights

If your goal is to achieve a sun-kissed hair look, this might be the right highlight option for you. This is especially true if your hair color is light blonde. The contrast between the colors is not too big, while a dimension is added. Besides, your hair looks more voluminous this way.

Stylish Dark Roots for Blonde Hair

platinum hair with dark roots blonde hair with dark roots highlights

Dark roots with highlights is the perfect combination for someone who wants to look confident and bold. If you tend to be a woman who prefers to express her personal style, you can never go wrong with this choice. We guarantee that your date will be impressed, and your friends will ask how to get the same color.

Elegant Low Blonde Bun with Highlights

elegant blonde low bun with highlights how to do professional highlights

When it comes to low blonde bun, you can experiment with different types of highlights to see what suits you best. Yet, we recommend the brown highlights – you can literally wear them everywhere. This mix of colors makes the impression that you are a sensitive and good woman.

Lovely Idea for Dark Blonde Hair – Highlighted Curls

dark blonde hair with highlights curly hair how to style hair with curls

If you happen to have a dark blonde hair, we absolutely recommend trying curled highlights. No matter your skin tone, you will look stunning and everyone’s eyes will be on you. For the best possible result, talk with your hairstylist and show them a picture.

In a nutshell, being a blonde has many great benefits. As with all hair colors, it is good to make some changes from time to time. Especially when a new season is coming, everyone has this desire to look their best and enjoy the weather. For this purpose, we decided to give you ideas for the best highlights for blonde hair. We hope that you don’t miss out on them because they will make you look absolutely glamorous.


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