Air Fryer Cleaning Hack: Get Your Air Fryer Basket Free from Grease in Just 3 Minutes!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Fryers are a great step of evolution in kitchen appliances, one to be compared to the change with kitchen robots. With these efficient and quick meal cookers you can fry in minutes those crispy potato and vegetables, or meat bolls in minutes. But when you look at the air fryer basket after that, you may get despaired on how grimy it is. Don’t be confused! With a properly chosen, efficient method that will not damage the coating, your fryer will continue working for you every day. We also searched to find non-toxic approaches using natural homemade cleaners for the purpose. Have a look at what we’ve chosen for you as the best air fryer cleaning hack.

Some precautions when cleaning the air fryer basket

air fryer cleaning hack vinegar basket with stuck in food (1)

When you decide to clean your air fryer, check the manufacturer instructions! Because the ceramic surface of this cooking appliance’s basket is too delicate, and not every cleaning method, suitable for one type of air fryer, is possible to be applied for another.

Easy air fryer cleaning hacks with baking soda

air fryer cleaning hack scrubbing with lemon and soda


The cleaning with this simple method lasts for 3 minutes only! Baking soda is a perfect for scrubbing because of its fine non-scratching abrasive particles, and in combination with lemon cleaning power, it makes fantastic results. In addition, lemon has fine antibacterial properties and leaves its fine fragrance after every treating.


Make a paste from the juice of half a lemon with two tablespoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of hot water. Then place the mixture into the air fryer basket and slightly scrub with a sponge, or soft toothbrush. The paste clears most of the grease, though it’s not very effective in removing the old grime. But the lemon essential oil neutralizes the odor of the fried food.

Air fryer cleaning hack with vinegar

easy air fryer cleaning hack brushing wint dish soap

Spread out 5–6 drops of dish soap on the air basket surface. Then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and pour hot water until the vessel is almost full to the brim. Wait for 1–2 minutes for the chemicals to react and pour 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the solution stay for 10 minutes. This bubbling combination of three cleaners is powerful enough to eliminate all the stuck-on food residues and grease. Though, after rinsing the air fryer basket, you should scrub slightly with the soft side of a sponge, adding another 1–2 drops of the dish soap, in order to release some final traces of grease.

Steam clean air fryer cleaning hack

easy air fryer cleaning hack steam cleaning with dish soap

This cleaning method takes only 5 minutes and is extremely effective. Pour water in the frying basket and add 3–4 drops of dish wash. Then turn on the air fryer for 2 minutes. At last, rinse the basket. It’s amazingly how clean is it after the treatment with this simple hack. No scrubbing is needed, as well as sponge or brush for removing the residue. All the grease and the stuck-in food particles will be dissolved in the hot solution. And this result costs such a short time, without the need to sweat over the basket, while scrubbing it. Really a perfect solution for the housewife, who is in a hurry.

Powerful air fryer cleaning hack for deep clean

clean air fryer hydrogen peroxide


Although, with the above said approaches you succeed to clean in no time your air fryer, sometimes there are more difficult situations. Imagine you have a party and one of your guests try to fry, burning out pizza on the surface of the air fryer basket. They feel confused, and want to wash it, asking you: “How do you clean a very dirty air fryer?” We’ll prepare you for a similar situation in advance. The next powerful air fryer cleaning hack will leave your frying basket as clean as it was before the incident in just 3 minutes!

Clean with mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap

air fryer cleaning hack washing with dish soap and vinegar

Prepare a mix of 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, two tablespoons of baking soda and 7–8 drops of dish soap in a bowl and stir. Then pour this paste into the air fryer basket. Wait for a minute and after that slightly brush the basket with a toothbrush for 2–3 minutes. When you rinse off the basket with water at the end, stir it gently with the soft side of a sponge.

The result of this air fryer cleaning hack is cool! There will be no grease and stuck-on food left. The dish soap together with the boosting power of hydrogen peroxide and the abrasive baking soda makes a real wonder with the air fryer. Try this method, and you’ll see how fast and superb it works. And in only 3 minutes! That means, you may use the cleaning hack anytime you wish, as it will not cost much time. And have your favorite air fried potatoes, pizza and chicken tenders whenever you want.

air fryer cleaning hack clean and ready for frying


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