Baseboard cleaning hacks: 5 easy and time-saving ways to make them neat and sparkling!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Spring is coming and with this lovely season comes the desire for something exciting, like to brighten every little space in the house. There is one specific part of the room that is so difficult to be maintained, and is usually out of our cleaning plans – the baseboard. It needs a special attention and deep clean! Especially if you have kids or grandchildren, and they beat the baseboard, leaving marks while running on the floor. Or when they are playing football and basketball in the living room or slide across their bedroom! But it’s not so difficult to cope with the untidy baseboard! We are going to show you 5 easy and time-saving baseboard cleaning hacks to make it neat and sparkling.

Preparing baseboard for scrubbing


This step is worth being done, as it will ease the cleaning. Before you start scrubbing, move away all the furniture that is close to the baseboard. Don’t forget to do it with the help of your partner, neighbor or a friend, of course. Then wipe off the dust and the dirt with a vacuum cleaner, a broom, or with a handheld duster. If you use a vacuum cleaner, use the brush with soft bristles.

Use a wet cotton swab for wiping the dust and the dirt from the deep corners.

5 easy and time-saving baseboard cleaning hacks



There are multiple ways to clean your baseboard, but here you’ll find some of the easiest and most effective methods.

Using dryer sheets

For some reason, the dryer sheet removes stains and scuff marks well. Scrub your baseboard with a damp dryer sheet. You’ll see how sparkling the baseboard will be after this procedure. And smelling good, in addition to that!

Deep baseboard cleaning hacks with toilet wand

cleaning-baseboard-hacks-neat-and-tidy home

Scrub carefully your baseboard with a toilet wand. Then do a quick cleaning with a wet rag. Though, keep in mind that this method may not be the best for scrubbing painted baseboards! If your baseboard is just of that type, you might try cleaning it without a serious pressure.

The best way to clean baseboards without chemicals


There is one method that acts amazingly without any chemicals – using Magic Eraser! It’s an absolute environmentally friendly way of cleaning and quite suitable for baseboards. All you should do is just to wet the Magic Eraser and scrub along the baseboard.

Laundry detergent for deep cleaning the baseboards


A little quantity of powdered laundry detergent can make a “miracle” with your baseboard.

Put a teaspoon of powdered laundry detergent in a gallon (4 l) bucket of hot water. With the help of gloves, dip a rag into the prepared with this method homemade cleaner. Then wipe along the baseboards without applying much pressure. Finish the washing with a wet with warm water washcloth.

In case, you are sensitive to strong smells, keep the windows open! Leave at least one window open for some hours. The smell will be completely gone by the next morning.

Effective and easy baseboard cleaning hack with dish soap


When it comes to cleaning, one of the most tried and effective ways for making baseboard shine is washing it with dish soap. This method is so powerful, that it also removes the scuffs.

Pour warm water into a medium-sized bowl and add 4–5 drops of dish soap. Dip a clean rag into this solution and slightly scrub along your baseboards. Continue cleaning with the rag, wet with clean water to rinse the dish soap. Open the window for half an hour, allowing the baseboards to air dry.

Cleaning stained wood or natural wood baseboards


Cleaning stained wood or natural wood baseboards is another topic. The method of cleaning also begins with removing dust and dirt either with a vacuum cleaner, or with a handheld duster or broom.

But this soft wooden material requires a more careful treatment. The situation you have to cope with is to clean the wooden surface without any accidental stripping! That’s the reason why the cleaning experts say that the best solution is to use a wood cleaner.

Scrub your baseboards with a little amount of this mild detergent with the help of a soft microfiber cloth. At last, dry the wooden surface thoroughly! It’s important not to leave any wet spots.

This is a great approach for cleaning painted baseboards, which also require strict protection and care.

Mild cleaning stained wood baseboards with white vinegar


The wooden baseboard cleaning hacks include one eco-friendly method. That is the use of the well-known homemade cleaner, the white vinegar, so preferred by nature lovers.

If you have stained wood baseboards, add a little amount of distilled white vinegar into a bucket full of water. Use a soft microfiber cloth to dip into the water solution. Finally, wring the cloth out and wipe down the stained wooden baseboards. The last step is to dry thoroughly with a dry microfiber cloth.

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