Is 90s Style Coming Back in 2023? The Return of Some of the Biggest Trends as Seen on Fashion Week

by Stephanie Yankova

If you’re someone who follows the fashion scene closely, you’ve probably noticed the similarities between some of the recent trends and clothes that you or your mom wore 30–40 years ago. Even celebrities have adopted a recent tendency to deep dive into archive collections for their red carpet looks. The reason why old trends begin to resurface is that fashion is circular. Historically speaking, there is a predisposition for trends to come back every 30 years. This occurs not only in fashion, but also make-up trends, hairstyles, even interior design. A prominent example is the Y2K craze that took the fashion world by storm. Keeping this pattern in mind, there is only one question – is 90s style coming back in 2023? Dust off your old band tees and plaid skirts, because the 90s are back, and we have the latest looks taken straight from Fashion Week to prove it!

90s Fashion Has Come Full Circle

fashion cycle 90s trends coming full circle graph

While fashion nowadays tends to be heavily dictated by social media, celebrities, innovations in textiles and manufacturing, there is still some predictability to it that remains viable. Fashion trends tend to go through a five-stage cycle, which dictates its popularity among the masses. One thing we can’t predict is how quickly these trends are going to run their course and reach the end of the cycle. But don’t worry – we’re not going to let you roam the streets with last season’s fashion picks! Let’s ride this wave at its peak and take a look at all the 90s fashion trends that are making a comeback in 2023!

Sheer Dresses

sheer dress thin straps fashion week 90s style coming back 2023


This year, we’re leaving even less to the imagination with the resurfacing of the sheer dresses. Dainty, sensual, feminine – this 90s trend will make you feel like an absolute goddess! And who doesn’t want that? This Dolce & Gabbana monochromatic look is a flawless example of how to elegantly master this trend.

Thigh Slit Slip Dress

thigh slit slip on dress fashion week 2023 90s style trends

The silk slip dress is a 90s staple piece, and there is one person you need to thank for that – Courtney Love. The grunge princess loved this sleek gown so much that she wore it everywhere, from the streets of New York, to the stage and even the red carpet. Last year we got a little taste of the slip dress trend, but 2023 is the year when we’ll get to enjoy it in its full glory. Long, short, silk, sequin, two slits down the thighs – everything goes!

Graphic T-shirts

graphic tee burberry tartan skirt 90s fashion 2023 trends

We can’t talk 90s grunge fashion and not mention the impact that one man had on it in particular – Kurt Cobain. Those baggy, effortless pants, t-shirts and sweaters we grew to love so much wouldn’t have existed as a trend without his influence on the generations before us. Gen Z’s newfound love for thrifting has sent vintage fashion through the roof. There is one piece of clothing that seems to time travel through the generations and simply never goes out of style – graphic t-shirts. A recent example is this look from the Burberry show for London Fashion Week. So what are you waiting for? Take your best friends and go on a weekend thrift shopping spree, because best believe, you’ll be wearing these graphic tees for years to come!

Tartan Two-Piece Suits

tartan tailored two piece set fashion week 2023 trends


You remember the iconic yellow two-piece outfit Cher wore in Clueless? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to recreate it, now’s the time, because plaid and tartan are going to be the craze of 2023! No, it’s not going to look too overwhelming, in fact, we encourage you to go as bold as you like and make Dame Vivienne Westwood proud!

Classic Tailoring

oversized tailoring two piece suit 90s style coming back 2023

Just like last year, or any other year before that really, suits continue to be one of the top trends in 2023, as well. Minimal monochromatic tailoring fashion is going to be the ultimate boss girl look for this year. Oversized silhouettes in distressed fabrics, soft linen, or other tactile textures will be prominent for the return of this beloved 90s style coming back in 2023.

Canadian Tuxedo

canadian suit denim two piece jeans jacket diesel fashion week 2023

Denim co-ord sets, also known as a Canadian Tuxedo, have been heavily pushed during the last 2 years by Diesel – a staple denim brand for the 90s. The success is prominent! We’ve already seen numerous celebrities loving and wearing this trend repeatedly – Kanye West, Julia Fox, Emily Ratajkowski, even Bella Hadid! The denim two-piece ensembles have unprecedentedly taken the fashion world by storm, and we’re definitely going to see this 90s style coming back in 2023.

Oversized Cargo Pants

oversized cargo pants fashion week inspiration 90s style comeback 2023

We’ve seen them, we’ve worn them, we love them, we can’t get rid of them! If you’ve ever asked yourself in disbelief why is 90s style coming back, the cargo pants might just be the main reason. You know how women have been complaining for decades about how the pockets of our jeans can barely fit our hands, let alone something else? Well, we cracked the code! Utility pants are not only practical, but also look amazing with a pair of high heel shoes, so I’m sorry boys, but we’re keeping those!

Cropped Cardigans

cropped cardigan 90s fashion trends 2023 comeback

I remember so vividly loving these cardigans as a kid, and then watching them slowly vanish into the abyss. Almost 30 years later, they’re back and believe me, now I regret throwing mine away. This cardigan is an absolute blast from the past – it’s the perfect piece of transitional clothing. You can wear it with a top, a shirt, or nothing underneath and it works flawlessly either way!

Vintage Corsets

vintage corset all black bella hadid 90s fashion coming back 2023

Ladies and gents, Bella Hadid, the Queen of vintage fashion, has presented before us another piece of clothing that we simply must have in our closets this year – the vintage corset. Bold, appetitive, and oh so 90s! The corset is the femme fatale equivalent of a power suit.


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