Iconic 90s hairstyles and women that left their mark on the decade

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iconic hairstyles from the 90s

90s hairstyles are not completely gone out of fashion and we can see their traces in some of the haircuts today. Just like nowadays, celebrities were carefully copied and iconic stars like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, top models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, actresses like Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Winona Ryder, and aristocrats like Princess Diana influenced the appearance of thousands of women.

princess diana short haircut


It is good to be able to look back and see how trends change and such a retrospective shows the good and the bad, even some of the most horrible and quirky accessories, hair clips and hair colors. Let us remember that these were the times of experiments and exploration. One thing can be said for the 90s – the main goal of any fashionable woman was to stand out and express herself, even in a rebellious way.


Iconic 90s hairstyles – a symbol of femininity and simplicity

Linda Evangelista pixie haircut cool 90s fashion trends

90s hairstyles were not only rebellious and pretentious, but also charmingly feminine and elegant. A neat, smooth haircut with bangs was an excellent choice for a serious business lady and gained popularity thanks to the First Lady of the United States at that time – Hillary Clinton. This haircut remains popular even nowadays. Another exceptional woman and universal favorite – Princess Diana – always wore an elegant short haircut, which was copied by thousands of women all over the world.

Romantic graceful curls were also popular among the ladies. This hairstyle was popular for both short and long hair. The curls were magnificent in combination with a straight bang and a side cut. For practicing sports or aerobics, the ponytail was a top choice.

Complexly styled curls, richly covered with hairspray were fashionable and were one of the most popular hairdos for weddings or proms. The wet effect also appeared in the 90s.

The 90s gave the hairdresser’s art not only new forms, but also colors. The incredible fashion for highlights, lasting almost a decade, began with Pamela Anderson. Her Californian curls looked very natural and became an instant hit among women.


The iconic 90s hairstyles of celebrities, actresses, singers and fashion models


90s hairstyles for women crimped hair

Let’s have a look at some of most popular and truly iconic 90s hairstyles, even if it may be a little bit nostalgic to some.

iconic 90s hairstyles rachel haircut friends tv series

The Rachel haircut received its name thanks to the hairdo of Jennifer Aniston who played the role of Rachel Greene in “Friends” television series. The amazing textured hairstyle with asymmetrical pieces is actually a layered long bob and became an immediate hit among women.

Julia Roberts long loose hair 90s hairtsyles ideas

The loose curls of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman were sexy and hot and inspiring. This is a fact and almost every woman wanted to have these fabulous, perfect curls. Hairdressers responded to the interest with spiral perm which was the way to achieve the look without having to curl your hair every day.

big loose hair cindy crawford 90s iconic hairstyles

90s Big hair was emblematic for women who looked for a more wild look. Wavy and voluminous, carefree and incredibly sexy, this was the hairstyle of fashion icons like Cindy Crawford.

crimped hair Britney Spears fashionable 90s haircuts

Crimped hair or crimping was another carefree hairstyle and Britney Spears made it widely popular. Some women loved it, some hated it, but you could hardly go out on the street and not see this hairdo. Experts say that it is quietly making its return but hopefully this time it will not look like a hairstyle of cave people.

meg ryan hair 90s textured short bob haircut

The textured bob which was Meg Ryan’s hairdo at the time also became an iconic medium length and short haircut. This is one of the haircuts that survived modern times and has not lost its popularity. Definitely for a good reason!

Winona Ryder pixie haircut 90s fashionable hairstyles

The Pixie haircut was another mega hit in the 90s and looked fabulous on Linda Evangelista and Winona Ryder. It was a layered pixie with jagged bangs and was the favorite haircut of busy women who did not have the time to maintain long hair.

gwen stefani 90s rave hairstyles with mini buns

90s punk, rave and grunge hairstyles – messy, rebellious, colorful, carefree and so popular among young people! Remember Gwen Stefani with her mini buns or Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy?

90s Cindy Crawford hairstyles for long hair

Straight natural hairstyles in the 90s were a bit different form the ones that are trendy nowadays. They did not have the straight, sleek look which is popular among women now, but were wavy at the ends which gave women a more romantic appearance.

Emma Bunton 90s fashionable hairstyles

Of course, the remarkable 90’s hairstyle of Princess Diana, the side ponytail, Baby Spice space bun, the ringlets and the bangs – all of these had their fans. As we said , this was the decade of experiments, the time when women and stylists were pushing the limits and nothing was too much!



Mariah Carey long curly hair 90s hair fashion

Drew Barrymore hairstyle 90s Poison Ivy

crimped hairstyles 90s trends celebrities

Christina Aguilera 90s medium length crimped hair

90s grunge hairstyles bright colors buns



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