Hairstyles with bangs – great ideas for an elegant look

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Hairstyles with bangs are a good choice for those who like to look a few years younger or just want to change something in their usual appearance. There are many different types of bangs and ways to wear it. Any woman can decide whether she would like to have a bang or not, but it is better if you consult with a stylist as he will be able to give you a competent advice.

Bangs come in numerous varieties, you may even hear that this is a separate line in hairstylingshort and long, asymmetrical, parted bangs, side swept, arched, blunt, shaggy, curly, see-through and so on! It all depends on your preferences and the style you choose.

Almost every woman is exceptionally sensible about her hair. This is one of the main accessories of women and the hair industry offers numerous products so that girls have a well-shaped, vivid, healthy and shiny hair. Fringes are a main element of modern woman’s appearance and besides having different shapes, they can perform a variety of tasks. A fringe can emphasize the dignity of a person and conceal its shortcomings. It can be changed quickly which allows you to have a totally new look since you can change its shape as well as its length. The popularity of fringes depends entirely on fashion trends, but some types of bangs will always be popular.

What are the advantages of bangs? On the first place, it makes women look younger and adds a bit of mystery to the way you look. Eyebrows and eyes under properly selected bangs look very expressive. A fringe hides the flaws of the face, it can correct the proportions and add balance to the overall image.


Hairstyles with bangs – choose the right fringe for your face shape


hairstyles with bangs face shapes


Hairstyles with bangs significantly change the appearance of a woman. When choosing the type of your fringe, you need to make sure it suits your face shape, hair length and your personality. For example, if you have a small, round face and your features are not very expressive, if your forehead is rather low, it is better to abandon the bangs at all. If the face is elongated and your forehead is tall and large, it is better to hide it with a long fringe. For a triangular shaped face when the forehead is much wider than the chin, a wavy fringe is a good choice. We shall look at some of the most popular types of bangs, how they are shaped and will give you useful tips how to choose the right fringe for your face shape.


10 Types of bangs and way to style them

blunt bangs for straight long hair

Blunt bangs are dense and straight, usually covering the entire forehead and reaching the eyebrows. This type of fringe frames the face and draws the attention to the eyes of the woman and in addition, it is a good choice for a hair of any length and thickness. Depending on the particular hairstyle you can give the fringe a retro look, we see it often in grunge hairstyles and in elegant hairdos. This is a good choice if you have a straight thick hair.

side swept hairstyles with bangs Emma Stone

Side-swept bangs – now, this is one of the most versatile options, which is suitable for long, medium or short hair, thick and thin hair, wavy and straight hair, etc. As the name implies, the fringe comes from one side across the forehead and gives somewhat asymmetrical look. It looks gorgeous on just about anyone and works with almost any hairstyle, whether daily or a special hairdo. It is the easiest fringe to style and wear and is a great choice for women with round or heart shaped face. If you wonder whether a side swept bang can be combined with a pixie haircut or an updo – the answer is yes, it can!

parted fringe straight bob haircut hairstyles for women

Parted bangs come in two main variations. As per the name, the fringe is parted either down the center or off to one side. This type of fringe is as universal as the side wept alternative and works with long, medium, even short haircuts, updos, thick and thin hair. When the fringe gets longer you may use a clip, you can have the fringe pulled back, etc. The most popular variation are the long parted bangs which look very feminine.

asymmetrical short haircuts with fringe

Asymmetrical bangs are the perfect choice for bold persons that are not afraid to attract attention. These fringes are cut asymmetrically and should not be mistaken with side swept fringes or side parted fringes. You can choose different lengths and style the fringe in different ways and enjoy the advantage of having your face exposed and have a confident and self-assured appearance. Asymmetrical bangs combined with long flowing hair or a stylish and elegant Bob never go out of fashion and always look attractive.

arched bangs shape modern haircuts for women

Ached bangs are often mistaken with blunt bangs for their visual resemblance. The difference between the two is that the fringe is not cut straight but arched following the facial curve. This type of fringe is exceptionally flattering for soft and feminine features and focuses the attention to the eyes, but women with round faces need to be careful as the arched bangs makes the face appear even more full. However, if you have a square face shape, an arched fringe is a good choice as it will make you face look rounder and softer. Experts advise that it is better to choose an arched fringe if you have thick hair since the arch curve stands out. Wispy variations are not impossible but they do not the same visual effect.

cool shaggy bob haircuts with bangs

Shaggy bangs got their name from the “shag cut” created by Paul McGregor where the hair is cut and layered to different lengths. The great thing about shaggy fringes is that they are suitable for almost any face shape and type of hair. Usually the fringe is cut long enough to reach the eye lashes but since it is not as dense as blunt fringes, you can see through it. The shaggy fringe is a great choice when you want to look younger or hide some wrinkles on the forehead. It is unpretentious and very easy to style in different ways.

Pixie haircut with wispy bangs short hairstyles ideas

Wispy bangs are also called textured bangs and those are one of the most popular choices of women all over the world. They are ideal for women with square and heart-shaped faces. These fringes are very similar to the shaggy bangs and look light and airy, you can style them in different ways – side swept, asymmetrically cut, you can give them a casual look, or choose a longer version which can give you a dramatic and mysterious appearance.

pixie haircut with short fringe

Pixie haircuts with bangs come as a separate category since you can choose a very short bang which only covers the top of the forehead or long fringes which allow you to give them a different style when you feel like it. Keep in mind that short bangs, especially with a pixie cut open the entire face and if you feel like hiding some flaws, it is better to opt for a longer textured type of fringe.

bumper bangs pin up fringe ideas

Pin-up bangs, described in simple words, are bangs that are curled up with the help of a roller and fixed with a hairspray. This is a classic fringe and those who are attracted to vintage hairstyles can choose this type of styling. True, you do not see them often on the street, unless the whole image requires it – attire, vintage style make-up, etc.

V shaped bangs red hair color hairstyles for women

V shaped bangs are not the most popular choice among women as they are usually associated with vampire and Gothic style. The V shaped fringe is cut to encircle the eyebrows, which draws the attention to the eyes of the woman yet many girls find it quite eccentric and extravagant.

short hairstyles with colored fringe

Color accents on bangs – this is a very stylish option for all women who would love a pop of color. You can add color to short and elongated bangs which will make your look more interesting and intriguing.



v bangs fringe styles haircuts ideas

hairstyles with bangs long hair

short asymmetrical haircuts short bob with bangs

parted bangs hairstyles for women long medium hair

graduated bob with fringe medium length hairstyles

asymmetrialc bob asymmetrical haircuts with bangs



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