Masculine bed frames and inspiring bedroom interior ideas

by Kremy

men bedroom ideas masculine bed frames

Masculine bed frames – are they different from what we are usually used to see? What is it that makes a bed look masculine? We all know that this is the centerpiece and often, the focal point in the interior of the bedroom, and besides being comfortable and convenient, it is a huge and powerful element of the decor. We will show you a selection of striking masculine bedrooms where the beds enhance the overall atmosphere.


Masculine bed frames as a part of the bedroom interior


masculine bedroom ideas bachelor pad furniture


Masculine bed frames can be used as an element in the design and decoration of the bedroom of any bachelor pad. Men, in general, prefer simplicity and what we see for the last decade are more restrained yet sophisticated designs. Having in mind that the frame can set the tone of the overall idea, there are different options which work with different design concepts. All men appreciate functionality, simplicity, rationality, and universality of the organization of their space. Male interior is different as it is usually organized in a way that everything is always at hand. Typically, dark and neutral colors are most often used in the decor of a male bedroom as they work with a variety of styles – Industrial, rustic, modern, minimalist, etc. A Shabby chic bedroom in light pastel colors is simply out of question! Whichever style you choose, the furniture has to be selected to complement it.

Low profile or floor frames are among the most popular choices as these frames are the perfect choice for modern and contemporary interior designs. In terms of color choices, a man can opt for neutrals like gray, black, and white or choose warmer tones from the brown palette.

Platform beds are another popular choice for masculine bedrooms. They work with minimalism, which is often used as a design concept enhancing the atmosphere of masculinity.


Masculine bed frames – materials and styles


men bedroom bachelor pad ideas masculine bed frames

The bed is the main element of the bedroom. It should be cool, bright and attractive. When discussing masculine bed frames we need to pay special attentions to the materials. Natural materials like solid wood and leather are a great option for a bed frame in a man’s bedroom. For example a wooden bed frame with a beautiful live edge headboard looks not only beautiful but comforting as well.

Another option which is greatly popular in masculine bedrooms is leather upholsterey which easily fits into an industrial or modern bedroom decor. Leather bed frames add a sense of style to and luxury to the bedroom and manufacturers offer a variety of choices – from classic black leather bed frames to rich chocolate brown.

A metal fframe is a classic and is the perfect choice for interiors in industrial style or marine decors. Place the bed against an exposed brick wall, choose accessories from natural materials and you will have the perfect male bedroom.

Upholstered frames in grey or brown shades are the perfect choice for those who prefer a more inviting and cozy interior. Adding an oversized headboard, for example, will be a cool accent.


upholstered headboard and bed frame for masculine bedroom design

neutral bedroom color sheme upholstered bed frame pendant lamp

modern bedrooms rustic headboard brick wall bed design ideas

masculine bed frames wooden low platform bed concrete walls

industrial style bedroom with a cool headboard and a green wall

industrial bedroom exposed brick wall metal bed

cool metal masculine bed frames industrial style bedroom

concrete platform bed for masculine bedrooms

black leather upholstery masculine bed frame

exposed brick wall black color bedroom ideas for bachelor pad

bedroom design in dark colors bachelor pad ideas

bed frame ideas tufted leather oversized headboard

bachelor pad bedroom design ideas black wall




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