Bachelor pad ideas – stylish interiors for men with good taste

by Kremy

cool bachelor pad design black white interior sofa brick walls

Very often people think that a bachelor pad is a place full of empty beer crates, clothes scattered around the room and posters on the wall. No, not at all.

Modern bachelor pad ideas open plan living room balcony fireplace


We have collected 15 bachelor pad ideas with contemporary and elegant interiors and with and stylish furniture.

black living room gray sectional sofa brick walls bachelor apartment design

Check out these fantastic bachelor pad ideas as they feature comfortable living room furniture which is also very practical. You must choose furniture that is comfortable and will store all the gadgets and hide the wiring.

Bachelor apartment design ideas modern furniture white sofa floor lamp

Make sure you have enough storage space for the music and magazines collection so that the place does not look cluttered and untidy. Do not try to arrange the furniture along the walls.


bachelor apartment ideas modern living room sofa spectacular chandelier

Move the sofa towards the center of the room, this will help you make a better use of space and the room will look more dynamic.

cool bachelor apartment ideas modern furniture gray sofa set wood table

Photographs and works of art will add to the atmosphere of the living room and plants will create a more welcoming ambience.


cool bachelor apartment ideas large sofa brick walls open plan living room

A rug under the coffee table and some pillows on the sofa will add to the comfort and will give you the color accents.

pool table bachelor apartment furniture ideas modern apartment design

Bachelor bedroom design and apartment intrior should be comfortable with a minimum of unnecessary elements in the design. That is why minimalist and industrial style are very popular but you can opt for modern designs and accent on contemporary furniture and male colors.

Contemporary bachelor apartment ideas elegant living room design modern furniture

As for color, the most popular among men is blue, but, nevertheless, it is most often used as an accent or as a muted background. Gray and brown are the classic male colors. They go perfectly with almost everything, creating a chic interior.

modern bachelor apartment ideas furniture wall decorating

Do not be afraid to experiment with different textures. Leather is traditional but you can successfully change it with velour or luxury velvet. Enjoy the gallery below and get inspired by these cool bachelor pad ideas!

modern bachelor apartment design ideas minimalist style corner sofa

how to furnish bachelor pad tips ideas pool table modern pendant chandellier

bachelor pad ideas open plan living room kitchen modern lighting

bachelor design ideas living room furniture modern lighting

bachelor pad design ideas


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