20 minimalist dining room ideas – simple design and geometric shapes

by Kremy

living room dining room design minimalist style red color accents

Minimalist dining room design is complied with the basic principles of minimalism – simple design and geometric shapes. We have gathered 20 awesome examples of modern minimalist dining rooms which stand out with spectacular designs, elegance and purity of shapes.

Minimalist dining room color choice

awesome  black furniture white interior


What is minimalist interior design? What is important for minimalist dining room designs and really stands out is the minimum number of colors. The lack of colors enables the designers to turn the attention to the philosophy of the aesthetic emptiness of space. For a minimalist style the best choice would be muted colors: gray, shades of brown, beige or burgundy which, in combination with white, will emphasize the clarity of the interior.

Minimalist dining room designs create relaxing space in the home

minimalist dining room design white table chairs crystal chandelier

As a rule minimalist dining room designs are based on the idea of getting rid of all the excess and keep to the basic shapes, forms and colors. This philosophy allows people to relax without being surrounded by various objects while concentrating on the simplicity of the furniture and its function.

 Open floor plan and minimalist interior

 minimalist dinning room open floor plan white furniture

modern pendant chandeliers minimalist dining table

 minimalist black table white chairs dining area design ideas
modern home furniture ideas white color black table

The philosophy of minimalism in the furniture design

minimalist dining table modern chairs contemporary chandelier
interior design white furniture open floor plan

 Simple lines and geometric shapes

wooden table glass walls

Gray shades in the interior combined with natural wood dining table and bench

wooden table bench modern lighting fixtures
glass table black chairs

An awesome design which combines the light color of the wood with the black color in the interior

 wooden table black chandeliers

Black and white interior accented by the color of the wall paintings

white table black chairs modern chandelier
 white interior dark dining table
 rectangular table benches gray area rug

Creative interior design in minimalist style with black and white dining area

contemporary furniture black white colors

Straight lines and minimum of colors

minimalist dining area design furniture design

Gray and natural wood – a successful combination

dining room minimalist style gray color natural wood
dining room minimalist style design modern lighting wall art



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