25 great ideas for outdoor dining furniture

by Kremy

deck outdoor dining furniture design ideas sunscreen parasol

Summer time is family time – time for grilling, relaxing outdoors, and having garden parties with friends. In order to enjoy the warm weather, it is worthwhile to arrange a seating area in the garden. We give an overview of the options for outdoor dining furniture and give you useful tips for choosing the location.

wooden outdoor dining furniture set white padding stone fireplace


Before you arrange the outdoor dining furniture, you must select the correct location. It is handy when the outdoor dining area is near the house – so save yourself the long way to the garden table with heavy plates, cups, etc. Think carefully about what  accessories you will need – for example you have a barbecue, or you are planning to buy one? If you have a grill with coals or an open fire pit, you should be aware of the sparking hazard. Wooden furniture is highly flammable and therefore it should be placed at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the fire.

classic outdoor dining furniture rattan wooden table carpet design

Think about the number of people who will use the outdoor dining sets. Do you often have guests? How many people? The answer to these questions will help you to calculate the necessary seats. Do not forget to calculate a distance of at least 15cm between the chairs – so you can determine the table length.  Select a location in the vicinity of the house, which is partially shaded.  The dining area should not be arranged under a tree – branches may fall and hurt people.  Consider options for sun protection and privacy screen. High perennials in plant pots can shield the diners from the neighbors, and a parasol can protect the furniture from the harsh sunrays.  Select an appropriate lighting in advance. Do you have garden lights that you can use? Or you can buy a couple of LED lanterns for romantic mood?

cozy sitting area elegant outdoor dining furniture metal chairs

Rattan dining furniture table marble top cottage style design patio

outdoor dining furniture metal furniture chairs seat cushion

Garden party spring wooden dining furniture chairs outdoor area

comfortable dining area in the garden metal chairs table parasol

Balcony furniture high four chairs round table pool stone tiles

Garden dining furniture metal fireplace candles chandelier

outdoor dining parasol wooden chairs tiles flooring lanterns

Wooden table stone tiles space saving balcony dining
wooden table rattan chairs outdoor dining ideas
Wooden dining outdoors parasol carpet fresh flowers
space saving outdoor dining chairsround table
space saving balcony set round table four chairs
small dining set four rattan chairs round table
Rattan gravel garden path plants red color cushions
Patio design ideas lanterns dining carpet rattan
long garden table country style patio design rustic style
garden dining area table decoration tableware colorful seat cushions
garden dining area country style design ideas lantern

four chairs ​​round table carpet dark wood color painted weather proof

Balcony dining table decoration succulent plants four chairs

Balcony dining four persons table black color


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