How to make a dining room warm? Top trendy decoration ideas for a cozy and chic room!

by Kremy

Whether we are talking about a stand-alone room or an area which is an integral part of an open plan living room, the dining area is essential and deserves special attention. Often underestimated to the detriment of the living room and the kitchen, the place intended for the consumption of food with family or friends is in fact worthy of our special interest, because its decoration can influence our mood and even our appetite. So, here’s how to make a dining room warm, friendly and therefore conducive to gastronomic pleasures and pleasant discussions!

Trendy decor to make a dining room warm

how to make dining room warm patterns colors materials trendy cozy

Starting with the backdrop, moving through the furniture and ending with the little accessories, there are many ways to make a dining room warm and inviting. But what are the approaches that can also modernize it? Let’s start with the background, which plays a very important role in interior design because of the large surface area it occupies and the consequent visibility.

Wall decoration and textures ideas

dining room decor trends accessories color schemes


When talking about the walls in the dining room, the most common question people ask is, “What paint color to choose?” Well, luckily, it turns out that the decorating trends 2022 offer a wide range of possibilities. From pristine white to decadent dark paintwork and colorful patterns, dining room walls are anything but boring!

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At the same time, we must admit that painting the walls in pure white rarely has a welcoming effect, does it? In order to make a dining room cosy, it’s best to refrain from extremes or at least learn how to balance them with the other elements in the room. For example, the natural wood furniture erases any suspicion of sterility introduced by the immaculate white.

What colors to choose for a cozy and chic dining area?

warm dining room wallpaper patterns decoration trends 2022

The colors we perceive cause subconscious associations in our mind, from where they influence our behavior and even our appetite. This means that their choice to make a dining room warm is not to be overlooked. For example, cool tones tend to suppress our hunger, neutral greens and beiges are calming, and reds, oranges and yellows are uplifting.

how to make dining room warm trends decoration ideas wall painting

To make your dining room warm and avoid ending with an aggressive decor, break up the reds with white or opt for natural earthy tones. Keep in mind that there are certain colors to avoid in the kitchen and dining room because they tire the eye, look outdated or are difficult to match, among other things. The rule of thumb is to use intense saturated tones only for decorative accents.

Trendy tables and chairs in the cozy dining room

how to make dining room warm trends decoration ideas

This is a small, warm and very elegant dining room that perfectly combines powdery tones with a calming effect, cozy natural wood furniture and complementary accessories according to the latest 2022 trends! The metal pot holder, the golden mirrors on the wall and the exceptional chandelier flawlessly complement the basic elements and enhance them further.

make dining room warm fabric furnishings velvet round table deco trends

Aside from caramel-colored wood, another warm dining room chair to favor according to 2022 decorating trends is one upholstered in velvet. Nothing is more pleasant to the touch than plush materials, right? In this stunning example, the welcoming effect is even more pronounced thanks to the rich and noble texture of the pendant lamp shade.

dining room decoration ideas chic rustic chairs rug

To finish the subject of warm furniture and move on to accent decoration, also consider richly textured woven chairs. Contrary to what many people think, their job is not reserved for the outdoor dining area on the garden deck during the summer. What other decorative elements should be considered to visually warm up the space?

The essential decorative elements for a welcoming atmosphere

dining room decoration trends green plants

Beautiful houseplants are not only a feast for the eyes, but they purify the air and introduce a colorful note into corners that lack character. Moreover, they are the stars of biophilic decoration which is super trendy during the current year. The boho chic style, otherwise very popular in 2022, also benefits from the convivial and somewhat exotic effect that their presence creates.

how to make dining room warm decor trends ideas light colors 2022

Finally, making the dining room warm is impossible without adding textile elements. So pay attention to the upholstery of the sofa, the cushions whose materials, colors and patterns are capable to transform the space. The same goes for the window curtains, the carpet, if you decide to place one below the table, and the tablecloth which finishes the design with class.




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