What wall color for white kitchen to choose? The top decoration trends of 2022

by Kremy

When it comes to renovating and decorating, there are a few key things to consider before deciding. What type of materials to use for the worktops, what type of sink to choose, what will be the dominant colors? Today we are not going to talk about all of these, but rather focus on one of them: the colors of the walls. If you have a white kitchen and you find it a bit boring and you wonder what you are going to be able to do with the walls… Well, that’s good! We are going to talk about what wall color for white kitchen to choose and why!

What wall color for white kitchen and why?

wall color for white kitchen

In fact, you can opt for any color to create a sparkling contrast and modernize the design. However, this does not mean that the end result will be amazing. You have to think about which color will best suit the kitchen layout, and ask yourself if it will hurt your eyes. Sure, bright red is a great color, but it will eventually strain your eyes. Today we are going to show you the main trends of the moment and why they are on top. Let’s go!

White on white

modern white kitchen


The wall color for white and wood trendy kitchen? Why not white? Listen to us first. Yes, white on white can make it look like you’re in a hospital quite easily, but it’s a classic. The purity and sharpness of the color open up the room and give the illusion of space. By the way, white and pastel colors have this effect on interior design. If, however, you don’t like the idea of a white wall and white cabinets, then why not opt for self-adhesive tiles? They are less expensive than ceramic or marble ones, they are good for rented apartments and they come off the walls very easily. Tiles will give that “je ne sais quoi” while giving the gift of space and light.

Kitchen backsplash

kitchen trends 2022

Backsplashes are a very practical alternative for those who want to keep their walls clean and stylish. Instead of painting the entire wall, you can select a section and place the kitchen backsplash there. In fact, the trendiest colors for backsplashes are dark green, emerald green, light and dark blue, and hot pink. This can really refresh your kitchen design!

Barbiecore decor trend

white kitchen wall paint ideas

With the hype of the next “Barbie” movie and year 2000 nostalgia, we can’t help but embrace the Barbiecore décor trend in all aspects of our lives! In fact, the pink color brightens up any room, gives it a sense of coziness and dramatically improves the mood. If you are not a fan of pink color, you can choose salmon, peach, coral, watermelon, etc.

White and wood kitchen

what color of paint for a rustic kitchen

The white and wooden kitchen design gives off big rustic and townhouse vibes, which are unmistakably on trend. White cabinets and shelves and a brown wooden background is awesome. Indeed, the white and brown combo is an endless classic of interior decoration, just like beige and brown. Fortunately, wood comes in many colors, so you can get light brown, dark brown, and in fact, choose from endless shades of brown.

Photo gallery: What paint color for a white kitchen?

wall paint color for white kitchen

White kitchen wall color? How about an interior brick wall?

white kitchen and exposed brick wall

Did you know that the influence of colors in the house is enormous?

blue kitchen wall color 2022

Backsplash options vary in colors and patterns.

blue kitchen backsplash white cabinets

Did you know that blue and white go so well together?

what are the trendy colors for a kitchen

Navy blue? Yes please!

kitchen design color trend 2022

Wall color trend for white kitchens: grey.

kitchen wall painting trendy colors

Emerald green kitchen trend: invite luxury into your home.

green backsplash white cabinets

Here is a rustic kitchen with green walls.

kitchen design color trends rustic dining table

White kitchen wall color 2022: white on white with gold accents.

modern kitchen color trends 2022

How do colors affect our mind?

white kitchen with open shelves

What are the trendy colors for a kitchen?

what color for an open kitchen

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