Unusual Tile Shapes – A Spectacular Accent in Any Interior Design

by Kremy

Over the long history of its existence, ceramic tiles have evolved and transformed. One of the latest and most interesting innovations is ceramic tiles of an unusual shape. In addition to the classic square and rectangular, modern manufacturers offer many options for unusual tile shapes which are an immediate eye catcher in any interior design.


Unusual Tile Shapes An Accent in Any Interior Design

Non-standard tile shapes vary from hexagonal, triangular, rhombus, chevron, fish scale to even 3D. These tiles are produced in many designs which allows you to combine them in a variety of ways.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unusual Tile Shapes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unusual Tile Shapes


Using tiles with unusual shape for decorating home interiors is a clear trend. It is not a surprise, really, as designers and decorators are trying constantly to offer new solutions that help creating unique interiors that express the individuality of the homeowners and at the same time have their own character. As much as we are used to standard shaped tiles, it is worth looking at these ideas for unusual tile shapes and how they can be used in modern homes. Let’s look at the advantages!

The key advantage of tiles with unusual shape is, of course, their originality. This finish instantly attracts attention and gives the interior a zest. A surface, decorated with unusual details becomes the main accent of the room and there is no need to think about additional accessories and decor items because an unusual finish is the main decoration of the room.

original floor tile ideas chevron tile

The tile is loved by many for its practicality, durability and ease of maintenance. Tiles with non-standard shape have these qualities and in addition, they fit organically into contemporary styled living spaces. The special geometry is appropriate in art deco, modern, hi-tech interiors and looks amazingly well.

In combination with other materials, tiles of unusual shape look organic and stylish. You can use them in rooms where you need to use several finishes within the same surface. For example, part of the floor in the kitchen or in the hallway is tiled and the other part is wood or laminate.

Tiles of unusual shape are ideal for creating accent surfaces. The more unusual the tile you choose, the better it will work for creating an accent surface. In this case, it is not necessary to rely on color because a non-standard shape is in itself a rather strong element with its own visual aesthetics.

Unusual tile shapes looks original, sophisticated and refined. Non-standard geometry looks elegant and presentable and makes the room look more expensive and luxurious.

pentagon tile bathroom wall decorating ideas unusual tile shapes

The decision to update the environment with such material should not be taken spontaneously. When choosing tiles of unusual shape for your interior, homeowners need to know that there are some disadvantages that they should keep in mind. Here are some of the most important cons:

Despite the fact that the tile itself is relatively cheap can be found at a completely affordable price, the cost of additional design elements (sides, decorative inclusions, and other additional details) is quite high. In addition, the cost of laying such a tile is much higher compared to the labor cost for installing conventionally shaped tiles.

bathroom decor ideas hexagonal tile

The complex installation is another serious consideration. The more complex and unusual the tile shape, the harder it is to lay. Laying irregularly shaped tiles requires a certain skill. This means that you will need an experienced professional who has already worked with non-standard tiles.

The ability to become a highlight, create an accent and add unique character to the interior is undoubtedly an advantage of non-standard tiles. However, for certain stylistic decisions, such bright character may turn out to be a disadvantage.

Care and maintenance should also be mentioned here. It is much more difficult to clean and wash a coating of tiles with unusual shape than ordinary tiles.

Unusual Tile Shapes – Varieties and Ideas for Your Home Interior Design

trendy tiles home design ideas jigsaw tile unusual tile shapes

The design trend of using unusual tile shapes is gaining popularity. To ensure that the interior looks relevant and modern, you can use ceramic tiles with many different non-standard shapes – hexagonal tiles, octagonal, triangular, etc. Let’s look at the most popular varieties of non-standard tile shapes.

Hexagonal tile

hexagonal tile home decor ideas

Hexagon tiles are quite popular. A favorite design technique is combining several shades on one wall in a checkerboard or chaotic manner. Such a design looks great as a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, as well as flooring when combined with other material.

Chevron tile

Chevron tile backsplash ideas

The familiar shape is most often associated with floor covering. However, chevron-shaped tiles are used for more than just flooring. Interesting compositions can be created on the walls. Ceramic chevron tiles are often made in medium-sized formats which makes them look very original and they can be combined with other materials to achieve a real works of art on your wall or floor.

Diamond tile

diamond tile kitchen backsplash ideas unusual tile shapes

Diamond tile (rhombus) is another unusual shape which can be used to create fantastic accent walls. You can combine several diamonds of similar shades or even create a 3D effect.

Triangular tiles

original triangular tile wall decorating ideas

Well, what about without a triangular tile? Most often, manufacturers offer tiles shaped as equilateral triangles in a variety of colors which allows you to experiment with color combinations and installation methods.

Pentagon tile

pentagon tile modern home wall decorating ideas

This unusual tile shape appeared a couple of years ago and quickly gained popularity. Pentagon tiles look equally good as floor and wall finish. The market offers a variety of color options and glazed or matte finish, so you can choose in accordance with the design concept of your interior.

Fish scale tile

fish scale tile impressive modern home decor ideas

The range of custom tiles is not limited to geometric shapes. For example, the last season’s ceramic fashion trends include fish scale shaped tiles. Walls covered with such tiles look incredibly original and stylish. This design looks really unique and is remembered for a long time.

Arabesque tile

arabesque tile Moroccan tile backsplash ideas unusual tile shapes

The name of this form may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, the curvy lines are instantly recognizable and arabesque shaped tiles are often used to spice up modern interiors and add a Moroccan flair, for example.

chevron and hexagonal tile flooring trendy home design ideas

Choosing unusual tile shapes is a great way to add sophistication to the atmosphere, add flavor, make an unobtrusive accent and add a current trend to the interior.



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