Hexagonal Tiles in Interior Design – Add Geometric Chic to Any Room

by Kremy

Hexagonal tiles (honeycomb tiles) are among the most fashionable and popular trends in home decoration and can be seen in bathrooms, kitchens and even hallways. We will show you fascinating examples of modern home interiors that can be your inspiration, especially if you plan a renovation in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or even living area.

Hexagonal Tiles in Interior Design

Hexagonal tiles can be used to decorate the floors and walls of any room. The hexagon is distinguished by its special beauty and unusual shape, therefore it immediately attracts the attention. The resemblance with the cells of a bee hive give the popular name of this type of tiles – honeycomb. The straight lines and sharp corners of the hexagon shape are ideal for strict geometric interiors and at the same time, the rounded shape smoothes out the strict geometry. How to use hexagonal tiles in interior designs? How to choose the texture, finish and material? Fin the answers of these questions below!

Hexagonal tiles variety – materials, finish and texture

kitchen backsplash irregular edge hexagonal tile


It is not a coincidence that hexagonal tiles are presented in the collections of many manufacturers. They offer a wide variety of options, which may differ in some characteristics. Honeycomb tiles differ in size, texture, material, color.

The size varies from miniature, which is used to arrange in mosaic style decorations or large, suitable for floorings.

textured hexagonal tiles bathroom decorating ideas

As far as texture is concerned, it depends on the method of production. The market offers smooth and glossy tiles that are glazed during manufacture. Matte tiles are the opposite – they are smooth, but the glaze technology is not used.

Honeycomb tiles can be ceramic or porcelain but they can imitate most materials – wood, marble, granite, laminate or parquet, concrete, metal, leather, etc. as well.

In terms of design, honeycomb tiles vary in color, texture, patterns, etc. You can find one color tiles, textured varieties, patchwork, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of hexagonal tiles

trendy honeycomb tile kitchen backsplash ideas

The most obvious advantage of hexagonal tiles is that they differ in appearance from other types of tile and have a really attractive appearance. Due to their shape, they can be used to successfully hide some imperfections. For example, standard square or rectangular tiles can emphasize noticeable deviations from the horizontal/vertical lines and honeycomb pattern will mask such irregularities. Further to that, the original shape and look of honeycomb tiles allows different stylistic possibilities which will make an interior more interesting.

Hexagonal tiles are versatile and look harmonious on any surface – whether it’s entire walls or individual accent zones. They can be used in different decor styles as well – contemporary, high-tech, Industrial, minimalist, etc.

accent wall in bathroom design wood and honeycomb tile combination


Honeycomb tiles are very practical. They can be used in rooms with high humidity – in the bathroom, in the pool, in the kitchen.

These tiles can be combined with other materials and used for zoning different functional areas in an open plan living space.

Last but not least, ceramic tiles are durable and wear resistant, resistant to temperature changes, fire resistant, resistant to moisture, etc. In addition, the cost of hexagonal tiles is higher than the cost of tiles of standard shapes and sizes.

How to use honeycomb tiles in interior design?

Advantages and disadvantages of hexagonal tiles

Thanks to the special shape and the variety of sizes and colors, hexagonal tiles will look great in rooms for various purposes.

The most popular option is to use honeycomb tiles as flooring. The stylish appearance is suitable not only for bathrooms and kitchens, where it is traditionally used, but also for the living room or even the bedroom. Experts recommend choosing tiles with matte finish as they are not slippery. There are fantastic floor designs featuring honeycomb tiles in different color, pattern or combined with other materials like solid wood. If using brightly colored tiles, you need to pay attention to other interior elements and the overall color palette so that the interior looks harmonious.

The second way to include hexagonal tiles in the interior design of your home is to decorate the walls. Outside bathrooms, these tiles are rarely used to decorate the entire surface. Usually, they are arranged as decorative wall panels, or to decorate an individual area – an accent wall, for example. Honeycomb tiles are an excellent choice for kitchen backsplash designs. When combined with other finishes like paint, plaster or wallpaper, the result can be a show stopper!

bedroom accent wall ideas honeycomb tile decor

Tile manufacturers offer a wide range of hexagonal patterns and you can choose the right option for any interior style. When selecting tiles for a particular room or decor, you need to keep in mind the following considerations:

  • the size of the room;
  • style of interior design;
  • on what surface you will lay the tiles – floor or walls;
  • the purpose of the room.

For example, large sized honeycomb tiles are suitable for floor covering in a large room, while small sized ones are great for bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes.

Using hexagonal tiles of different colors is the easiest way to make any room more interesting and add bright accents to the interior. Depending on the design concept of your home, you can play with colors and use multiple shades or limit the choice to 2-3 colors within the palette of your interior.

hallway flooring ideas wood and hexagonal tiles

Embossed surfaces are another choice that creates a spectacular visual effect. Under the light of the lamps, your wall will be covered with beautiful irregular shadows.

kitchen flooring ideas wood and hexagonal tiles

We already mentioned that hexagonal tiles look stunning in combination with other finishing materials, so you may consider using solid wood, plaster or paint to make your interior look more dynamic.


bathroom decorating ideas wall and floor honeycomb tiles

bathroom wall decor ideas hexagonal tiles vertical stripes

bedroom accent wall ideas honeycomb tiles

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hallway flooring ideas honeycomb tiles modern home ideas

how to use hexagonal tile in interior design

large honeycomb tiles bathroom wall ideas

living room wall decor ideas honeycomb tiles behind sofa

metal honeycomb tile kitchen backsplash

modern bathroom ideas black and white honeycomb tile

modern bathroom ideas honeycomb tile wall decoration

open plan living space flooring with hexagonal tiles

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white hexagonal tile and dark grout kitchen backsplash


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