Poufs and Bean Bags for Kids – Practical and Comfortable Seating Ideas

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Poufs and bean bags for kids are the perfect seating solution for children’s rooms. They come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, designs and besides being a practical and comfortable seating, they can be a great decorative accent in the interior of the room.

Poufs and bean bags for kids comfortable seating ideas

What are the advantages of bean bags and poufs? How to choose the best one for your child? Are they safe enough for small children? We shall answer these questions and will give you some useful guidelines that will help you find the best soft chair for your child.

Advantages and disadvantages of poufs and bean bags for kids

how to choose bean bags for children


Buying furniture for a child is always a responsible task. After all, you need to consider convenience, safety and reliability. And given the mobility and restlessness of children, furniture should be easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. A soft pouf or a bean bag with an original design is an excellent choice is they offer a lot of advantages.

Poufs and bean bags for kids are very light, they have no sharp corners, they are made of hypoallergenic material and are very durable, which makes their use as comfortable and safe as possible. Soft seating is suitable for children’s bedrooms and you don’t have to worry that your child will fall and injure himself.

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The lightweight means that the child can carry it to any corner of the room. Last, but not least, the wide variety of designs, colors and patterns allows you to choose a piece of furniture that will blend with the overall color palette of the interior or act as a bright accent.

Poufs and bean bags are inexpensive furniture items providing comfortable and supportive seat.

How to choose poufs and bean bags for kids?

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It is obvious that when choosing poufs and bean bags for kids, parents need to think about the size of the nursery and the age of the child. Heavy models are not suitable for small children as kids may have problems using them. Here is a list of the most important criteria that you need to keep in mind:

Quality and quantity of the filling – Most often, polyurethane memory foam, latex, polystyrene balls or molded foam are used for stuffing. Be sure to consider the hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness of the material. These are durable materials that take the shape of the body which makes them very comfortable. As far as quantity is concerned, too much fill causes a bean bag to be hard and uncomfortable, and vice versa. Choose a model that has enough filling to make it fluffy.

pink bean bag kids room furniture ideas

Upholstery material – soft poufs and bean bags are usually upholstered with fabrics as velor, microfiber, flock. Keep in mind that velvet or furry models are hard to clean and need regular maintenance. They are not suitable for nurseries or playrooms but can be great for teen rooms. Choosing washable materials and models with zip off cover allows you to remove and wash the cover whenever needed.

Safety – this is an important criterion, especially if you choose a pouf or a bean bag for small children. For example, it is not recommended to choose a bag containing bean or polystyrene beads might pose a safety hazard if it becomes loose or tears. Basically, the most important about the upholstery materials and the filling is that they are waterproof, stain resistant, scratch resistant, fire resistant and hypoallergenic.

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Size – the size should correspond to the height of the child and the area of the room. It is important that the model is lightweight so that the child can easily move it. Some bean bags only accommodate one child at a time while others can accommodate even three.

Design – Poufs and bean bags for kids can become an accent detail of the interior or merge with other furniture. Depending on your preference, choose a simple solid color or bright model. The market offers adorable models designed like animals or other characters that are ideal for children aged 3-5 years.

Functionality – If there is not enough space in the room, you can choose a pouf with storage space. Toys, stationery or bedding can be stored and this will solve the problem of scattered toys.

Poufs and bean bags for kids as an element of the interior design

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The popularity of these chairs is due to their convenience and low cost. This is a great option for a child’s room as bean bags do not have a strict form. Whatever position you choose, the body will be as relaxed as possible. Children’s bean bags and poufs can be placed in the play area or as a seating in a reading corner.

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Nowadays you can find poufs and bean bags for kids in almost any color, with different textures – from more muted, to rich and vibrant colors, with a geometric pattern or knitted texture. It is important to consider the style of the child’s room, the preferences of the child himself, and of course, practicality of the model.

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When decorating a nursery, especially for small children, you can use your imagination. The bean bag can become a bright accent that attracts attention and pleases an active child. Preschool children will be delighted with poufs and bean bags with funny images of animals and cartoon characters. They can become not only a convenient accessory, but also a favorite toy for a child. Girls will love pink, scarlet, lilac. Boys will appreciate more contrasting colors like reds, blues and oranges.

Have a look at the photo gallery below for inspiration!


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How to choose poufs and bean bags for children

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Poufs and bean bags comfortable and supportive seat

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