Coloring Wallpaper – A Unique Interior Decor Element for Kids Rooms

by Kremy

Children love to draw on walls. For parents, this can be an unpleasant surprise as it means that you will have to repair the walls. Is there a way to make this activity legal? Sure, there is – coloring wallpaper!

Coloring Wallpaper Decor Element for Kids Rooms

All parents know that the creativity of children must be stimulated. But when it comes to drawing on wallpaper, the desire to encourage the child’s talent somehow disappears! If such a talented child is growing up in your family, you can use his abilities, and at the same time keep him busy for a long time by pasting wallpapers that are especially designed for children.

What is Coloring Wallpaper?

What is Coloring Wallpaper


A coloring wallpaper is an ordinary white wallpaper with outlined images that can be painted with pencils or felt-tip pens. Such wallpapers look like children’s coloring books and the market offers quite many varieties to choose from depending on the age of the child.

Coloring wallpapers are most often made of paper with contours of fairy tales, abstractions, urban motifs, nature, animals, festive holiday drawings and many others. The paper is quite thick to the touch. This is necessary so that the markers do not scratch on the wall and do not leave their marks on it after replacing the canvas. In addition to rolls, many stores offer posters as an option do decorate part of the wall. Such options are appropriate for nursery rooms and are glued at the lower part of the wall so that it is convenient and interesting for a child to draw. Some manufacturers complete the kit with themed stickers. This idea will be very popular with children.

Why Choose Coloring Wallpapers?

original coloring wallpaper in kids rooms

Like any finishing material, coloring wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the positives:

  • Fun and interesting pastime for both adults and children;
  • Development of creative abilities and fine motor skills;
  • Great for teaching kids letters, numbers, animals, colors;
  • Stress management and relaxation;
  • Allows parents to do chores around the house or relax while the child is engaged in creativity;

advantages of coloring wallpaper

  • Creative room decor. You can cover an entire wall with wallpaper, thereby making the interior unique. Optionally, you can paste the wallpaper on an easel, desk or furniture.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe. The material for this type of wallpaper is ordinary coated paper. This is a completely safe finishing option allowing children to fully express their creativity.

There are not many disadvantages and they can be avoided if you buy quality products from a reputable manufacturer. It is enough to read reviews on the Internet or consult with experts.

unique kids room ideas with coloring wallpaper

Such wallpapers can be a great gift for a child or an adult. The coloring is equally suitable for a kid, a teenager and an adult, the main thing is to choose the right drawing, taking into account their interests and interior.

How to Choose the Pattern of the Coloring Wallpaper for Your Kid’s Room?

Why Choose Coloring Wallpapers

The drawings of wallpapers for coloring vary from many small images to full-fledged paintings that children can color on their own. It is obvious that boys and girls will prefer different pictures. For girls, it can be natural motifs or flowers, while boys will like images of planes or cars.

You can find stories that are suitable for all children. These are images of animals, birds or simple frames in which they can draw whatever they want.

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There are also especially themed options, for example Christmas. They are a great fun at holiday time but it is best if you paste such a wallpaper as a poster on an easel or use a specially prepared base and remove it after the holidays.


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How to Choose the Pattern of the Coloring Wallpaper

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kids room wall decor ideas coloring wallpaper

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