Homeschool room organization system ideas to keep it clean and tidy

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Homeschool room organization system ideas will help you keep the room free of clutter. As you know, getting ready for going back to school is not only about buying a uniform and stationery. Having in mind the uncertainty caused by COVID pandemic and school reopening, parents need to prepare a place where the child can study comfortably and with pleasure and this is especially important for smaller children who start school and haven’t got habits.

homeschool organization tips and ideas for storage furniture

No matter how small the children’s room or the corner reserved for the child, with the beginning of his school life, you cannot do without a desk, a comfortable chair, shelves for books, storage furniture and organizers for all school supplies. It is more difficult to organize an effective learning spot if the nursery accommodates two or even three children at school age or when the schoolroom occupies a part of the living room, dining room or the kitchen.

Homeschool room organization system ideas – where to start from?

homeschool room organization system ideas storage baskets with labels


How to improve and organize the learning space of our children? A well-equipped child’s learning area is the key to not only good school performance, but also to the child’s enjoyment of the learning process itself. The comfort and functionality lie in the details, so the parents must not only carefully choose proper design and furniture pieces, but also pay attention to the little things and details. Organizing children’s workplace is based on the same principles that are valid for any home office, playroom or children’s bedroom. Yet, parents need to keep in mind that the homeschool room organization system should be comfortable to the children. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Remove everything that distracts the attention. Turn off the TV and turn the music down, remove toys from view. Make sure that everything that can divert your child’s attention is put away. You can replace TV and playstation with inspiring and functional decor. For example, hang a wall calendar, educational posters or use the space to place desk organizers.
  • Zone the room. It is not always possible to allocate an extra room for different activities, so use the zoning tricks. Divide the nursery into three zones – study, play and recreation area. If the room is small, then it will be enough to divide the learning and sleeping areas.
  • Find out what the child needs. Home schooling is not about total control, but work on the student’s independence. In case the schools are closed again and classes are online, parents need to be supportive and do their best to provide a stress free environment for the children.
  • Give each child their own space.
  • When you need to set a learning spot for more than one child you need to make sure that each child has its own designated place to put their books and school supplies when not in use. It could be a shelf, a cubbie, a cabinet, etc. In this way, everything will have its own place and at the end of each day the room will look tidy.

How to organize kids schoolroom and keep it clean color coding ideas

  • Assign each child a color.
  • Assigning a color to each child is a great organization system. All you need to do is to buy folders, baskets, boxes or bins in a particular color for each child. The system is suitable for small children who are not reading yet. In this way they will know where to their and their siblings’ school materials are.
  • Keep in contact with the school and stay informed about the schedule. Of course, an important part of homeschool organization is to make a rough plan for the school day. Check out the home learning tools that the school provides. Basically, training is divided into two parts – live communication with the teacher through video communication on special educational platforms and homework. Make sure you have good internet connection, working webcam and microphone for video communication, comfortable chair and workplace.
  • Keep homeschool supplies separate from toys.
  • To prevent distraction and mess, it is best if you keep school books and supplies separately from toys, games and similar items that are meant for free time activities.

Categories for organizing your homeschool room

Homeschool room organization system ideas where to start from

Organizing school supplies and books by categories will help children quickly find, use and return the materials that they needs. In addition, when everything is sorted it is very easy to know what you need to purchase. Here are some examples for you:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art

Clean and tidy the homeschool room. Make sure that children do a mini tidy at the end of every day. Check if everything is returned to its place. Throw away papers that are no longer needed.

Homeschool room organization system ideas – how to choose proper storage furniture

kids bedroom storage furniture and organization ideas

There is no doubt that there is storage furniture in your children’s rooms. A wardrobe, shelves, bookshelves, cabinets and cubbies – the market offers a huge variety of these. However, when it comes to homeschool organization system ideas, parents need to either repurpose the existing furniture pieces or invest in multi-purpose storage solutions. Of course, there are numerous creative and budget-friendly wall and desk organizer ideas which can help you keep order in the schoolroom. For example, the space under a sitting bench can be filled with baskets with homeschool materials which are used daily. In this way everything is stored neatly and at the same time is easily accessible.

Storage containers

home school room organization ideas storage tips to keep the room tidy

Containers come in almost any size and are an essential item if you want to maintain order in the room. You can use them strategically and turn them into the perfect schoolroom storage and organization system.

Baskets and bins

creative storage and organization ideas for home school rooms

Baskets are another great idea as they can be used both as storage and decoration. You can label each basket for the stuff that it should contain, for example – math, science, history, etc. or the names of children. In this way kids will find what they need without any problem. Transparent plastic storage bins (boxes) are also great for organizing toys, books, notebooks and any school supplies. You can buy bins in different sizes or opt for stackable containers. In this way even small children will be able to take out and return their books to the relevant container.

Magazine holders

magazine holders as desk organizers for homeschool rooms

Magazine holders are great for sorting and storing school books for each child. You can arrange them on a shelf or in a cubbie and organize the holders by subject. In this way all textbooks and notebooks related to math, science or history, etc. are kept in one place and it is easy to return them to the relevant holder after use.

Trolley carts and storage drawer carts

art supplies organizer ideas for homeschool rooms trolley cart

Trolley carts and storage drawer carts are ideal for children of any age. They are perfect for organizing school, art and craft supplies, books, textbooks and notebooks, etc. Drawer carts come in different designs and color options, so you can choose as per your needs.

Modular storage systems

creative storage ideas and organization system for homeshcool rooms modular drawers

Cubbies, modular drawers and all the plethora of furniture pieces for storage can be the perfect organization system in a home schoolroom. Let’s not forget that small children still play with toys, older children have their hobbies, so the child’s room should be able to meet all the needs for learning, playing, sleeping, creating, crafting and other activities.

Organizing small sized school supplies

how to organize school supplies storage ideas

Utensil caddies, mason jars, little planters are really good for keeping these items in one place. In addition, they can be easily carried from one room to another.

Wall storage and organization systems

how to keep the homeschool room organized at all time

Wall storage and organization systems for home schoolrooms start from ordinary shelves, front facing bookshelves to numerous ideas for using the vertical space creatively. Parents can repurpose kitchen railing systems and use them as wall storage and organizing system for pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, etc. Wire baskets or magazine holders can be fixed to the wall and serve for books and textbooks. String shelving systems offer numerous opportunities to customize shelves and cabinets, change their position, etc.




String shelving system for kids rooms with open shelves

storage and organization system ideas for home schoolrooms

kids school room organization ideas storage furniture for toys and supplies

kids room homeschooling ideas wall storage and organization

How to organize homeschool spaces storage and organization ideas

How to improve and organize the learning space of our children

budget friendly homeschool room organization system ideas

homeschool room organization ideas storage and organization

home school room organization ideas bookshelves and cubbies

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